Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 21}


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Recap – (Present) swara vows to find the culprit ( past ) Sanlak at gadodiya mansion . Shomi gives more importance to lakshya than sanskaar . Swasan felt bad for this . Swasan thinks that ”daal main kuch kaala hai ” .

♡ Episode 21 ♡

Past (inside swara’s diary )
Gadodiya mansion

Soon sanlak leaves from there .


Swara bookmarks the diary and leaves to meet sanskaar .

She goes to sanskaar’s ward . She goes near his bed and about sit in the chair kept beside his bed when his leg falls on a locket fallen on the floor . She sees the locket and found L written on it .

Swara – yes kiska hai ???? And what it is doing here. ( Pause ) I think it is of that culprit ……… I should and enquire watchman about this matter .

She goes to watchman standing outside the hospital .
Swara – bhaiya … can u tell me that anyone came yesterday night or u have seen any car or vehicle here ……
Watchman -sry mam … but yesterday night some other watchman’s duty was there … so u can ask to him … he will come at night …
Swara – ok …
She was about to leave from there when she sees a white audi parked in the parking lot . She found something suspicious there so she thought to find it . She goes near the car .
Swara – I have seen this car somewhere ????? But where ?????
She sees the name of the car and its AUDI .
Swara – so its Audi … white color audi … Suddenly something struck in her mind. She sees the locket carefully and then the audi . Only one word came out of his mouth and i.e LAKSHYA ….

Swara (shocked ) – means this car is of lakshya …. omg !!!!! But this car can be of other person also … no .. no… it can’t be bcoz sanskaar once told me that this model of AUDI is very rare … means this car is of lakshya only … (sees towards keyring ) and plus this keyring its written L on it means its of Someone whose name start from L . (She touches the key attached in the keyring ) and this key I think so it is of this car only … I should try it ..

She goes inside the car and tries to start it with that key and …… it get sttarted . She comes out of the car .

Swara – means the owner of this car and this keyring is the same person and i.e lakshya ….. but I have to collect more proofs … I think so I should wait for that watchman ….

Suddenly she heard a voice calling her .
”Miss gadodiya ” . She turns and find nurse standing there . She was breating heavily as she came running very fastly .
Swara (worried ) – what happened ????
Nurse (smiles ) – mam… wo .. wo .. patient ko hosh aa gaya hai ….
Swara (happily) – sach ….
Nurse nods yes .
Swara immediately runs to sanskaar’s ward .

Doc was checking him and he was sitting with the support of pillow at his back . Swara smiles seeing him . He immediately goes to him .
Doc -congo miss gadodiya … he is gained conciousness …
Swara sits beside sanskaar while doctor leaves . There was complete silence between the love birds . Sanskaar was silent bcoz he think that swara hates him and swara was silent bcoz she was not able to hate him nor able to love him bcoz of his betrayal .

Swara ‘s pov
I was very happy when nurse came and gave me the info that sanskaar gained conciousness . I was feeling like to kiss that nurse but I controlled my feelings . I immediately run to sanskaar’s ward when I saw doc checking him . I was thinking to beat this doctor away bcoz he was blocking my way . I want to see sanskaar . MY SANSKAAR . Soon doc leaves . I immediately want to hug sanskaar plus I want to scold him for being lying on bed from so many days . But I was not able to do so bcoz I can’t meet my eyes with him . I don’t know whether I should love him and hate him . But I know one thing that nothing will happen to him till I am alive. And now u found the culprit also and he is lakshya but then also I want to confirm this from that watchman . But now my first priority is sanskaar . MY SANSKAAR .
Pov ends .

Sanskaar’s pov
I don’t what happened when but after my accident all gone blank . I think so I was submitted to hospital by some stranger according to doctor . Doc told me everything how swara donated me blood took care me . It clearly shows her concern for me . But still I can’t figure out whether she loves me or not. But it is enough for me . Atleast she took care of me during difficult time . Aur mujhe kya chahiye …. atkeast she still cares for me . But why she is not seeing towards me . Only one time swara… only one time .. plz look into my eyes … I can easily figure out from ur eyes whether u love me or not .

Precap – Swara talks to watchman and confirms that who is the real culprit .

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