Why people always questioning swara’s feeling to Sanskar.. they are EQUAL guyz… they have same feeling for each other, that are my few observation about them

1.You blamed swara when she insulted sanskar’s love during fake marriage.
If you were in swara’s shoes, will you accept the person who separated you from your love in short time ? won’t you suspicious about his intention ? but Swara paid it back by proved Sanskar’s innocent. THEY ARE EQUAL…

2.During rashoi, Sanskar called ragini to a room and showed her many CD about her bad deeds, Sanskar had have many proves but didn’t show them in public, wonder why.. he used Swara ? but Swara paid back by used Sanskar to get a rid Laksh from her life. THEY ARE EQUAL…

3.During ragini kidnapped case, sanskar proved his love to Swara, burn the blanket, fasting for her, etc etc still Swara distrusted him, but Swara paid back by got distrusted from Sanskar, she should prove her love by solved his family problem..THEY ARE EQUAL…

4.Swara questioned Sanskar’s feeling during kavita drama, you blamed Swara..
if you put yourself in Swara’s shoes and the facts that:
a. Sanskar ever took revenge for Kavita,(shown how deep his love) she was his target
b. Sanskar ever choose Kavita over her
c. Swara’s first love was snatched, she knew the pain.
(all facts related to Sanskar’s bad deeds)
won’t you questioning him based the facts ?
Swara’s insecurity toward Sanskar was created by Sanskar himself,..THEY ARE EQUAL….

5.Sanskar and Swara had ever have enemies, Urvashi want Swara, Kavita want sanskar
Sanskar tried to protect Swara, Swara almost die many time,,THEY ARE EQUAL…

6.Sanskar tried to save swara by marrying Kavita, swara escaped from jail for sanskar ….THEY ARE EQUAL…

7.Swara played prank by ignoring sanskar, swara got unintentionally slap from Sanskar…THEY ARE EQUAL….

8.Swara got bangle, Sanskar got his first night..THEY ARE EQUAL… *wink

9. Swara almost die and got memory loss for saving Sanskar’s sister, Sanskar suffered swara’s hatred…THEY ARE EQUAL…

10.Sanskar helped Swara in chotu case, Swara ever left his papa for Sanskar family…THEY ARE EQUAL…

11. Sanskar’s white lie by become Kissan, Swara’s white lie to unite sanskar’s family and prove his innocent …THEY ARE EQUAL….

12.Sanskar tried to leave Swara for his ego, now Swara trying to leave Sanskar for her sister…THEY ARE EQUAL….

13. Sanskar threatened Swara about his life, Swara threatened DP for his innocent…THEY ARE EQUAL….

More than that, Many swasan fans said that Sanskar always fulfill Swara’s demand in every way no matter how stupid they were. the reason is Swara is a Master Plan, a smart person, of course sanskar will follow her plans…. and that is swara’s quality which made sanskar proud of her and love her madly…OMG!…
That are my opinion about my Swasan, you can add them or share your opinion….

be frank, i wrote it for my friend Heltej, i promised her an OS but i can’t fulfill it as my story got deleted few days ago (blamed to my carelessness,hiks),
so Heltej Dear, better you enjoy Kakali’s story –DREAM– , Swara become ganda ladki there! huh!

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  1. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    No mica..I never said anything like that..

    1. Mica

      u should never say that or else i’ll curse you to have a beautiful life… huh!

      1. Hehe..?
        I already told u that I love curses and this curse is so…..beautiful! !

        BTW I never said anything good or bad against any actor/actress.

  2. Awesome analysis yaar……. Superb……… Love swasan to the core……..

    1. Mica

      yeah Purvi.. we love swasan to the core… yay! we are equal…

  3. Soo true mica u r indeed the best commentator on TU page*no offence?*Every swasan hater or fan shud surely do read this post! WORTH READING n want u to start a ff please!!!*puppy dog eyes*??

    1. Mica

      aawwwww thank you *fainting..
      uugh, i’m not writer, i’m spammer, i love to spam than write ff,….huhuhuhu

  4. Vyshu10

    Awesome micu….bang on. Swasan are equal….

    1. Mica

      thank you so much vyshu.. that made us love swasan..

  5. Kritika

    Agree with u completely #mica
    Respect #swasan

    1. Mica

      yeah we love them, love you….

