Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 20}


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Recap – someone comes and takes out the mask of sanskaar . He started brating heavily . Swara saved sanskaar by reaching there at the right time . The culprit left behind a keyring with the letter L . Swara talk with unconcious sanskaar and she promised him that he will the culprit.


♡Episode 20♡

Next morning
At hospital
The sun rays felled on swara who was sleeping behind sankaar by keeping her head on the bed and her legs on floor (Hope u all understood her poisition ) and disturbed her beautiful sleep making her to moan in sleep . She rubs her big beautiful eyes and opens it . She sees sanskaar still lying unconcious . She got teary eyes . Just then doc comes . Swara composes herself and goes to doc to enquire aboit sanskaar’s condition .
Swara (enquires about his condition ) – when he will gain conciousness ????
Doc – we can’t say anything miss gadodiya … only all ur prayers can work ….
Doc goes to check sanskaar while swara stands there only thinking about sanskaar .
Swara (thinks ) – god ji , plz I can’t see my sanskaar in this condition plz make him well . I ‘ll promise now I will never hurt him but plz …..
Saying this she leaves from there in an isolated place to write her diary .


Inside the diary
Note : link it with swara’s diary only menas it happened after swalak closeness and sanskaar jealousy .

Sanskaar was burning in jealousy seeing swalak so close .
Sarmishta (while serving lakshya’s food on plate ) – beta …. now eat the dinner .. nahi toh thanda ho jayega ….
Lakshya – but auntie how will I eat it (points towards his wound )
Swara – u can eat with ur left hand ….
Mishti – how will he eat from his left hand…. (to swara ) u feed him ….
Swara – (points her finger towards herself ) me …. but how ?????
Mishti – with ur hands ….
Mishti makes swara sit behind lakshya and ask her to feed him .

So now the sitting order is like this .
Sanskaar —– lakshya —— swara …
With mishti standing behind the chair of lakshya .

Swara (thinks ) – why ma is so desperate to feed lakshya with my hands ??? Daal main kuch toh kaala hai …. I have to find out … but for now I have to feed this AUDI MAN ….

Here sanskaar was sitting like a statue but in his heart he was burning in pure jealousy .

Swara start feeding lakshya making sanskaar to burn more in jealousy .

Soon all finshed there dinner. Now its time for sanlak to leave.

Lakshya – thnk u so much auntie for this much good hospitality (in mind) where is this shekhar ???
Sanskaar (smiles ) – yes thnk u auntie .. Shomi (to lakshya ) – ur welcome beta …
Swasan feels bad as shomi was giving more importance to lakshya than sanskaar knowing the fact that before boss – pa sanlak are good frnds .

Swara’s pov
daal main kuch toh kaala hai …. why maa is giving more importance to lakshya than sanskaar ??? While dinner also maa was serving food to lakshya not sanskaar . After lakshya came from washroom maa’s whole concentration was in lakshya only . And why she was trying to increase mine and lakahya’s closeness . First she asked me to put bandage on his wound and then asked me to feed him with my hands . Really something is cooking in ma’s mind . And I have to find out .
Pov ends .

Sanskaar’s pov
Why I felt pain in my heart seeing swalak’s closeness why ? I should not bcoz swalak are just boss-employ not more than that . But sanskaar if they are more than that also then why u should worry ????? Its their personal life ………… one day I will go mad by all this . But why I am feeling that something is cooking in auntie’s mind . Why she is interested in swalak’s closeness …. hmm I think so I should ask swara .
Pov ends .

Precap – (present ) swara will get a clue about sanakaar’s culprit .

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