Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 24)


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SUJATHA to d servant:arrey do d work fast today my son marriage and another son engagement.
AP:arrey sujatha take rest I have said everything don’t worry.
SUJATHA:jiji u don’t know this people will forget we only should remind them.
Ap shook her head and went.
Sanskar was getting ready in golden sherwani and laksh in blue sherwani adarsh was helping both of them and see sanskar who was nervous.
ADARSH:what happened sanskar y r u nervous.

SANSKAR:bhai today is my marriage so all boys will be nervous during marriage na.
ADARSH:don’t worry everything will become alright after marriage.
Sanskar nods.just than sujatha entered.
SUJATHA:oh my god my two son r looking awesome today.
ADARSH:only they both what about me.
SUJATHA:arrey adarsh u r always handsome.
All smile and sujatha bless them and leave.

Swara is getting ready in red lengha and ragini in green with red lengha both r looking beautiful.just than sumi entered d room and saw swaragini and blessed them.
SUMI:today my daughters r looking gordious and beautiful but I will miss my elder daughter as she is going today.
Swara hugs sumi and cry just than skehar,dadi,dada,dida came.
SKEHAR: princess stop crying
Swara hugs skehar and all console her.

Panditji ask Sanskar to sit and ask Sumi to bring the bride.ragini and pari brings swara down and made her sit next to sanskar.
Sanskar sees Swara covering her face. Ragini says Sanskar jiju u have to wait little to see my swara di. Swaragini laughs .Shekar and Sumi does kanyadaan and Sumi cries.
They stand for phere and take pheres. Sanskar takes sindoor and lifts the veil. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and fills her maan and dorns the mangalsutar around her neck. Panditji announce them as husband and wife. after marriage both swasan took blessing from elders.and all were getting ready for raglak engagement.soon raglak make were each other d ring and get engaged.

swara hugs sumi, dadi ,dada,dida,skeharand ragini.swara control her tears.sanskar promise skehar that he will keep her happy.

only swasan alone in d car.swara was controlling her tears sanskar took her in his embrace and said.
SANSKAR:swara u cry now itself I will not stop u how much ever u want to cry u can cry.swara cried than composed herself and hugged sanskar tightly.sanskar hugged her back.they reached kapoor house.

Sujatha and ap took aarthi and swara entered d house and light d lamp.
LAKSH:bhai now u both have to find d ring in d milk.
Pari kept d bowl of milk and put d ring inside d bowl and asked swasan to take it.swasan looked at each other and started finding d ring.
Sanskar holded swaras hand and put d ring in her finger.sanskar showed d ring which he put in swara’s hand.all clap.
pari made swara sit and went.sanskar entered d room and locked d room and sat beside swara and asked her.
SANSKAR:swara how come u know I was in karan house.
SWARA:I heard ur and laksh conversation.
SANSKAR:if u would have not come than what have happened to me.

Both were silent and both don’t know what to talk.sanskar came close to swara and swara closed her eyes tightly and clutched her lengha tightly.sanskar cupped her face and kissed her forehead.swara feel shy and hugged sanskar tightly.Sanskar broke d hug and Sanskar kisses her cheek and neck. She tightens her grip on his shoulder.s oon swara comes out of his grip and runs near balcony due to shyness Sanskar comes towards her and walk backwards. He holds her waist but swara pushes him and run around the terrace. Suddenly she trips and Sanskar hold her but both lost their balance on falls on the bed. Swara gets up and Sanskar holds her pallu. Swara says leave me . Sanskar opens the knot and kisses her bare back. Swara breathes heavily. He turns her towards him and kisses her eyes and cheeks. Finally their lips meet and they kiss passionately and he lies Swara on the bed without breaking the kiss They separate and breathes heavily.both swasan consummated their marriage.

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