Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 5)


Thank u for ur valuable comments.guys did u like my ff or not so here is my next part.
Swara dashed someone and was about to fall but d person held her hand and made her stand
SWARA☺:thank u
PERSON:it’s ok
SWARA:I am swara and u?
PERSON:I am kavita
(S guys d person was non other than kavita always boys want help girl,even girls can help each other???)
SWARA:nice meeting u bye
KAVITA:nice meeting u to bye.
Swaragini finished there shopping and returned home.

D lights were off both swaragini were confused as d lights were off as soon as they on d light they heared.
Both swaragini were shock and surprised they said together.
SWARAGINI☺:dadi,dada and fida u all here.
(S they were non other than dadi,dada and fida)
Swaragini went and huged them and took there blessing.

All were sitting in d dinning table.pari,ap,suju was serving d food.and after serving they sat.
Uttara and sanky taught to tease parish as they saw something.when they all were eating sanky signalled uttara.
UTTARA:bhabhi pls pass me royi.
Pari was trying to remove her hand but it was not coming
(Guys as pari sat adarsh holded her hand and sanky applied glue on there hand so that they can’t separate there hand)
SANSKAR:(with a naughty smile but hides?) bhabhi pls pass me water.
UTTARA(innocently):what happened bhabhi?
SUJATHA:hey chori what happened to u?
ADARSH:chachi our hands r sticked we can’t separate it .
Parish were trying to release there hand but they could not.
Laksh understood dat it is uttsan work.then laksh bought some hot water and made parish to dip there hands and there hands got separated.parish also understood it was uttsan work.
PARISH(with fake anger):wat d hell is this sanky and uttara.
UTTSAN:wat we did bhabhi we r just eating is it wrong(both with a pout face).
PARISH:u both will never change.
UTTSAN TOGETHER:r we season or month or days to change we r human beings we can’t change.saying this uttsan runs parish chases them just then they all hear a voice.
PERSON:r u all kids playing hide and sike without me.so bad of u all(fake anger and pout face)
(S d voice is non other than aarav)
UTTSAN and LAKSH TOGETHER:aarav we missed u lot.saying this sanky picked aarav in his arms.
AARAV:even I missed u all.saying this aarav huged everyone.they had a good family time.

Swaragini got up and got ready for college.swaragini came for breakfast.
RAGINI☺:good morning dad,dadi,dada and fida.
Saying this she git blessings from all.
SKEHAR:goid morning my sweetheart.
SWARA(side huged Skehar):good morning pops.
SKEHAR:good morning princess.
SWARA(huged fida):good morning sweety.
DIDA:arrey shona call me DIDA not sweety.
SWARA:no I will call u only sweety that suit u.
SWARA(huged dadi):good morning cutey.
DADI:good morning shona.
SWARA huged dada:good morning handsome.
DADA:good morning princess.hw come u got up soon.
SWARA(with pout face): because of college handsome.
All burst into laughter seeing her pout face.
Swaragini left to college.
swaragini were waiting for lucky just then they saw uttlak.
LAKSH:hai girls this is my sister uttara is she going to study in our college 1st MBA.
LAKSH to UTTARA:this is swara(pointing on swara) and she is ragini swara’s sister(while pointing ragini a spark arise in laksh eyes which is noted by swara and uttara).
UTTARA:hai swaragini.
SWARAGINI:hai uttara.
UTTARA to LAKSH:bhai u said about shona that she is same as sanky bhai but we’re is she I want to meet her(said this with excitement)
SWARAGINI and LAKSH burst into laughter.
LAKSH:she is shona alies swara(pointing on swara).
UTTARA started to talk with SWARA in excitement.were as raglak were staring each other lovingly but they were feeling shy to talk with each other this was noticed but swara and uttara.
Raglak were feeling bore and went to there respected class.but swara and uttara were talking.
UTTARA:shona di if u don’t mind shall I say u something.
SWARA:I will never mind u can say anything u want.
UTTARA☺:I think so lucky bhai loves ragini.i can see a spark in his eyes.i think so even ragini likes him.
SWARA:s even I have d same doubt if it is true I am d happiest person in d world as ragini is getting a best life partner.
UTTARA:u did not get angry?
SWARA:y should I get angry they r looking as a perfect jodi.
UTTARA:wow di u r awesome u r just like sanky bhai.
SWARA(confused):who is sanky?
UTTARA:my and lucky bhai brother.he is just awesome u know di he is just like u handsome,prankist,naughty,cute,sweet.he love to play prank especially on lucky bhai and adarsh bhai.
SWARA:wat is his full name.
UTTARA:sanskar kapoor.
SWARA(feel something when she said that name)☺:nice name ok come let’s go to class now for us is entertainment class.
Swara and uttara came to there respected class.

it was sheela period.sheela was teaching maths laksh was thinking about ragini and smiling like a idiot.
SWARA:(notice laksh smiling and wrote a chit and tried it on laksh):ab maza aayega.
LAKSH suddenly jerked because of d paper it was written:I love u laksh will u marry me.laksh was shocked and remember that sheela loves him so he taught that sheela wrote this.
LAKSH to SHEELA:wat d hell is this sheela yesterday u was saying that I don’t like proposal and now u have written a letter.
SHEELA:wat d hell laksh first of all u were not listening to my class and now u r blaming me that I wrote this letter and this is not my handwriting
Than laksh understood that it was written by swara after d class.s swara went to meet uttrag.laksh came there searching for swara and here swaragini and uttara were laughing as swara said everything.
LAKSH(anger):wat d hell is this?
SWARA:laksh this is a paper u don’t know how sad laksh.
UTTARA:lol u r same dicto of sanky bhai oh my god wat a strange.
Laksh started chasing swara and swara was running swara hided back of ragini when laksh came she pushed ragini on laksh due to d sudden fall both lost there balance and fell down as ragini was on laksh.both had a passionate eyelock.swautt saw there eyelock and understood.
SWARA:if u guys finished without ur eyelock than we can leave to our respective home.
Both raglak came into there senses and they stood up with embarrassment.soon swaragini and uttlak reached home.
Guys that all for today sorry if this part was not god try to do better part.

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