  6. Kritika

    Agree with u completely #mica
    Respect #swasan

  7. DivzS

    Nice observations! True also

    1. Mica

      thank you DivzS,

  8. hellyshahvarun

    supeer…i accept it

    1. Mica

      thank you so much.. aawww HeVa commented in my post ….hehhehe

  9. Kakali

    Waaaahooo !!! Micaaa !!! great work dear *bang ur head with almond..
    i wanna add some points . it’s only my POV..

    1- HELLY N VARUN (both name have 5 latters,, BOTH R EQUAL)..

    2- SWARA N SANSKAR ( both have same 1st letter”S”,, BOTH R EQUAL)

    3- My Swara,my Sanskar(makes our SWASAN,, BOTH R EQUAL)

    4- Both r my KIDNEYs (incomplete without each other,, BOTH R EQUAL)

    5- Both r my heart n heart beat (i’ll die without them,, BOTH R EQUAL)

    6- Swara gave morning kiss in his cheeks,, in return he gave kiss in her lips..(naughty BOTH R EQUAL)

    7- last one ,,, SWARA N SANSKAR makes SWASAN fandom.. (BOTH R EQUAL) ..

    these r my silly views…* banging my hrad on pillow..

    Thnk Mica …

    1. Mica

      the almond cracked huh!
      kakaliiiiii…. are we twin ?????
      i love the 6th point , the french kiss is the best trick from sanskar for shut Swara mouth. 😀
      and we are become crazy cause of them.. huh!

      1. Kakali

        BECOME CRAZY huhhhhhh !!!
        bang ur leggggg… uhhhhh !!!!

        I m CRAZY onlyyyy justtt because of themm…

        we r twinnn !!! huaaa haa haah *we r equal..

        Gd mrng…

    2. Shreeyu

      Are Kaku di … Y u always bang ur head on pillow …. Huh … Ur poor pillow … RIP pillow … ???
      Waise u may use walls also

      1. Kakali

        RIP pillow????? *shock

        bang ur head now..

        yeah i have rock also. ,, n i use them .

        I have coconut also ,,, basically i use that more..*it’s damn tasty

    3. Heltej

      Kakali please leave that pillow! Come n eat briyani… Thats ol i wana say! Wattery mouth… Yummy ?

      1. Kakali

        Comingg !!! comingggg !!!!
        wahhooo !!! it’s tasty.. i can smell it… *watery mouth.. uhhh !!!

      2. Mica

        stop offering her, her dress almost not fit on her..*look at se*y Kakali

      3. Kakali

        Awwww !!! s*xy mee
        …uhhhh *hiding under d bedsheet…

        Huhhh !!! Mica u made me blush*shy <3

    4. Heltej

      Kakali did u had ur medicines!… Kiddoo… U banging on everwhere?

      1. Kakali

        Diii !!! m still in hospital.. what’s d need of medicine? huhhhh !!! love u

    5. Heltej

      Love you too ??

  10. Sammykapoor

    you r absolutely correct mica…….in one of the scene after figting between sanlak , during argument between swasan.. sanky said ….tumbe chali javo ya ha se….to swara…. she shoked …they stopped arguing when sumi came

    1. Mica

      Sammy,,,,,sorry, what the meaning of that ? tumbe chali javo ya ha se …
      i’m blind in hindi, just observed them based written update in TU, ty TU..

      1. Sammykapoor

        meaning is … you also go from here…

    2. Mica

      oh ty, deep inside Sanskar already fall to Swara somehow..

  11. 200% correct

    1. Mica

      thank you

  12. You are right mica…BTW nice. Observations ..Some mad people are blaming Swara…Hope they will understand..

    1. Mica

      haa, we hope so Prakiti , even though it just a serial, we wish we can learn lil bit..

  13. Mirna

    Wow mics great analysis, the point was on top notch yep they are equal afterall they are SWASAN 🙂

    1. Mica

      yeah.. and they are our Swasan… thank you

  14. Shreeyu

    So true Micu ….. U r absolutely correct seeing u after a long tym ….where You disappeared?

    1. Mica

      uuhh Shreeyu…thank you
      ha, i’m busy nowadays, too sad i unable to read many Swasan ff…

      1. Shreeyu

        Awwww Micu no need to say thnk u ….. Ur always welcome … But really ur analysis was very gud …. And it’s a good slap to those who were raising finger on Swara …. Lov u Dr ….???

  15. Rabia

    Wow micaa what a points and hats off to kakali for her tremendous pointss ?????

