Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 8)


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as college left two person were searching for each other.swara was searching for sanskar.just than somebody patt swara shoulder.swara turned back and got shocked to see d person.
PERSON:u were searching for me right.
SWARA:in ur dreams only that will happen.
PERSON:than why were u searching me from morning?
SWARA:I was not searching for u mr.bander
(S d person is non other than sanskar)
SANSKAR:accha than y did u come to my class enquired about me with my classmates.
SWARA as she was caught :s to say sorry only I came not what u think.
Saying this swara goes.
SANSKAR:pagal ladki.

Sanskar said about his baccha to uttlak and they burst into laughter.just than ap,dp,ram,suju,adarsh,pari came even they burst into laughter as even they heared everything.
ANNAPURNA:sanskar beta we have seen a girl for u.
Uttlak and sanskar was shocked.
SANSKAR(stammered):b..u….t b..ade ….mom y so soon marriage.
ADARSH:even my marriage happened in this age.and u know d girl is so beautiful.even she is ur college only.
Sanskar was sad but as he promised them that he would marry a girl by there wish.
SUJATHA:sanskar 2mmorrow we r going to there house just talk with d girl if u don’t like her than we will see another girl.saying this all elders left.
SANSKAR:bhai y so soon I don’t even know how to take care.
PARI:sanskar for every boy it is like that only u know when adarsh saw me for d first time he was like that only.
SANSKAR:but bhabhi I want to study.i have so many dream like after finishing my music college I want to become a playback singer and I will join in kapoor company.but now I am scared whether i will fulfill my dreams or not.and most important thing is she should be like u a good wife,a good bahu,a good friend,a good mom.
PARI(smiles):u know what sanskar u r just like ur brother he also said d same thing when he met me.sanskar u can continue ur studies after marriage also.and u know d girl which we saw for u is same like u.even she is very naughty,cute,prankist and most important thing is she loves her family.she is papa’s friends daughter.
LAKSH:bhabhi pls say us what bhai did when he came to see u first.
ADARSH:y u want about that.
UTTARA:because sanky bhai can learn from u.
Uttara winked at laksh.
PARI:when is came for d first time he just asked general questions like will u continue ur studies etc…
SANSKAR:bhabhi even u r coming with me right 2mmorrow.

UTTLAK:even we will come bhabhi because we want to see our future bhabhi.
ADARSH:r we going for a movie to take u both u both go to college 2mmorrow.
SANSKAR:no bhai let them also come.
After some time all left leaving sanskar confused and tensed.
swara came to dining table where everyone were there.
Swara monologue:swara ur dead u came late and all r waiting for u ur hitler mom is going to kill u.but she was shocked and surprised when sumi speaker politely.
SUMI:shona come have ur good no today i will feed u.swara was shocked and surprised as she taught her mother would scold her but for her surprise her mother was feeding her.whereas all were having tear in there eyes.swara finished her dinner when she was about to go just than skehar said her to wait.
SKEHAR:swara.swara was little shock as skehar always call her princess but today he called her swara.
SKEHAR:swara we have seen a boy for u.
This made swara shocked more she never expected this.
SWARA:y so soon papa.even skehar is shocked as swara never call skehar as papa she call him pops.
SUMI:even we got married in this age only beta.
SWARA:but what about my studies my plans.
SUMI:u can continue after marriage also

SWARA:but what about my dream that how my husband should be.
SUMI: is very caring boy don’t worry even he is like u and he is studying in ur college only.
SWARA:but I don’t want to marry now.
SUMI:beta we r not forcing u its ur wish.
SKEHAR(came towards swara and carressed her face and said):swara they r coming to see u 2mmorrow.i hope u will take a good decision.saying this he went swara went to her room and was crying continuously.
after ap,dp,ram,suju came out of sanskar room.
ANNAPURNA:I feel bad for sanskar
DURGAPRASAD:even I but what to do.u know that priest said sanskar is in danger so he have to get married in this month.
SUJATHA:I hope everything gets well.
skehar cry in his room.sumi consoles him.
SKEHAR:I am a bad father swara was hurt when I said she is going to get married.
SUMI:no skehar u r d best father.u have done this for her good.all will become alright.
SKEHAR:hope so.

as dp,ap,ram,suju went to meet d priest when d priest so sanskar kundali he was shocked and said.
PRIEST:sanskar should get married in one month.
All were shocked and asked y.
PRIEST: sanskar is in danger if he does not get married than he will die.all were shocked and they left.
Evening there was a party so ram and dp went there they saw shekhar there and they saw a man warning shekhar .shekhar and dp r childhood friends.
DURGAPRASAD:what happened shekhar y he warned u.
SKEHAR:dp his son is a womenizar.but he asked my daughter hands for his son.i dint accept so he is threading me.
Dp taught of asking skehar daughter hand for sanskar.so dp said everything and both dp and shekhar hugged each other.

Swara was crying she felt a hand on her shoulder she saw ragini and hugged her tightly.
SWARA:y me always y me ragini y they r sending me so soon I don’t won’t to marry I want to be with u all.
RAGINI: di all loves u if parents decide they will be having a reason so pls see him 2mmorrow and decide now come on be like a good girl and smile.
Swara smiles.
RAGINI:that’s like my di I will miss u saying this ragini hugs swara.

So guys that’s all for today pls post ur valuable comments.
So what happens when swasan meets?
Will swasan say ok for d marriage?
Will they get to know d truth?
What will be d reaction of swaragini and sanlakutt.when they meet each other.
Will sanskar come out of danger if he married?
Will swara be safe from d womenizar?
Stay tuned to know everything.

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