Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 7 }

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Link : Episode 6

Recap – [past ]Swasan cute fight … swara gets to know that lakshya is chairman of company . [present ] Shomi and swara serious converstaion and sumi get to know that sanskaar betrayed swara .


♡Epiaode 7 ♡

Swara wipes her tears .
????Swara’s pov ????
I can’t become . I had to live. I had to live for my mom . I had live for my dad and now that sanskaar maheshwari will repent . I will make his life worse . What he think of myself . That he will hurt me and I will bear it . No , I made a mistake leaving sahil without revenge but now I will take revenge from sanskaar . He had to repent . Sanskaar mahehswari had to repent . Not only sanskaar but LAKSHYA MAHESHWARI ALSO HAD TO REPENT but on that day he was talking about some ”revenge ” I have to find out about his revenge …. [remember guys swara called a person for resignation . He was none other than lakshya . ]
????pov ends ????

Swara’s pov was disturbed by shomi’ voice .
Shomi [while handing the tray of food to swara ] – ye loo shona [take it shona ] now don’t take stress …. forget sanskaar … ??
Saying this shomi left with teary eyes ..
Swara [determined to take revenge ] – no maan … I can’t leave sanskaar without taking revenge … he had to repent … and he will repent . ..??
Swara eats some bite of food . And goes to table opens her diary and start writing .

????inside the diary ????

Note – link it with sanskaar’s flashback means this happened after swasan cute fight .

Page 4 …
Past …

Swara [finally gathered courage to speak to his boss ] – hello I am SWARA GADODIYA …..
Sanlak get shocked listening the surname ”Gadodiya ” .
Lakshya – [shocked ] – u are the daughter of famous businessman ”shekhar gadodiya ” .??
Swara nods yes .
Sanky [shocked ] – so why u want to work here . U are so rich . Is mr.gadodiya is facing any loss in his company . ???? ??
Swara [determined face ] – no this not the thing .. actually I want to make my own name I don’t want to known as daughter of shekhar gadodiya … I want to be known as SWARA SHEKAHR GADODIYA …. hope u understand ….??
Sanlak claps seeing this shade of swara.
San [shocked seeing this shade of swara ] – I don’t think so these dialouges are of ”miss whatever ” …. [narrowed his eyes ] have u go copied from so movie or TV serial …. ??
Swa [again get angry ] – hey u …. ??

Like this swasan started fighting again making lakshya angry and frustated .
All the staff members again gathered nesr lakshya cabin’s door and got frightened seeing lakshya’s anger .
Sanskaar goes from there and swara sits on chair and gives her interview . Soon her interview was completed .
Lakshya [formally ] – miss gadodiya …. sign at the last of this document agreeing all terms and conditions .
Swara nods ok and was about to read the documents when she was stopped by lakshya .
Lakshya [bossy tone ] miss gadodiya …. there is nothing in these papers . Only some rules and regulations that sanskaar will tell u …. no need to waste ur time . ??
Swara feels ”daal main kuch kaala hai ” [something is black in the pulse ] .
Swara – no sir …. first I will read T & C then only I will sign the papers ….
Lakshya [get frightened ] – no…
He was about to complete his sentence when swara gets a call from shomi . She picks it up .

????phone conversation????

Shomi – beta come fast ….. ur papa is breathing heavily … u know na he is a patient of asthma … so plz come fast …. our family doctor is not picking up the phone …. plz bring some other doctor
Swara – yes maa…. don’t get tensed i ma coming …..

????Concersation ends ????

Swara becomes shocked and frightened . Lakshya also became curious to know that what is the matter. Swara immediately sign the paper and keft without saying anything. Swara left in her scooty .

Lakshya comes out of her cabin . And tells sanskaar what happened just now . And sanlak also left from office and follows swara’s scooty .

Page 4 ends .


Present ….

Here in sanskaar’s house ..

Sanskaar – swara …. u doesn’t look good when u are tensed … I remember when I saw u so much tensed bcoz of ur father ….

????Sanskaar ‘s flashback …????

Note – link it with swara’s diary means it happened after swara left for home .

Swara reaches to gadodiya mansion . And sanlak also comes there parks their car outside the gate and goes inside .

????inside gadodiya mansion ????

Swara was making shomi calm . Swara tries the no. Of doctor but the doctor is not pickingbup the phone. Sanlak goes inside the mansion and searches for swara when they see swara inside the room with his ma and baba. His baba was laying on bed unconcious and his maa was sitting beside him crying and swara was continously tryimg the no. Of doctor .

Sanlak comes inside the room . Swara becomes shocked to see sanlak there . And shomi too.

Swara [yells at both of them ] – what u both are doing here … plz go …. I will join office from tomorrow …??
Lakshya [feels bad seeing swara’s condition ] – swara … plz we are here to help u …??
Sanky [also feels had seeing her condition ] – yes sir is right …. we are here to share ur problem … sir told me that u left from office without telling anything to sir … so we thought to follow ur scooty and figure out what suddenly happened to u … ??
Lakshya nods yes.
Swara [feels sorry for yelling on sanlak ] – i am sorry … actually papa is asthma patient and he was breatimg heavily so maa got tensed … now I had given him some pill given by doctor …. so he is now unconcious …. but still there is a need of doctor … so I am trying the no. But the doctor is not picking up the phone .


Guys there will be no precap tomorrow . I will ask u so many question in next episode that will create much more suspense .

… so now tata …. wait wait don’t worry there is no bonus today ….. I am just telling u to take precap….

Precap – [past ] – lakshya tries to becomes ”mahan” in eyes of shomi . [Present ] – New entry .

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  1. Wow yaar but laksh is oberoi then how come maheshwari

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    Nice… But full name of laksh is laksh oberoi then how come laksh maheshwari…

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