Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 6 }

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Link : Episode 5

Recap – [past ] Swara gets a scooty and drive off with it . Swara meet lakshya . He fall in love with swara means Love at first sight with swara . Sanlak conversation . [Present ] shomi wants to talk to swara something very important .


β™‘episode 6 β™‘

πŸ’•πŸ’•Sanskaar’s flashback [past ] πŸ’•πŸ’•
Sanskaar – [confusion cleared ]ohhhh .. so that is the thing …. 😁😁 [teases ] so my sir is love with that girl ….. [again a question struck in his mind ] but what is she doing here ???? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Lakshya [same question struck in his mind ] yes ….. u are right ???? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Sanskaar [became frightened ] – I think so she is planning to kill u … have u not seen in lift how she was saying that ”she will kill that AUDI MAN” 😨😨
Lakshya [becomes angry ] – this is not a time to joke …. plz enquire about her that why she came here ???? 😠😠
Sanskaar gets frightened seeing his boss anger and was about to go out to enquire about swara when our angel came and knocked the door of lakshya ‘s cabin …
Lakshya [becomes happy seeing his angel through glass of the door ] plz come in …. 😍😍
Swara comes in and was shocked to see lakshya there .
Swara [angrily ] mr. AUDI MAN …. u here … what are u doing in my office ???? 😠😠
Sanskaar goes to swara her to calm down .
Sanskaar [tries to calm swara ] – miss …[he was about to say her name but he realizes that he doesn’t know her nameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so he said …. ] whatever …

Swara becomes angry by sanskaar adressing her as ”miss whatever ” … πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Swa [angry and blurted lakshya’s nager on sanskaar ] – hey what u said just now ….”miss whatever ” if u don’t know my name so u can ask me … what is meaning of ”miss whatever ” ??? U know what u are like this 😠😠 [pointing towards lakshya ] AUDI man .. now I will keep ur name …. [keep one finger on her chin and thinks ] yes I got the name ….. u are …. this AUDI MONKEY …[again pointing towards lakshaya ] he is AUDI MAN and u r AUDI MONKEY …. I think so u both are brothers that’s why u have same quality ….. [sees towards lakshya ]one doesn’t know to say sorry [sees towards sanky ] and one doesn’t know how to talk with AN BEAUTIFUL GIRL … 😑😑
Hearing swasan fight all staff of office gathered outside lakshya’s cabin putting their to listen their talk .
Sanlak was hearing swara’s talk with wide opened moyth that how someone can talk so much . And when sanskaar heard swara addressing her as BEAUTIFUL GIRL he laughed aloud .
Sanskaar [while laughing hold his stomach ] – from which angle u are looking BEAUTIFUL …. ”miss whatever….. ” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Swalak became angry . Before could answer lakshya blurted out his anger on sanskaar.
Lak [angry ] – just shut up…. we are not here to talk about ”audi man ” ”audi monkey ” or about ” miss whatever ” ….. we are here to work … [pointing to staff who were peeing through lakshya’s cabin’s glass door ] all of get back to work … 😑😑
Staff immediately ran from there listening their boss anger.
Here sanskaar controlled his laugh and swara was seeing sanskaar with anger .
Lakshya [smiles seeing his angel but hides it ] hello … i am lakshya oberoi … the chairman of this company …. and [pointing towards sanskaar ] he is my pa cum dost. …… πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Swara jaw dropped listening lakshya as Chairman of company and sanskaar as his pa .
Sanskaar [teasing swara ] – close ur mouth or mosquitoes will enter in it .. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Swara psses sanskaar death glare .
Lakshya [in a bossy tone ] – plz settle down on this chair [poiting towards a chair in front of him ]
Swara nods and settled down . Words were not coming out from her mouth .

Flashback ends …


Present ….
Sanskaar was crying remembering their cute fight .
Sanskaar’s pov ..
Why … why this happened to me … why …. ?????? Why my angel my love … my ”miss whatever ” left me leaving me alone .
He cries .
Pov ends …

Here shomi and swara was talking something important.
Shomi [enquiers about something ] – beta have u talked to sanskaar about feelings …. I mean u should talk to him .. 😟😟
Swara was about to cry listening sanskaar’s name when she controlled .
Swa [diverting the topic ] – maa… I am starving see its morning na. .. so lets eat bf … baba is waiting for us ……
Shomi [understands that swara is diverting the topic ] – beta … don’t divert the topic …. I thought after that incident u will never believe in love again but u believed …. but I am having unknown fear in my heart that something sanskaar might betray u …
Swara started crying making shomi shock and confused .
Shomi [shock and confused ] why are u crying ???? Is everything ok ???πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Swa [while crying ] – maa…. u are right … he betrayed me … I again got the betrayal …. why no one loves me truely ??? Am I so bad ???? ….😭😭
Shomi hugs her and tries to console her bit swara is continously crying. Shomi makes him sit on bed and and gives him water . Shomi wipes swara’s tears .

Time up !!!!! Now I have to do my regular h.w I mean reading all ur ffs … so its a bye from me …

Wait … wait …. I am thinking to give u a bonus today so giving u one more scene ….

Shomi – [wiping her tears ] plz don’t cry shona … now tell me clearly actually what happened ???
Swara tells about sanskaar’s betrayal [that u all don’t know … ]
Shomi hugs her consoles her and makes swara lay on bed and goes to bring bf for swara .

Now bonus finish so chalo bye …..
So what is the ”incident ” described by sarmishta ????

Keep guessing ….

So chalo finally bye …. .

Wait wait …. take a precap also why all are u running ….

Precap – [present ] – swara decides to take take revenge from sanlak . [Past ] lakshya take interview of swara and ask her to sign some documents .Meanwhile shekhar gets asthma attack so swara rushes to her home .

Ok bye bye
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keep smiling….


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    Oh behna ji HW ki liye exam paper chor diya. Asha ko thank u dike 1 hefte ki liye bhej diya. So samaira is also going. I will read ur ff after exam. Sorry for bakbak

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