Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 16}

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Link – Episode 15

Recap – (present ) Swara decides to give her blood to sanky . It is revealed that sanskaar accident is done by lakshya . (Past ) – lakshya shouts on swara. Some swasan scenes and sanskaar ask lakshay to say swara a SORRY .


♡Episode 16 ♡

Lakshya’s flashback …
At oberoi’s office…
Swara (sees towards lakshya )(in a little rude tone ) – why he is here ????
Sanskaar ( goes to swara ) – She had came to say u SORRY .
Swara again sees towards lakshya .
Lakshya (holds both his ears with his hands ) – sorry …
Swara (moves her face to her right ) – its ok….
Sanskaar becomes happy and pulls swara’s cheecks making swalak shocked and suprised .
Swara (suprised ) – hey miss audi monkey !!!!! What are u doing ???? (Struggling to free her cheecks ) leave my cheecks ….
Sanskaar realized what he had done and leaves his cheecks making swara to giggle .
Sanskaar – sry!!!!!
Swara – its ok …
Sanskaar – lets do party …
Swara (confused )- but why ????
Sanskaar – bcoz THE GREAT LAKSHYA OBEROI had first time said SORRY to someone .
Lakshya passes death glare to sanskaar making swara laughing whole heartedly making sanskaar to get mercerized seeing swara laughing . Soon swara controls her laugh .
Swara (controlling her laugh)- ok … comw to house for dinner tomorrow ….

Lakshya’s pov
Dinner ??? Wow … by this I can go to swara’s house and serach something against her.
Pov ends.
Lakshya (smiles ) – I will also come ….
Swara don’t want to invite lakshya . She don’t know why but she feel uncomfortable whenever there is lakshya around her . But she said yes as she can’t deny the fact the HE is boss.
Swara (fakely smiles ) – ok …. u can amso come …
Lakshya gives a winning smile as he can search for something which can destroy swara’s life .
Lakshya leaves from there .

Fb ends .
Present ..
Lakshya trances was broken by Ap calling him for dinner.


Present only ….
Sanskaar was lying unconcious on bed with some tubes attached to his hands and a oxygen mask to his nose . Swara comes there with nurse.
Nurse (pointing towards sofa ) – mam plz sit here … I am doing arrangments for the blood donation …
Swara nods yes and sits there . She was seeing sanskaar with teary eyes . she goes to sanskaar and sits on a chair kept beside the bed . She takes his one hand in hers and cares his hairs.
Swara (cries ) – s….a….n….s….k…a…a…r… sanskaar … how could u do that ???? How can u do magic on me ???? After ur betrayal also u I am caring for u …. I am giving u my blood …. why sanskaar why ???? Now I can’t deny this fact that I still love u … but I can’t believe that u betrayed me …. first I got betrayal from SAHIL then LAKSHYA then u … why ??? Why always me ??? When I falled for u I thought that this time I will not get betrayal … but when u betrayed me on 1 word came from my mouth NOT AGAIN …. again and again … my heart was saying that u can’t betray ur swara (smiles a little ) ur ”miss whatever ” but my mind was saying NO SWARA U ARE ONLY MADE FOR BETRAYAL …. everyone understood me as a tissue USE AND THROW …. I am tottaly broken … now only u can tell me why u betrayed me ???? Why u used me ??? Why ????
She was broken by nurse’s voice .
Nurse – mam … all arrangements are done for blood donations ….
Swara immediately wipes her tears and goes to nurse. This all was heard by two pair of ears . They are none other than rp and sujata .
Sujata – this girl loves my sanskaar ???? That’s why she was doing so much for our sanskaar ….
Rp – but sanskaar never told us …
Sujata – hmmm …. right … we have to find out what is the real thing ???
Rp nods yes and they leaves from there .
Here nurse made swara lie on a bed beside the bed of sanskaar and connected a tube between swara and sanakaar . Now the blood donation starts (guys sry but I don’t know the process of blood donation )
Swara was looking towards unconcious sanskaar witb teary eyes .
Soon the blood donation gets completed and swara sits on a sofa in the ICU only .
Swara – if lakshya would haven’t got those reports on that day then …
She opens her diary and starts writing .

Inside the diary

Note – link it with lakshay’s fb means it happened after swara invited sanlak for dinner.

At night
At Gadodiya manaion …
Swara was standing near the window recalling all the moments she spent today with sanskaar. His smile , his all the foolish behaviours , when he pulled her cheecks , when he calls her ”miss whatever ” and lots more . Her big beautiful eyes was showing that she had started falling for his ”audi monkey ” . But her heart was not ready to accept the fact. She thought to check her mobile . She goes to study table where her bag was kept . She opens the bag to search her mobzi when she find sanskaar’s hanky . She picks it up and unknowingly hug the hanky closes her eyes and ….


Precap – (Past ) . Next day, sanlak comes for dinner to gadodiya mansion . And lakshya serches for something taht can destroy swara’s life . Lakshya finds some reports of swara .


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    Luckyyy !!! huhhh !!! wanna bit u with pimpom ball…idiot,,
    waaaa my princess,, u still feel for him..(endless love) ..<– i love d scene when she huged d hanky..*awwww
    love it Sanjana.. thnk u..

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