Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 19}

Link : Episode 18
Recap – (Past) Lakshya gets to know that swara can’t be a mother . Sanskaar jealous of swalak closeness . (Present) swara asks sujata and rp to go home and rest .


♡Episode 19♡
Present …
Midnight …..
It was dark
Swara was sleeping in a bed kept beside the bed of sanskaar. Suddenly she woke up becoz of thrust . She checks water in the jug but it was empty . She goes to pantry to fill the jug . Someone comes covered her whole body including face with a shawl (I don’t know the english word for shawl sry .) The person goes inside the sanskaar’s room and goes and takes out the oxygen mask. Sanskaar started brating heavily . The person was bout to go when by mistake a vase falls on the floor . While he was going out his keyring in which ”L” was written falled down on floor beside the bed of sanskaar.
Note : Guys pantry in the hospital is near the room if sanskaar’s room so swara can easily hear all noises coming from sanskaar’s room .
The person immediately leaves from there . Swara immediately runs to sanskaar’s room and sees sanskaar breathing heavily . She get tensed . She immediately goes and puts again the oxygen mask . Soon sanskaar’s breathing get normal . Swara goes and calls doctor to check whether sanskaar is all right or not . Doc checks him .
Doc – he is fine … thnk god u came on right time or …… lets leave all this first tell me have u seen the man who put out his ocygen mask ….
Swara nods in no..
Doc – then how we will find out who is the culprit ???
Swara – I think so we should first concentrate on sanskaar’s health rather than finding out about the culprit …
Doc – ok … as u wish but if he will attacj again …
Swara – don’t worry doctor …. I am here with him 24*7 ….. nobody can harm MY sanskaar … and plz there is a request from h doctor …. don’t tell all this to his life parents … they will get tensed …
Doc (smiles) – ok … and waise he is very lucky that u are his to be wife ….
Swara (confused) – TO BE WIFE ????? No doctor I am not his to be wife … Iwe both works in same office that’s it …
Doc – oh sry !!!! Actually u were taking care of him as if u love him very much …
Swara replied nothing and doctor leaves . Swara sat on a chair beside sanskaar and take a breath of relief seeing sanskaar sleeping peacefully . Swara’s eyes was clearly showing how much she love him …. after all she loves him so much …. her life depends on his life …. if sanskaar is there then only swara is there …. tears started flowing from her eyes .

Swara’s pov
When I heard some sound of vase I was filling the jug. As soon as I heard the voice I left the jug there only and came here when I saw u breathing heavily . I saw someone’s shadow going out of the room but I ignored bcoz my first priority was ur health. I immediately put the oxygen mask. A tear escaped from my eyes . Many bad thoughts was coming in my mind ”if I would not came on time then my sanskaar would…….” no … nothing can’t happen to my sanskaar till when swara is there. Swara will always be there for sanskaar In every ups and downs …. when doc said that U ARE VERY LUCKY THAT I AM UR TO BE WIFE my heart skipped a beat . I want to be my sanskaar’s wife but not a betrayal’s wife ….. (cries bit soon composes herself) now my main goal is to find out about that shadow .. I think so he/she is the same person who put out ur oxygen mask …. I will fi d out about that man … its ur swara’s promise sanskaar …
Pov ends.

Precap – every culprit leaves behind something which can be help us to catch him.

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