Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 9)


Guys know that it was a twist but I am really sorry I have to end this ff soon as I am studying for CPT so it is tough for me to write.i am really sorry if u did not like my ff.

Sanskar was getting ready and adarsh and laksh were helping him.sanskar was nervous because everything is happening so soon.adarsh see his nervousness and says.
ADARSH:sanky everything will be fine just take ur time.d girl is so good and perfect for u she can understand even when I was going to see ur bhabhi I was also nervous but after meeting her my all taught changed so don’t worry.
SANSKAR:I hope so
Just than sujatha came and asked.
SUJATHA:did u get ready come fast hw much time u will take.
SANSKAR:coming mom
Soon kapoor family left to meet GARODIA.
sumi was running here and there and scold d servant to do d work fast as they will arrive soon
DADI:arrey sumi just relax for sometime.
DADA:hw can she relax today they r coming to see my princess.
DIDA:our shona is going to leave us soon.
All had tears in there eyes.

Swara was getting ready and ragini was helping her.swara was sad to lighten her mood ragini teased her.
RAGINI:di ur r looking beautiful today i think so when jiju see u he will take u with him.saying this see laugh.swara did not say anything just than sumi came and she heared what ragini said.
SUMI:ragini y r u teasing her.swara(swara looks at sumi)today u r really looking good I know that u r not interested but pls try to understand what ever we do is for ur good and u know sanskar is a nice boy ur papa’s friends son and he is handsome also.
SWARAGINI:who is sanskar.
SUMI:(looking at swara):ur going to be husband.
When sumi said this she taught this name is familiar ti me but whom must be my mom said that he is studying in my college.
Just than she kar called sumi and said that they have come.

Kapoor family enters shekhar and sumi welcome them.they were talking formally.than dp said
DP:we all want to see our bahu pls call her.
Swara was hell nervous just than sumi came and called swaragini down.
sanskar was hell nervous and his heart started beating fast laksh and uttara were sitting beside him.just than swaragini came.sanlakutt were shocked and surprised to see swaragini.where as swaragini were also shocked to see sanlakutt.swara came and took blessing of ap,dp,ram,suju. SKEHAR:she is ur bahu dp(pointing towards swara both swasan were shocked)and she is my second daughter ragini(pointing towards ragini).
As elders want to talk something important they asked youngsters to go.
SKEHAR:swaragini take them to d room.

All youngsters reached.after reaching uttlak started laughing like a hell were as other were surprised.
LAKSH:omg I never taught that devil will become my bhabhi.
SWARA:enough lucky monkey stop teasing me.
UTTARA:shona di sorry sorry shona bhabhi I never taught that u will marry my bhai.
LAKSH:just imagine u both will always be pulling each other legs and we will be enjoying.
PARISH and SANSKAR were confused that how they know each other.
PARISH:u all know each other.
LAKSH:bhabhi she is my friend I used to say na shona ahe is only shona alies swara.
SANSKAR:no lucky u r wrong her name is not shona nor swara her name (looking towards swara)baccha.
SWARA:if I am baccha then u r bander not sanskar.
All ask together:(looking towards sanskar);so she is baccha(sanskar nods)(looking towards swara)so he is bander(swara nods)
All burst into laughter and ragini teases her.
RAGINI:di so he is bander oh my god hw can u say my jiju as bander see hw handsome he is.swara shows faces.
LAKSH:bhai hw can u say swara no bhabhi as baccha.
SWARA:that’s good laksh u r so sweet.
LAKSH:u should have kept her name as devil.swara wide open her mouth and sanlak gives hi-fi to each other.soon all chatted and left d room leaving swasan alone as they have to talk with each other.
SANSKAR:swara I know that u r not interested in d marriage even I am also not interested but I promised my parents that I will accept any girl.swara don’t worry I will never harm u we will be like a friends.
SWARA:thank u sanskar I am not ready for d marriage (smiles naughty)and thinking about friendship hw can I be a friend with animal like u.
SANSKAR:am i looking like a animal.
SWARA:than am i looking like a devil.
SANSKAR:no ur r not looking like devil ur looking beautiful.swara blushes a little.than swasan came and joined with there family and they said yes they r ready to marry.all becomes happy.they talk about d engagement and they fix d engagement day after tomorrow.after this kapoor family left.

SUMI:thank God all got well but marriage will be soon swara u should learn hw to cook come let me teach u.all laugh at sumi anxiety.
SWARA:mom I am not marrying 2mmorrow that u should teach me soon I will learn it by myself.ragini teases her.
RAGINI:mom see hw jiju changed her?
SWARA:what did he change?
RAGINI:di u said u won’t cook but today u r saying that u will learn by urself see by seeing jiju itself u changed saying this ragini runs. SWARA:I won’t leave u today.saying this swara chases ragini.all d family is having tears in there eyes as swara is leaving them soon
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