Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 17}

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Recap – Lakshya says sorry to swara . Swara invites sanlak for dinner (present) swara pouring her heart out infront of unconcious sanskaar


♡Episode 17♡

Inside the diary
Gadodiya mansion
Swara’s room
Near study table
She picks her hanky hugs it and closes her eyes. She can see her prince charming standing but his face is not visible . She stresses her brain to give her a clear view of her prince charming . And he was shocked to see his face. She immediately opens her eyes. She was sweating and breathing heavily. She sits on chair with a thud.
Swara (to herself ) – sanskaar ….(pause ) how can be my prince charming be sanskaar .???
Whole night her small brain was only focusing on the topic – ”that how can my prince charming be sanskaar ??? ”


Next day
Actually night
At gadodiya mansion
Its sunday . So swara was in home only helping her mom to prepare for lunch .

In kitchen
Swara and sarmishta was preparing for dinner when they heard they door bell. Shomi – I think so sanlak had came . (Worried) but we have not prepared for dinner till now .
Swara (goes to shomi an dassures her ) – maaa …. main hoon na … u go and open the door talk with sanlak till then I will prepare the dinner .
Shomi – ok …

Shomi goes and open the door and welcomes sanlak . Lakshya eyes was searching for his enemy shekhar while sanskaar eyes was searching for swara .
Shomi makes sanlak sit in drawing room.
Sanskaar – auntie …. where is swara ???
Shomi (smiles) – she is preparing for dinner. I will send her ..
Shomi left from there leaving sanlak alone. After a while swara came outside .
Sanskaar unknowingly smiled seeing her while lakshya was finding an excuse to jump from there and search for something that can destroy swara’s life.
Swara goes and serves sanlak water while sanskaar was staring her lovingly. Lakshay (finds an excuse) – can I use ur washroom ????
Swara (slightly smiles) – sure …. .
Swara takes lakshya to her room’s washroom leaving sanskaar alone . .
Sanskaar (thinks) – they both have gone leaving me alone … now I have to search for some entertainment .
Sanskaar stands and walks towards the wall which was covered with swara and family cute pics . He smiles seeing those pics .

Here in swara’s room
Swara (points towards washroom ) – here is the washroom sir … u can use it….
Lakshya (smiles ) – ok
Swara left .
Lalshya goes and searches for some files .


Its been 20 mins
At dinning table
Swara was aaranging the table for dinner while sanskaar’s eyeballs were moving in the direction where swara is moving .
Swara (suddenly remembers about lakshya ) – where is sir ???? He didn’t came from washroom till now …
Swara was about to go to call lucky but sanskaar stopped him holdingvher hand making swara confused . He done this unknowingly as he does not want her swara to go away from her .
Swara (struggles to free her hand from lost sanskaar ) – plz let me go sanskaar ….. leave my hand ..
Sanskaar came into senses who was lost in swara’s innocent face .
Swara left from there without uttering a word .
Sanskaar (thinks) – what is happening to me ???? Why i am getting attracted to swara ???? Oh my god .. I shpuld forget her and concentrate on my carrer …

Swara (thinks ) – what is happening to me ???? I never thought that I will get attracted to man I hate . I should forget him . But everytime when he comes to me my heartbeat increases . My heart says go and hug him but my mind says don’t be fookish swara once again u are doing the same mistake u had done at the time of sahil . Today also when I was arranging for dinner he was staring me . I can feel his gaze . I should stop myself from falling for him .


Here in swara’s room
Lakshya was searching from last 20 mins. He had searched all the places.
Lakshya (angrily) – I had found noting here .. now what I will do ….
Suddenly he sees a photo frame which was hanging on wall with a picture of swara . He goes near the photo frame and bangs his hand on the glass of frane . His hand start bleeding. the photo frame fallen down on floor and he was shocked to see ……


Precap – The reason behind why lakshya is shocked. Swara bandages lakshya’s wound . Sanskaar jealous . Next update on thursday .

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