Swasan The Cute Couple


This is first time I am writing a ff being a swasan fan and please give your suggestions in comments box hope u guys enjoy it

This is the sequence where ragini says for lakshya That sankaar kept fast for swara and he loves a lot. And she says swara is very lucky to have such husband. Just then laksh goes out of the room

Scene 1: In dinning Hall
All r waiting for raglak and
Sans:I am feeling very hungry swara and swara says oh Mr sanskaar maheshwari u r feeling hungry now then y did u kept fast for me. I said to keep

Sana: oh swara now don’t tount me yaar u na really mad that instead of talking with me smoothly u r irritating me

Ap:if u both taunt each other then I am sure u both will not eat dinner and u will not make us to eat dinner

Sujatha:has gijji u r right arey u both make me to eat and then fight if u want I will also help u in fighting but let us eat first. Otherwise I will surely faint

All of them laugh and then when they r laughing raglak enters.laksh feels a little jealous on swasan and thinks I should any ways teach sanskaar a lesson to snatch away my love swara.
Then all starts eating and suddenly swara coughs in between where laksh and sanskaar in both the directions gives water for her but swara chooses…….sanskaar water and he helps her to drink and says r u okay swara and pats her back and they have an eyelock. Everyone feels happy and laksh gets angry and ragini gets jealous and to avoid that moment sharmishta caughs and said let’s go to baadi to shekhar ,dadi, Dada and swasan hug sharmishta ,dadi,Dada and ragini hugs them all individual and laksh says good night to them and those all leave to baadi

After swara and other family members go to sleep and sanlak fight for swara onehand sanskaar says to lakshya that he love swara and cannot see her cry because of u laksh and on the other hand laksh says swara is mine just mine if u have dare then prove it that swara loves whom challenge then sans says no I can’t because of us both we can’t force swara and goes from there but in sanskaars mind he was thinking to meet swara and thank her

After fresh up swasan talk to each other happily… And laksh stares swasan outside of sankaar room angrily…

Sankaar mind was full of swaras thoughts and he said to swara bye and goodnight swara too says and laksh too goes and rags also sees swasan and lakshya staring at them and feels hurt,jealously..

PRECAP:Swara thinks about sankaar and their confession and thinks that I am in love with him……

Credit to: Saathvika

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