Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 3)


Hai guys I am back thank u for ur valuable comments.
After a week
SUMI(shouts): swara get up you are getting late to college.see your sister she got up early in the morning and finished pooja and helped me for breakfast see how sweet and sanskari she is and u asanskari always getting up late and giving flying kiss to god as if he is ur boyfriend and going late to college.how careless u r and ur father always pamper u.
SWARA(got irritated)?: shubh shubh started ur aarti.
SUMI:wat aarti?

SWARA: aarti means ur scolding.saying this swara runs into washroom.
SUMI:pagal ladki iss pagal ko khoon sama lega.
SANSKAR?:mom shubh shubh started ur singing.
SUJATHA: I am not singing I am scolding u.
SANSKAR☺:that what I said singing.
Staying this sanskar runs and annapurna entered.

ANNAPURNA:what happened SUJATHA y r u sad.
SUJATHA?:jiji sanskar is taking life a game he is not listening and he is loving a money minded girl.i don’t know what to do.
ANNAPURNA☺:don’t worry sujatha sanskar will change and one day he will realize that kavita is back of his money not because of him.and sanskar will get a nice life partner.
SUJATHA?:even I am praying for that only jiji sanskar should get a nice partner who is innocent, humble, sweet and sanskari so that she can change sanskar responsible.
Annapurna and sujata prays and do their job.

Laksh is waiting for swara just then swaragini came.laksh was mesmerized ro see ragini .he was lost in her beauty.both swaragini came towards him.swara saw laksh lost so she waved her hand in front of him but he did not give attention to her.swara shakes him.laksh comes to his sense.swara ask him: where have u lost.ok leave that . She is my sister (pointing towards ragini)ragini.and turned towards ragini and says:he is lucky monkey.laksh☺:laksh naam toh suna hi hogaa.
Both swaragini burst into laughter.laksh was lots in her laugh.and ragini see laksh and lost in him.both shared a passionate eyelock.which was broke by swara and they left to there respective classroom.

swara was getting bored so she taught to make d boring class interesting.
ANJALI:swara class is boring do something.
KAVYA:swara concentrate on class don’t do ur pranks pls
ANJALI:if u want class than go coaching classes don’t disturb us.
SWARA:stop fighting I know what to do (smiles naughtily)
Swara tore a paper and wrote something and throws it on d teacher.
(Kavya of swaragini is d teacher her name Sheela she is young 23 year she is younger than them but she is an chartered accountant.she love laksh love at first sight?)

Sheela took d paper and read it.after reading it she blushed and swara smiles naughtily.laksh saw swara smiles and taught:oh god this devil is smiling naughty sure she would have written something.oh god pls save me from this devil his taught were broke by sheela.
SHEELA TO LAKSH:(ANGRILY?): what is this laksh u have written I love u .what did u thing of yourself laksh will u write this kind of love letter I taught u will propose me like a prince but u wrote and gave I won’t accept this kind of proposal.laksh look at swara angerily but swara and her frnds burst into laughter.
After d class swara pull ragini and rushes to home ragini was confused with swara sudden behavior after swara says everything ragini burst into laughter.

RAGINI: di this is not fare.
SWARA: everything is fare in love and friendship.
RAGINI(confused): but di it’s love and war na.
SWARA:arrey but me and lucky are frnds na so.
Swaragini burst into laughter and have more fun as they don’t know d upcoming trouble in there life’s

Thank u guys that all for today sorry if it is short I will post a big one 2mmorrow.and sanjay scenes will come don’t worry.

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