Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 21)


Guys I am really sorry I am going to end this ff and I will come back with a new ff thank u all for your valuable comments and thank to silent readers.

SANSKAR:swara it will pain more I can’t see u in pain.
SWARA:don’t copy movie dialogue
SANSKAR:swara I am talking seriously.
SWARA: sanskar nothing will happen to me pls don’t worry my dear cutie pie.
SANSKAR(teases):swara will u call me cutie pie before my parents also.
SWARA:of course s sanskar y will I not call u,u r my husband I have full rights on u so I will call u cutie pie even before this world.
SANSKAR:let’s see after marriage what will u do?

SWARA(huskily whispered in his ears):let’s see.
Sanskar put his hand on swara waist and pull her and look at her lips.
He leans towards her lips without breaking the eye contact n captures it… Both closes their eyes feeling eachother.. It was not a wild kiss of hunger or possessiveness.. It was a gentle kiss feeling eachothers lip.. Just moulding one on the other.. Tasting it’s essence with his tongue n getting lost in oneanother..

Her hands slowly runs across his shoulder n fist his hair pulling him more.. He slowly pushes his tongue into her mouth by nibbling her lower lip.. Starts caressing inside her mouth with his tongue.. They both played with eachothers tongue for the access to show their love.. They were rejoicing the moment with almost desire n pleasure.. Finally they part away for oxygen Which was almost required.a after d kiss both hugged each other tightly as if there r not going to leave each other.just than ap,suju,sumi entered d room and saw swasan hugging each other.
AP:ahem ahem…
After hearing some sound swasan part away and see there mom r standing and they get embarrassed.
SUJATHA:swara we came here to make u get ready for haldi.
SWARA:ji mom.

SUJATHA:sanskar go to ur room.
SANSKAR:ok mom.
While going sanskar gave flying kiss to swara which was noticed by all.soon they made swara ready and brought her down.
swasan were sitting but they could not see each other as there was a cloth covering them.s oon ragini,pari,uttara,ap,suju,sumi appiled haldi for swara and hear all boys applied haldi for sanskar.swara wanted to apply haldi for sanskar so she got a idea she said it to ragini and ragini said it to laksh.soon swaragini went to there room and laksh took sanskar to guest room.
Sanskar came inside and closed d door and when he turned back he was shocked to see d person in front of him.
SANSKAR:swara what r u doing here.
SWARA:I came to apply haldi to my would be.

SANSKAR:than try to put haldi on ur would be.
When swara came close to put haldi sanskar ran.swara also started chasing him.
SANSKAR:swara u can’t na
SWARA:don’t underestimate d power of a common women.
SANSKAR:but swara it’s common man na.
SWARA:off sanskar but I am woman na now u understood it is nice na.
SANSKAR:it’s like ur face.
SWARA:thank u sanskar as I am beautiful even whatever I say is beautiful.
Sanskar hit his forehead with his hand and sanskar run to washroom before he close d door swara enters and lock d door.
SWARA:now how will u go out.
SANSKAR:ok now put haldi.
Swara applies haldi in his nose and smiles.
SWARA:now u r looking handsome my cutie pie saying this she pull his cheeks.swara was about to go sanskar stopped her.
SANSKAR:where r u going wait I have to put haldi.

SANSKAR:than u can’t go out saying this sanskar goes close to swara and swara is moving back she hits d wall by mistake shower open and they both r drenched.sanskar moves more close to swara and swara closes her eyes and clutches her saree sanskar removes her hair from her shoulder and starts giving wet kisses on her shoulder and neck and swara morn’s his name he kisses her forehead,cheeks,nose tip,ears,eyes.swara caressed his hair tightly and was enjoying his teasingness on her.but soon reality hits sanskar and sanskar moved away.
SANSKAR(feeling guilty):I am sorry swara I am really sorry I forgot that we r not married pls forgive me.
SWARA:sanskar don’t ask sorry even mistake is mine so no sorry and no thank u.saying this swara goes to swaragini room.


when swara was in washroom she think about there bathroom scene and blushes hard.soon swara gets ready and came out.
All youngsters were in swaragini room.
LAKSH:swara nowadays u r not even talking to me after bhai came u r so mean(pout face)
SANSKAR:hey dramebaaz y r u taking my name in ur fight.
LAKSH:because of u ur wife is not talking to me.
SWARA:really r u sad that I am not talking or ragini not talking to u.
LAKSH:swara ragini is not like u ee both always talk in phone 24/7.
RAGINI:hey u idiot lucky monkey y did u say d truth they r asking u like that because they want d truth and u r saying it stupid.
LAKSH:what did I do ragu baby.
SANSKAR:oh baby and all lucky but for ur kind information u did not even get engaged.
LAKSH:bhai so sad na my engagement is on ur marriage but I don’t know my marriage date so sad.
SWARA:poor boy I will tell mom to keep d marriage dates soon k lucky.
LAKSH:which mom.

SWARA: sujatha mom.
LAKSH:oh my god chachi if u say her she will say to this universe no way.
UTTARA:bhai how can u say my mom like that this is not fare.
SANSKAR: everything is fare in love and war.
RAGINI:guys let’s do something its boring.
SANSKAR:wow my saali has brain but my wife don’t have
SWARA:shut up sanskar.
LAKSH:ok let’s play.
They had a good family time.

KARAN:dad swara’s marriage is dayafter 2mmorrow what we r going to do.
DAD:karan what plan I said that u execute on there marriage day and u will marry swara.
KARAN:ok dad.
Thats all guys for today pls post ur valuable comments.
Will swasan come to know d truth of there marriage?
What was d plan of karan and his dad?
Will sanskar save swara?
Will karan stop swasan marriage?
Will swasan get married or will something happen?

To know this first I have to update and than u have to read it lol????

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