Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 25) {epilogue}


Thank u guys for your valuable comments and for ur love and support for this ff.tgank to silent reader also.iwill come back with another story after november as I have my exam.so till that I will post os.

As it was Early Morning SwaSan were Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace Holding Eachother Very Tightly.The Sun Rays Fell on Sanskaar wich Made Him Wake Up First n the First thing wich He saw after waking up was His Lovely Wife SWARA.She was Sleeping Like a Small Child Holding His/Her Toy Tightly wid a Satisfactory Smile on Their Face.The Angelic Smile on Swara’s Face Made Sanskaar Smile on Her Beauty n Innocence.He Kissed Her Forhead n Got Up frm Bed by Removing Her Head frm His Arms n Gently Placed Her on a Soft Pillow.As He Turned n was abt To Leave fr Washroom He Felt a Strong Yet a Soft Pull frm Bak wich Made Him Fall on Bed Agn n to His Shock it was His Lovely Wife who Pulled Him On Bed n Clombed Over Him n Slept on His Chest agn in a Romantic Manner.
SWARA : ( Sleepy bt in Romantic Tone ) Goood Morning My Dear Hubby.. ( Kisses His Cheeks as Good Morning Kiss )

SANSKAR: ( Melted by Her Kiss Holded Her by Her Waist Tightly ) Good Morning My Dear Wifey… ( Kissed Her Cheeks Bak as Good Morning Kiss )
SWARA: Where were u going haa ?? Wat did u think mujhe pata nhi chalega ?? ( Cuddles on His Chest while Sleeping ) u r nt going anywhere today…
SANSKAR:swara my baccha u know na today i am going to sing in movie that to only for u my baby come on my baccha get up.
SWARA(jump on sanskar):oh my god sanskar I forgot that today u r going sing in d movie na ok get ready.

Sanskar goes to washroom for shower and swara keep his dress just than sanskar comes out only with towel.swara blushes seeing him like that.
Sanskaar Notices Her Shyness n Gets Lil Romantic n Smiles.Swara Selects Her Clothes n Goes to Washroom wen Sanskaar Holds Her Hands n Pulls Her Towards Him n Hugs Her Frm Back wich made Swara’s Bak Wet due to His Wet Bare Body.Swara Felt Her Bak as Wet n Closed Her Eyes in Shyness whereas Sanskaar Kept His Wet Chin on Her Shoulder n Pecks Her Shoulder Romantically.Swara cud Feel His Wet Lips Moving n Caressing Her Shoulder Romantically.Water Frm His Hairs Falls on Her Shoulder wich Makes Her More Shy n Blush.

SWARA:sanskar leave me someone may come because door is open
SANSKAR:swara u r so unromantic
SWARA:accha ok let me be unromantic but now leave me.
They Heard a Knock agn on their Door n b4 SwaSan cud Part demselves Sujata Opened da Door n was Left Embarrassed n Speechless Seeing Her Son n His Wife in Such a Compromising State.
SANSKAR(left swara):ma u here.
SUJATHA:sanskar I came here to call u for breakfast.
SWARA:mom we will come.
Sujata Left frm there while Laughing n Smiling at SwaSan’s romance.

swaragini and pari were serving just than swara was feeling dizzy and she fainted.laksh called d doctor.doctor came and checked swara and said.
DOCTOR: congratulations ur bahu is pregnent.
Just than ragini also faint and doctor check her and said.
DOCTOR:double congratulations ur both bahu r pragenent.
Both swasan and raglak were happy.

there were two children sleeping peaceful just than whole family came and shouted near them.
WHOLE FAMILY:happy birthday “hemantika”.
Hema is raglak daughter and anthika is swasan daughter.both cut d cake and celebrated there marriage.

Swara was combing her hair and sanskar hugs her from back.
SANSKAR:what r u thinking my baccha.
SWARA:sanskar I was thinking about our life first when we met each other we figured than we where alone in d room and than u came to see me and than we became frnds than we started loving each other than karan and at last our marriage and after one year I was excepting and than after 9 months our cute little sweet girl.thank u sanskar for coming into my life and making it so beautiful I love u infinity.

SANSKAR:no swara I should only thank u for coming into my life and making my life peaceful.
I hope that even in my next birth I should get u has my wife I love u swara love u so much.
A VOICE:than who loves me.
It was there cute little sweet girl anthika.
SWARA:we both love u so much.
Sanskar lifted her in his arms.
ANTHIKA:I love u too.

Swasan kissed anthika cheeks and d screen freezes with happy family.
Thank u guys for ur love and support so here is this story end.pls comments for my epilogue and soon after november I will come back with a new story still that signing out.thank u for silent readers who read this story.

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  11. Ashwini

    Thank u guys surely I will come back with a new ff after november and still that I will write os.

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