Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 6) {swasan meet}


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uttlak came home as they came sanky blocked them.
SANSKAR:hw was d college?
UTTARA:bhai it was awesome.bhai when is d college reopening for music students?
(As even sanky is in d same college but as music students it reopen late)
UTTARA:wow bhai.bhai u know I meet swara di she is just like u always playing pranks.
Sanskar felt something when he heared swara name but he ignored it.

Swaragini and uttlak were talking then swara saw something.so she excused herself and went near a group.
1ST BOY(to a girl):do u have any boyfriend.
1ST BOY:hai my name is sahil will u be my girlfriend.d girl got scared and ran away.
(S d 1st boy is non other than sahil.)
Just than a boy came and hugged sahil.
BOY:hey sahil hw r u I was missing u?
SAHIL:hey sanky I am 5ine.

GANG OF SANKY:hey sanky and sahil both r wearing same color dress?
SAHIL(sanskar + sahil=sanil):yes we both r besties from childhood so were same color dress.
(Sanky was wearing black shirt and blue jeans)
Just than sahil saw someone and went.
Sanky was talking to his gang.someone patted on his back.so sanky turned he was mesmerized to see a swara
SWARA:don’t u have manners u r always ragging girls today u tagged my frnd.
(Guys as swara was talking she saw sahil teasing anjali.and she saw anjali crying and scared when she asked anjali.anjali said her everything.as swara did not see sahil she saw only his dress so she misunderstood sahil as sanky)
Sanky was trying to say but swara did not give a gap also she was scolding him.
SANSKAR(got anger):stop it baccha.

SWARA:am i looking like a baccha if I am baccha then u r bander.
SANSKAR:wat I am bander if I am bander than u r khada.
SWARA:u r looking like a kutha.
SANSKAR:u r looking like a sooar(pig).
Just than sanky gang came and said:guys class
is going to start pls don’t fight if u people want to fight pls fight in zoo that is d better place as ur frnds r there only saying this they left.
SWARA:I won’t leave u as class is starting I am

leaving but u will pay for it .
SANSKAR:even u will pay for it baby.saying this both swasan went in opposite direction.
Swara was continues ly thinking about sanskar and smiled but her smile vanished when he said her baccha,sooar,baby.so mr.bander u have to pay for ur deeds.saying this swara smiles evilly.
sanskar was thinking about swara her cute anger face,her eyes,her noses,her baby pink lips.he was mesmerized in her beauty.just than d sir asked sanky question as sanky was dreaming.
SIR:sanky give my a short brief wat I was taking in today’s class.
SANSKAR(as he was assuming sir as swara so he said):baccha.
After hearing this all d students laughed.
SIR(got anger):wat non is this sanky.

SIR got even more anger and said:get out.
SANSKAR:ok sooar and today u r looking hot baby saying this sanskar went out.
Sir was more pissed of hearing sanky words.
after d college all left but swara did not go as she has to submit her assignment ragini and uttlak went home.sanky was going by that way just than he saw swara alone so he taught to be with her as she is alone it’s not safe.he entered d classroom.
SANSKAR:hai baccha wat r u doing?

Swara first gets shocked to see him but says:that is non of ur business.
SANSKAR:I taught to help u but u always scold me(pout face).
Swara smiles seeing his pout face.but just than d current goes.
SANSKAR:baccha come let’s go it’s not good to be alone.
Swara also was feeling scared to be alone but she was little bit brave as sanskar was with her.both swasan moved towards d gate but unfortunately d gate were closed as d watchman went out they have to stay there till d watchman comes.

So guys that’s all for today.pls post ur valuable comments.

So swasan r alone will d watchman come or what will happen stay tuned to know more.

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