Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 4)


Guys I am back thank u for ur valuable comments . Swasan will meet soon till that stay tuned and talak will also have a many role in my ff and sheela is not a negative character in my ff no negative character even kavita will have a comedy role.raglak love will blossom soon.
Wati for sanskar scene also he is d hero so wait.

Laksh came angerily to home as he was anger on swara.sanskar notice laksh anger and smiles naughtily.laksh after sometime feel something and shout in anger?:sanky bhai,what d hell is this?
Sanky smiles naughtily but hides:what happened lucky ?it is ice cube don’t u know that dint ur teacher teach u about this lucky so sad of u ur name only is lucky but ur teacher is not lucky for u how sad?.
LAKSH(irritated)?:bhai don’t irritate me always I don’t have peace in home nor in college in home u torture me in college shona torture me i don’t know how ur wife and her husband will bear two mental.pls bhai don’t marry her life will become worst.
ADARSH:arrey if he does not marry he will trouble us so it is better to marry him.
SANSKAR(innocently):I am troubling u all.i thought u r my frnds sorry from now onward i won’t talk to u.?
ADARSH:hey dramebaaz stop ur drama.u know wat sanskar we all love ur pranks a lot u always make everyone smile love u so much.
SANSKAR(fake sacred?): bhai ur intention r not good I am not like that how can say love u .
PARI(confused):who said I love to whom?
SANSKAR?:bhabhi bhai proposed his pa . Bhabhi I did not think that bhai will cheat u so sad of u.
Pari went near adarsh and both pari and adarsh burst into laughter.which confused sanlak.
SANLAK: bhabhi what happened y r u laughing have u gone mad.
PARI: arrey sanskar adarsh pa is male how can adarsh propose a male.soon all burst into laughter but it was broke by a voice from outside.
GIRL(with fake anger): how can u people laugh without me i hate u all I taught u all will be missing me but u all r so bad
PAISH AND SANLAK(smiled broadly☺):uttara when did u come?
(S d girl is non other than uttara she finished her b.com in delhi and going to join MBA 1st year)
UTTARA:I came just now saying this she hugs parish than laksh than sanky.
PARI: but u said that u r coming 2mmorrow
UTTARA:but what to do bhabhi missing u all and mainly where is aarav.
ADARSH:aarav went to his grandmother home for leave he will come soon so my sissy how was delhi.
UTTARA:boring bhai because missing u all
SANSKAR:uttara I missed u so much because u always support me in crimes thank God u came.
UTTARA:I to missed u bro.
LAKSH:which college u r going to join sissy.
UTTARA:ur college.MBA 1ST YEAR
LAKSH got happy and said:I will introduce you to my frnd because even her sissy is mba 1st year.
UTTARA:super bhai .just than ap,dp,ram and sujata came they all were happy to see uttara and she took blessings from all.

sanskar was speaking to himself:do I love kavita or is it just crush adarsh bhai said that if we really love someone we will like to talk to them,share our problem to them,we can’t see them in pain,but I never felt like that when I am with kavita I always get irritated when I am with her because of me my mom is crying everyday I don’t know what is happening in my life god pls help me i don’t won’t to hurt my family I want only their happiness nothing else his taught were broke by adarsh and laksh.
ADARSH and LAKSH:sanky/bhai y r u crying.
SANSKAR:I don’t know what is happening in my life I don’t know I love kavita or it is just crush.
ADARSH:sit beside sanskar and says:sanskar love mean when u see that person ur all sorrow will fanish.sanskar when I met pari for d first time I had so much of happiness but I don’t know y before our marriage we had a big loss in business but she stood with us and helped us after our marriage she taught me what is good what is bad sanskar love means understanding each other sanky u don’t love kavita it is just a crush.life partner is not set by us sanky it is set by god and I know that even u will get a nice life partner as I got.
After hearing this sanskar huged adarsh and said:bhai how foolish I am i had only a crush on kavita mom always warned me but I only made her cry even bade mom nd bade papa I hired all of them I am feeling ashamed.
ADARSH:stupid u r not bad we said that ur selection is bad that’s all.
Sanskar went to ap,dp,ram and sujata who were seating in d hall talking with uttara and pari.sanskar comes to them hold his ears and apologies them
SANSKAR?:sorry mom ,bade mom,bade papa and papa from now onward i will be a good boy and mom I will marry a girl whom u like.
All were confused than adarsh say everything everyone become happy and hugs sanskar and say:sanskar beta it’s not ur fault I think so from now onward we can see a new sanskar.
SANSKAR:but naughtiness same as it is.
LAKSH:oh god pls save me.
All burst into laughter and had a good family time.
(Guys I don’t like javaan pair so only I taught to put an end for their relationship.but kavita is there in my ff she also as a part in my ff)

Kavsan broke up as I said I can’t put there scenes.
RAGINI: di u said today we will go for shoping
SWARA:s darling come let’s go
Both swaragini came down and said to there parents and came to d mall

swaragini were shopping so many things when they were coming someone dashed swara and she was about to fall but that person holded her hand.
So guys I am stopping here if today epi was not nice I am sorry from next epi onward u will enjoy for sure
Guess who would have saved swara?

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