Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 23)


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After sangeet ceremony sanlak were talking.
SANSKAR:lucky I have GPRS in my watch if karan takes me somewhere u can trace me.
LAKSH:ok bhai nothing will happen I will take care.
SANSKAR:hope so.
LAKSH:bhai when is that girl going to come.
SANSKAR:she said she will come near karans house at 12.
Soon after saying this sanskar left d place.

KARAN:dad 2mmorrow we have to execute our plan in there marriage.
DAD:don’t worry son u will marry swara for sure.
GIRL:sanskar how much time will u take to come.
SANSKAR:do u have d proof.
GIRL:s but pls be careful sanskar he is very dangerous.
SANSKAR;don’t worry I will take care of myself and thank u for helping me.
GIRL:I just did this as a frnd
SANSKAR:ok now u go.
Soon that girl left d place.
Sanskar reached karan house and called laksh.
SANSKAR:lucky execute d second plan.

Karan and his dad were enjoying just than police arrived.
KARAN:why u came here?
POLICE:we came here to arrest u.
KARAN:what proof u have to arrest me?
They hear a voice saying “I have d proof”all turned back and saw sanskar standing.
KARAN:u have proof with u ok show d proof I will get arrested by myself.
Sanskar open his laptop and insert d pendrive in it but there were no proof there were heroine pics.sanskar was shocked and karan rocked.
KARAN:were is d proof in this only heroine pics r there.
SANSKAR(to police):no there was evidence pls arrest him he killed a girl of 19 years and I had that proof.

POLICE(to sanskar):sorry we can’t arrest anyone without any evidence.(to karan):we r really sorry.
Saying this police went.
Sanskar was searching for the evidence in d laptop.karan came to sanskar and said
KARAN:what do u think sanskar r we fools u will get evidence and I will be silent.
SANSKAR:but how did u get to know
KARAN:oh my dear poor boy I did all this to trap u, that girl who gave u evidence is my pa.i did all this to make u come here so that I can kill u and marry my swara.
SANSKAR:don’t u dare to touch swara I will kill u.
KARAN:for that u should be alive na sanskar.ok come on say me ur last wish.sanskar get tensed he don’t know what to do as he got trapped by karan.

LAKSH(monologue):y bhai is not picking up my call lucky don’t waste ur time by calling bhai call d police.laksh calls d police.
LAKSH:sir what happened did u arrest karan.
POLICE:no there was no evidence so we did not arrest.
Laksh was shocked he don’t know what to do he taught to trace sanskar.
KARAN:come on sanskar say fast I have to get ready 2mmorrow is my marriage na.

LAKSH:sir pls come that karan has arrested my bhai.
POLICE:how many times I have said u people we can’t arrest without evidence.
Laksh was totally broken and was scared he comes out and dashes a girl .
LAKSH: sorry.
Karan took his gun and points on sanskar when he was about to shoot he heared a girl voice.both karan and sanskar was shocked.
(S d girl in karan house is non other than swara)
SANSKAR:swara what r u doing here go from here pls go swara.
KARAN:wow swara I taught I should come there to marry u but u made it simple but first wait I will kill sanskar and than we will marry.

When karan points gun on sanskar when he was about to shoot swara came before sanskar.
SWARA:pls karan I beg u pls don’t kill my sanskar i love him alot pls don’t kill him pls try to understand if u were in this situation what will u do I won’t let anything happen to sanskar of u want to kill sanskar u should kill me first, pls karan try to understand I don’t love u and I will never love u, pls change u will get a better wife than me pls leave me and my sanskar.i can’t leave without my sanskar pls karan don’t do anything leaves us I beg u .
Karan and his dad had tear in their eyes to see swasan love for each other.
(As guys I said na in my ff villains r not wild they have heart and emotional also,as I said u before itself villain r not wild in my ff)
Karan puts his gun down and he and his dad clap hands to see swasan love for each other. just than laksh enter there with a girl (who he met in police station).
LAKSH;bhai and swara r u fine.
SANSKAR:s who is this girl.

GIRL to SANSKAR:I am sakshi,i love karan alot even he loved me but he ditched me.i met laksh when I went to complain in police station.i heard his complaints to police so I taught to help.
Karan was teary eyes to see sakshi he really ditched sakshi but he loved her truly.karan went near sakshi.
KARAN:I am really sorry sakshi, I really gutted u alot but when I loved u I really loved u now only I realized what is love after meeting swara and sanskar pls forgive me and will u marry me.
Sakshi gave a slap to karan and than hugged him tightly and said:I love u pls don’t leave me again and I will marry u.
Karan and sakshi came to swasanlak.
KARAN:thank u swara u only proved me what is love and I am really sorry for what all I have done pls forgive me if u can.
Sanlak hugs karan swara hugs sakshi.
SANSKAR:karan it’s ok we forgive u but if u ditch sakshi again than we will kill u.
KARAN:no no I will keep her happily.
Soon swasanlak ce to garodia house.

All were scared and impatiently waiting for swasanlak.just than swasanlak came and all said everything what happened.
SKEHAR:I am so happy that everything is now alright.
SANSKAR:no papa everything is not alright.
All look at sanskar shockingly.
SKEHAR:sanskar beta what r u saying.
SANSKAR:than what papa u fixed my marriage what about raglak marriage.
SUMI:sanakar u scared us.
SKEHAR:s dp after one week there is nice date for marriage that time let’s keep raglak marriage.
DP:s skehar let’s keep on that day.
Both raglak blushes hearing this.

The screen freezes with raglak blushes face and family smiling face.

Guys I am sorry if today’s episode was boring and was not up to ur expectations but in my ff villain r dummy pls post ur valuable comments.guys I will end this ff next part and 25th part is epilogue.thank u all for ur support for this ff and guys I will soon come back with a new ff.

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