Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 15}

So guys I am continuing the ff … thnx for ur respnse …. and I have started a new ff .
A SWASAN STORY OF LOVE , REVENGE , BETRAYAL AND OBSESSION so if u get time so plz read it …

Here is the link to its proglogue .

Link : Episode 14

Recap – 《past 》- swara – ”I hate love ” . And some funny swasan moments .


♡Episode 15♡
Present …
At evening …
At hospital …
Swara was about to write more in her diary when she saw doctor coming out of BLOOD BANK .
Swara immediately runs to doctor .
Swa (tensed ) – have u got the blood ???
Doc – sry miss gadodiya … we doesn’t that blood group . That blood group is very rare.
Swa (folds her hands ) – plz doc …. save my s….

Swara was about about say MY SANSKAAR when she stopped listening sujata’s voice.
Sujata (also folds her hands ) – doc … plz save my chora ….
Doc -(to sujata)ok … mrs maheshwari (turning towards swara )…. I have an idea … among u anyone have B positive blood group ???? If yes then we can save sanskaar .
Swa (smiles in relief )- yes doc … my blood group is B positive … take mine …
Doc (to nurse standing beside him ) – take her to ICU where sanskaar is admitted and transfer the blood .
Nurse nods yes and takes swara with her .


Present only ….
At night …
At oberoi mansion …
Lakshya was sitting in a couch in his room and drinking .
Lakshya (smiles evily ) – wow … lakshya…. what a plan !!!!!!!!! Sanskaar is in hospital …. now who will tell swara that sanskaar really love her …. he had not betrayed her. Its me who forced sanskaar to do all this .
Lakshya takes a sip of liquor and goes into a flashback .


Flashback …
When sanskaar and swara was talking on phone about meeting at coffee house …..
Lakshya came to maheshwari house about talking to sanskaar about something when he heard their conversation. And makes a plan to kill sanskaar so that sanskaar can’t prove his INNOCENCE in front of swara .
Flashback ends .

Lakshya laughs like a ravan .
Lakshya – now I will make sanskaar’s condition more worse than before . But first I had to find out about his condition .
Lakshya smiles and again goes into a fb .

Flashback ….
Note : link it with swara’s diary … means it happened after swasan funny fight .

At office
Lakshya was sitting on chair thinking how to destroy gadodiyas .

Lakshya’s pov ….
How can I destroy those gadodiyas … (pause ) yes I got it …. first I have to find anything in gadodiya mansion which can be used as a proof against them . Then I will use that thing at the right time. Wow what a idea !!!!!!
Pov ends .

Past only ….

His chain of thoughts get disturved by a knock at his cabin’s door .
Lak – yes come in !!!!!!
Swara comes in and sits in a chair in front of lakshya ..
Lak (angrily shouts ) – I have not given u the permission to sit . First go and learn some manners then come in my office . GO !!!!!!!!
Swara got teary eyes . This all scene was seen by a pair of eyes . He is none other than sanskaar .

Swara runs out of lakshya’s cabin and goes to her cabin followed by sanskaar . She goes in and cries . Sanskaar knocks her cabin’s door.
Swara immediately wipes her tears by her hands and says – come in !!!!
Sanky comes in .
Swara tries to ignore sanskaar as she knows sanskaar had seen all this from cabin’s door . She picks up a file and start turning the pages so that sanskaar will think that she is busy . (Guys swara is standing near her table .) Sanskaar goes to her .
Sanskaar (tries to make swara calm ) – swara … I have seen what happened in cabin . Now stop crying . He shouted at u bcoz he is in work load .
Swa (tries to smile ) – I know !!!!he is my boss and he has right to scold me . (Tries to get engrossed in work ) I am busy plz leave now !!!!
Sanskaar (tries to make her laugh )- ok … I am going but first wipe ur tears (forwards a handkerchief) or from MISS WHATEVER u will look MISS BHOOTNI . Ur kajal had spread out from ur eyes .

Swara smiles a little making sanskaar to take a breath of relief. Swara takes handkerchief from sanky and wipes her tears. Sanskaar was about to take back the hanky when his rang and he goes out . Now the handkerchief is with swara .
Swara (thinks ) – I will give afterwards …
Saying this he keep that hanky in her bag .


At evening …
At oberoi’s office …
Lakshya’s cabin ….
Sanskaar knocks at the door of cabin .
Lakshya – yes come in !!!!!!!
Sanskaar come in .
Sanskaar – can I sit on this chair ??? (Poiting to a chair in front of him )
Lakshya – yes ofcourse u can sit . Why are u asking ?????
Sanskaar – bcoz today morning u scolded swara for this . That ‘s why ….
Lakshya – wo I was little stressed …
Sanskaar – so plz say her sry …. she was crying …..
Lakshya (thinks for a while and then says ) – ok ….


At swara’s cabin
Its time to return home . So she was packinh her stuff when someone knocked at the door . Swara says come in . The person was sanskaar.
Sanky – someone want to talk to u …
Swara (confused ) – who ????
Sanky turns towards the door and ask a person to come in . The person comes in . He is none other than lakshya .

Precap – (past ) Lakshya says SORRY to swara. Swara invites sanlak for a dinner . (Present ) Swara pour out his heart in front of unconcious sanskaar .
(Note )- precap is a subject to change.

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