Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 10}


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Precap – Raglak conversation , Swaragini conversation , and lakshya get to know the dp and ap is not his parents …


♡ Episode 10 ♡

??Lakshya’s flashback ??

Oberoi mansion

Dp -[sadly ] ok … if u are ready to listen the truth so listen ….?? actually ur papa means arnab maheshwari was the best frnd of shekhar gadodiya …
Lakshya [shocked to listen the name and thinks ] – gadodiya means swara’s papa ….
Dp [continues] – arnab bhai and shekhar both have a combined company named SHENAB & SONS …. in this company arnab bhai was having a share of 60 % and shekhar was having a share of 40 % means arnab bhai was having a larger share … so ….

?? Flashback … in flashback ??


6 months before lakshya’s birth

An company came named THAKUR’s ENTERPRISES came to deal with SHENAB .

??At shenab’s office ??

Arun thakur [father of reshma thakur] – hello I am arun thakur and came to deal with ur company ….
Shekhar – hello i am shekhar [poiting to a man who is sitting beside him ] – he is arnab ….. we are best frnds and we are having a combined company .
Arun – but I can’t deal with both of u … I have can deal with only one …..
Arnab – so we can’t deal … I am sry but we can’t do this deal ….
Arun – but ….
Shenab together – sry ….
Arun became angry and started shouting .
Arun [angry and shouting ] – one of u will one day come to me and ask me for deal …. ??
Shenab also became angry .
Shenab [angrily ] – what u think of urself we will not come [hold each other hand ] no one can break our frndship …. ??
Arun left from there making shenab proud on each other .

?? Arun’s pov ??
I will destroy ur business mr . Shenab …. lets see …. who will win me or u ??? one from u will come and ask me to give this deal to him .
??Pov ends ??

Aruncalls a man and ask him to do something and destroy shenab’s comapny and also their frndship .

3 months passed and only 3 months are left for lakshaya’s birth . Arnab is fully taking care of his wife SAKSHI . But he is also tensed bcoz he is facing loss in his company .
Here same with shekhar is not married till now but he loves sarmishta who lives in New york…

One day shenab became fed up with this much loss and thought to accept the deal of arun . They thought not to tell each other about this deal . They decided to tell about this after they get the deal .

They both go to arun’s office [which is in india only ] and they both reached at the same time and was shocked tonsee each other there making arun laughing and smriking ..

Arun [while laughing ] – hahah …. u both came …. I thought one of u only come …. bit its ok…. but I can give to one of u only ….
Shenab thought for a while .

??Shekar’s pov ??

It is important for me to take the deal as I am going to get married and I am going to have the responsibility of my wife . If arnab will take the deal and not given me my share then . I will only take the deal . No the money is mine . I lived for money only just for money …… I done frndship with arnab just get money …. but now how can I leave it …. no…. this deal is mine … this whole company is mine….

?? pov ends ??

Shekhar came out of his thoughts and was became angry bcoz of what he saw . He saw that arnab was about to sign the deal . He became hell angry. He picked up a knife from a table kept beside him and gone and stabbed at his back . Arnab started bleeding and falled DEAD on ground . Arun became shocked by this sudden action of shekhar but then became happy .
Arun [shows that he is shocked ] – what have u done mr.shekhar gadodiya ….. u have killed ur bestest frnd …. how can u do this …. are u mad ?????????? ??
Shekhar [smirks ]- ohhh … wow….. what u think that I am really a FRND of arnab …. no…. I just want his money … I just done frndship bcoz of money …. I emotionally blackmailed him to merge our company bcoz I am not getting profit in my company but he took 60 percant of share … Even I am marrying bcoz of money … I doesn’t love her … first I made her realized that I love her …. but the real reason for marrying her is just to get her father’s money …. ??

This all get recorded in camera which is secretly hidden by arun in between the floor in a vase . Bcoz he knows that something will definitely happen that can be used against shekhar in future to thearten him.

When this news reached to sakshi she became disheartened . She can’t bear the pain of loss of his beloved husband. she was just living for lakshya but after the birth of lakshya she also died .

This all happened inside a room therefore it is only known by arun and shekhar . Arun doesn’t told anything to anyone . But this all was seen by a pair eyes . He is none other than DP . He was the eye witness of crime . But shekhar threatened him that he will his wife AP therefore he kept quiet .

After death of sakshi DP took care of lakshya and shifted to india to stay awy from gadodiyas ….. till now shekhar got married and blessed with a baby girl.. but density played a game with them .

Shekhar also shifted to india bcoz of continous pressure and threatning of arun that if shekhar will not Transfer his company on the name of arun then arun will kill his little princess . Shekhar is a big criminal but he truely loved his princess so he decided to shift to india when swara was just 7 years . Arun also threatened shekhar that he will leak that video in which whole crime is recorded . Both the families shifted to kolkata . Both are unaware that they are in same city .

Dp ‘s Flashback ends .


Thus reshma is daughter of arun and a close frnd of swara. Shekhar tried to keep swara away from reshma but swara doesn’t listened to his father and became a close frnd of reshma . But who is ragini ????? U will get to know….


Precap – Lakshay : I will make u MINE FOREVER
On the other side – Sanskaar : plz come to meet me … plz …

I don’t know when I will be able to update next . But I will update it asap .

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