    1. Mica

      you shocked, didn’t you ?
      and yeah, Kakali is kakali, what to say… ahem ahem

  16. Heltej

    I died out of shock baby! Please some one bang me!
    When i read the 1st point i knew it… U wrote this!
    Mica lub you!
    M thinking to spam your post!
    Aiwwwww…. Soo cute!

    1. Mica

      nooo, not yet.. i’ll let my jiju do it to you later.. aawww
      so, no surprise then, hiks…
      love you too babe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      i know i’m cute *missinglink…

  17. Abirsha

    Mica amazing analysis…. I was very sad seeing all blaming my cute doll….. In fb and twitter it stopped…. But in tu and mostly is india forum many said that swara is stupid….. I was very very sad….. This analysis brought me smile on my face dr….. Whatever u said is true dr…. Even after maligning swara’s character she forgived sanskar…. At that time sanskar was no one to her….. Likewise even after ragini cut the relation with swara and did shrad she cant c her in pain….. Though she do no ragini as sis before she was a frnd to swara….. She knows ragini from child….. Then y cant she forget and join hands with ragini that too for him only…. Its not her family…. Its his family…. And even she wants to prove sanskar is innocent…. But readers wont see this…. All need swasan separation track…. But if cvs give they will blame swara…. Really its pathetic…..

    1. Mica

      ha shan, i know your feeling since i have that sad feeling too to read their comment..
      they put analysis based on their favorite actor instead of the role character.
      they forget that Swara’s bad deed to Sanskar was influence by Sanskar’s bad deed itself those time.
      the most, they forget that they are also a girl, they won’t able to forgive or accept their enemy’s love as Swara…
      i’m so glad to hear that i can bring smile in your cute face…aawww

  18. Di swara is doing right
    Every girl has self respect and swara is also doing this for her self respect
    She is not a tissue paper jab man aaya use kiya jab man aaya throw kar diya

    1. Mica

      ha Shagun….you are soo rite, her up down feeling and action somehow justified…

  19. Rain_Lightwood

    It’s true. See the thing I see everyone thinks Swara is mahan or something. No one realises that she’s not MAHAN. She’s also made mistakes but she’s being strong Coz her family needs it. If no one is strong how will anyone survive?

    And true. Swasan Are one Coz they’re equal to each other. Swara is Sanskar’s wife, not some random person. They’re equals. Both have made mistakes in the past. And most of the time it’s overconfidence. But even that they do together. They’re equal. I’m a huge huge huuuuuge Swasan fan. Normally ppl call themselves swasanians but in reality they’re only Sanskar fans. Idek why. Swasan. There is a Swa before the San. Ppl shud understand that. Imagine if it was Swalak as a couple… would they ever be equal? Laksh is impulsive. Swara is level headed. Laksh doesn’t trust easily. The moment something happens against someone, he also believes what the world believes. I’m not saying he’s bad. I love him too. But I think Swasan r equal

    1. Mica

      yups Rain.. couldn’t agree more with you…, they both incomplete without each others,
      but ppl just always notice Sanskar effort but blind about how hard Swara’s effort to be swasan also..ty

      1. Rain_Lightwood


  20. Mahjabeen

    Dear watevr u said its totally amazing..u are absolutely right.hatts off to you..
    .Nd evn i hv seen in TU al r blaming swara nd hating her nd saying mny bad things…y these readers dnt understnd…swara also have her self respect..c did all these things to prove sanskar innocent nd unite his family only..but these readers dnt understnd huhuhu.nd now c is hurt by sanskar only fr whom c did all these things..so its obviously justified about her behaviour towards sanskar nw…

    1. Mica

      their opinion based on their fav only dear, that why sometime they forget about bad deed their fav ever deed…it’s common…:D 😀
      don’t be sad, after all we can see our Swasan more stunning..

      1. Mahjabeen

        Yeah u r right dear..we wl see them more stunning dan before??

  21. Mahavir

    mica di it was a awesome di u r really correct di and i love swasan and always support them. sorry for being late di.

    1. Mica

      aahh Maha, thank you .. yeah we love Swasan.. soory to not read your ff yet.. lil bit busy nowadays, feel bad since i can’t read many swasan FF,
      sorry for all my beloved aothor friends.. uughhh

  22. Scooby

    Wow mica u have justified the virtual character perfectly.. both have their own reasons.. u hv done ur part petfectly being a swasanian..

  23. Mica

    Navii… hehehe ty soo much, i just crazy Swasanian…:D

  24. Really Appreciate this article, can you make it so I get an email when there is a fresh update?


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