Swasan – Some things left unsaid Part-1

Hi frnds i am Diya Mitra,this is my first story I am uploading here.I was in a hurrry because of new year so if there are some little word mistakes in my story then pls forgive me and my best friend Madhu suggested me the title of the story thanks Madhu for that, so let’s get started…….

love stories it is the most important matter of everyone’s life right you love to hear love Stories but today I am going to share with you a story that is different from everyone’s love story. it’s not a very tough love story or not as love story that we see everyday or hear.Love story of two people who are bounded by nature in every rights the word ‘right’ means not the word which we actually know right here means the thing which is correct.Let’s start the story, the story starts with a girl who loves to sit beside the Ghats of Ganges river to see the water flowing flowing and flowing but she never ever tries to get close to the water as she didn’t know how to swim and so she always tries to keep distance of at least 20 to 30 fts from the river but this is her regular activity but that day something happened that was enough to change her life forever.She was sitting and enjoying the view of the river as she does everyday when she saw a boy came with a lady of around 50 years and the boy was of around 25 to 26 years old but the boy is so so so handsome that he needs to be paid attention by everyone but something was wrong then she noticed that the boy has some physical problem he can’t walk properly as his whole body was shrinking and this is not for cold or any type of weather changes this More Or less looks like a physical disability or you can say handicapped but the boy was so charming her eyes cannot move from his face.She was sees that the boy had came to do ‘torpon’ which is a Bengali ritual and it is done in every Mahalaya when someone’s parents dies.She was silently seeing him according to everyone but according to me I think she was admiring him while he was performing the pooja it was seen that he is not as normal as normal guys but he is trying his level best to perform the pooja after doing the Pooja he was moving upstairs, when he completed half of the stairs he stopped because of the ghoti fell from his hand ,the boy was trying to get back the Ggoti by going down stairs but what happened to the girl no one knows she went to the river line and took the Ghoti and gave it to the boy. There was a most amazing thing that the Ghoti can go in the middle of the river but the thing happened was that it was floating by the side of the stair Water Line, I think with me God also wants that’s something happens between them .

Anyway the next incident occurs when she went to the boy and gave it to him and he gives her a beautiful smile which is unforgettable and told his name Sanskar what happened to our beauty(the girl) she also told her name to him Swara and the boy just gave Another Smile and went off.She was still standing there and was shocked as he was sinking in the thoughts of the boy but after 2 minutes something happened the sounds of the water broked the silence of her ears she semi rotated her head and she saw that she was standing nearer to the waterline she started running as fast as she can and went to her safe zone after some time she started looking everywhere she can but she was unable to find that boy once again .This incident occured has been one month now she has still not left the thoughts of meeting back that boy once again then her results came out of her third year examination and she had achieved a very good result in her college and the Teachers of her college decided to take the best students of the college to the best of orphanage of that city to Grab the blessings for their future from the orphans.She went there with her friends and something happened to her, she was stopped before a locked room in the orphanage and she checks that the door is just shut and not locked some unnecessary curiousity was working in her to see who is inside that as she can sense someone’s presence in that room from outside.She slowly pushed the door and she saw that Sanskar was sitting there and drawing and she is More shocked when she came to know that he still remembers her when he told her name by seeing her at once she is happy that he still remembers her.She sits beside him on his request and they started having a conversation of details about his past life to her that he is the eldest son of the most richest person of the city but after his mother died his father married once again and he have two Step Brothers who doesn’t need him anymore and his physical disability that is his disease had played a very important role in his life as he is taken as handicapped or a person of mental illness and lady who earlier went with him was one of the workers of this orphanage but after listening his past she was happy because she finally got someone with whom she can share her miseries. She told him that she lives with her brother about who never shows his love for her but she knows that he loves her very much and he also thinks that no one can ever think anything better for her than him not she herself also and parents died when she was 3 years old ,there is no problem of money in her house she is not very rich but not very poor also.Then their conversation continues and they become good friends and then they began to meet regularly and what happened that everyone can guess they fall in love with each other .So now it’s time for their first date she went with him to a place where he wanted to go because he wanted to show her something different which she has never seen.He tells her to take him to the bench where four roads meet from foreside and there should be one lamp post beside the bench she was shocked because this is the road everyday she passes by but she hasn’t seen anything.But she tells him ok I will go she asked his what is here to see without cars and people he smiles and he shows her by his finger pointing towards front and tilted upwards and she looks.And there was something which she had never seen that is the sunset for the first time in a place four roads meet according to him when everything ends and he wants to stay with her for ever water came on her eyes for happiness as she was smitten by the passionate thoughts of him she looked at him and started to give him a smile and holded his cheeks with her both hands and kissed his forehead and hugged him.

Then he told her that their is also a gift for her that is an exclusive clay art doll and which made her surprised she just looked at him once and told him that we are made for each other.He smiled and asked her why she told that because she also brought the same thing for him from the market that was the doll,both of them started laughing for some time and both of them together decided that’s the dolls will be kept by Sanskar and according to him if any of the toll breaks then the relationship will also break and tells her that he will always keep this doll very safely.Then she went back home and decided to confess her brother about her relationship with Sanskar.After listening to her conversation and knowing everything about Sanskar her Brother went to his room and told her to go to bed.She went and next morning when she came downstairs of her house to go to meet Sanskar she sees that some people came to see her to choose her for their son for marriage after listening to this from her house maid she was shocked.Her brother took silently without telling or asking her anything to the people to came to see her. She meet then just for her brother she was sitting quietly in front of them gave the answer of their questions what happens next she didn’t know but they liked her and told her brother that they wanted to take her as their daughter in law her brother also agreed with them and she was shocked that her brother didn’t asked anything she looked at her brother once but her brother ignored her when everyone went off she run as fast as she can and she went to Sanskar to tell him everything. After she told Sanskar everything Sanskar was silent up for some minutes and then gave that everlasting smile and told her to agree for this marriage because he have no money, not a home to keep her only he have for her is his love and which is not enough for 2 persons to let their life forever according to him.She tried to convince him to elope with her but he requested her to go back and asked her to try to start a new life.She was crying very much and which he was unable to still but he still requested her and he holded her hands and brought him out of the orphanage and then she went back to her house.After this she became very silent and silently performed every ritual that was important for her marriage. In the day of her marriage when she was completely eloped by the appearance of a bride and waiting to go to the altar and when she was alone in the room she tried once again To win her love once again she locked the door of that room and tried a lot to elope and she was successful.She went to meet Sanskar, but Sanskar was dabbed by her beautiful bridal look she wanted to talk to him with tears in his eyes but he refused and with a broken heart he shuts the door of her room in front of her and tells to forget him and and to go back as according to him he didn’t want to break her relationship with her brother because he knows the importance of a family as he never got to live with his family. The both lovers sits on both sides of the wall and the silent tears were the proofs of their love. She then decides to go back as she was very much hurt with Sanskar’s behaviour and she takes her brothers decision as her destiny and decides to go back and do what his brother is wanting .She once looks back at the shut door and went back rubbing off her tears and when she went to her room she sees that her brother is sitting for her in a sad face waiting for her as he’s understanding his decision is not right as he thinks.But now he is seeing a change in his sisters mind her eyes were looking at the ground and she is in that silent mode she just says her brother without seeing him that ” I am ready let’s move to the altar I think everyone is waiting for me” and her brother in a forced voice “ya the groom has came let’s move”.And both of them went towards the altar…………………………


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