Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 3 }


Hey guys ….
@ Diary will show only swara’s point of view . Sanskaar’s point of view will be shown by flashbacks …
@ sanskaar doesn’t belong to a rich family …. he is middle class …


Link : Episode 2

Recap – Swara starts writing her diary. .{past } Mumma papa and princess moments .

♡Episode 3 ♡

????Inside the diary ????
{Past }
Page 2
In the breakfast table
Everyone body is silently eating bf when our swara broke the silence .
Swa -{in a little hesitant voice } ma… papa… I want to talk to I u about something … ??
Shekhar -{smiles} – yes princess …??
Swa – {again the same voice } – actually … I want to do a job …. ??
Shekhar thinks for a while .
Sumi – but beta …. what is the need of this …. ur papa ‘s company is there na ??? Ur papa can give u all the facilities .. then why … {interrupted by shekhar }
Shekhar – ok … u can do a job … ??
Swara – {gives a wide smile }thnx papa … ??

Shomi – {unsatisfied with shekhar’s permission }but …. ??
Swara {smiles and tries to explain shomi } – maa…. I want stand my own feet … I want to make my own identity … I don’t want to be called as daughter of shekhar gadodiya … I want to be called as SWARA SHEKHAR GADODIYA … so plz maa…. ??
Shomi got teary eyes listening her daughter’s answer and feels proud to have a daughter like swara .
Shomi {with a feeling of proud for her daughter } – I am proud of u meri bachhi … ??
Shomi cares swara’s hairs who is sitting beside her .
Shekhar {thinks to make environment cool } – ohho … now stop ur dramas and plz shomi serve us food …. mere pet main choohe koond rahe hai {mouses are jumping in my stomach }??
Shomi and swara smiles and they have a good family time …

Page 2 ends .

{Present }
Swara closes the diary and goes to sleep .


At maheshwari house {sanskaar’s house }
Sanskaar had done his dinner and now he is sitting in his room and recalling his family moments . He goes into a flashback


Note : link it with swara’s diary means this happened after swara shekhar and shomi had eaten their breakfast .

{Past } {fb of sanky }

On the other corner of city of kolkata . A small house is shown sufficient for 3 to 4 members to live . {So lets open the door and go inside . }
A lady in late 50’s is doing aarti . She is singing jai ganesh …. jai ganesh …. jai ganesh deva ….
Soon she completed her aarti and goes to her son and husband standing beside her with folded ?? hands .
Lady {smiles } – beta aarti lo …

Son nods and take the aarti . She gives aarti to her husband .
Soon the settled for eating their bf .
The face of the son is revealed and he is none other than sanky and the parents are sujata and rp .
Sujata serves bf to his husband and son . Sujata also sits to eat with them .
Sujata – chore , everyday I get tired to do daily chores of the house … if I would have a bahu like mrs sharma {sujata’s neighbour } then I would the most luckiest person . She would have done the house work and I would have been sitting and eating grapes .
Sanskaar {while reading newspaer and his full concentration is on newspaer }- I can keep a servant for it …

Sujata {tries to convince his son for marriage }- but who have money for it ???
Sanky {still reading newspaer } – maan … see it clearly … I know u want me to marry but u know na I don’t want to marry now .
Sujata {with unsatisfication } – if not now then when u will marry ???
Sanky was about to say something when he was interruped by a call . He sees the no. It was from his boss LAKSHYA OBEROI . He picks up the call .
Sanskaar – hello …. ??
Lakshya {friendly }- hello sanskaar …. the accountant of our office has resigned . So search for a new one . ??
Sankkaar – ok I will issue a advertisement in newspaper .. ??
Lucky – yes …. do it as soon as possible ….

And cuts the call .

Note – lakshya is very arrogant and of bossy nature but for sanskaar he is ver sweet and caring . Ap {lucky’s mom } is close frnd to sujata .

Sujata and ram look with curiosity as they wanted to know what is the matter .
Sanskaar {clearing their confusion } – its a call from my boss not from my girlfriend ….
Rp and sujata felt embarrassed and continue eating bf.

Soon sanky left for office and gave a advertisement in newspaper for new accountant .

Fb ends {guys remember we are in flashback . }


So guys this was it so plz comment . Here is the precap ……
Precap – {present }Swara calls a person and asked for resignation . {Past } Swara searches for job in newspaper and decided to work in a company . And some papa princess moments .

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