Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 20)


Guys thank u for your valuable comments.thank u to silent readers .guys I am going to finish this ff in 25th part thank u for all ur support.
RAGINI:di today is ur mehendi function after 2 days u r going to leave us but I am happy because jiju is very good person and he love u so much.
Swara blushes.
Than sanskar entered swaragini room.
RAGINI(teases);jiju what r u doing here.
SANSKAR(stammers):actually I came here to call u as ma was calling u.
RAGINI:accha ok come let’s go jiju.
SANSKAR:no no no u go I have a work here.
RAGINI:s s I know ur work .saying this ragini left.
SWARA:what r u doing here?
SANSKAR: actually I came here to see my would be as everyone said u r looking beautiful in yellow lengha but they r wrong u r looking like a devil.
SWARA(angery?):what am I looking like a devil for u than u r looking like a ghost.
Swara started beating sanskar by sayinf that
SANSKAR:i love u too.
SWARA:but I did not say I love u.
SANSKAR:swara girls show there love by beating boys.
SWARA:accha so prove me that u love me more.
SWARA:put mehendi in ur hand and prove me.
SANSKAR:no way
LAKSH;swara they r calling u down.
SUJATHA:swara come sit here
SUJATHA made swara sit and d girl started putting mehendi in swara hand.
GIRL:what is ur husband name?
Girl put mehendi in swara’s hand.swara was searching for sanskar but she could not find.
LAKSH:swara for whom r u searching?
SWARA: sanky.
LAKSH(teases):swara now a days u r forgetting ur best frnd don’t u feel sad.
SWARA:lucky stop ur drama and say were is ur stupid bhai.
SANSKAR;am i stupid for u.
SWARA:s were where u I was searching for u.
SANSKAR:I was here only.
LAKSH:guys if u both want to romance than pls go don’t romance here as children r there like me.
SWARA:as if u don’t romance with ragini.
Both swasan laugh and go to swaragini room.
SWARA:sanskar I am sorry for overreacting.
SANSKAR:y u always ask sorry and forget d rules.
SANSKAR:swara close ur eyes when I say open u should open
SWARA;duffer how can I close my eyes with hands
SANSKAR:ok just close ur eyes
Swara closed her eyes.
SANSKAR:open ur eyes.swara saw something and started crying.
SANSKAR:y r u crying swara.
SWARA:sanskar u really proved that u love me so much(s sanskar has written in his hand “I LOVE U SWARA “but not with mehendi it is written with life time tattoo)
SANSKAR:that’s y I could not attend d function.
Swara hugs him tightly and kisses his face lovingly.
SANSKAR(naughty):swara I know I am hot but pls control it for 2 days.
SWARA:is it paining wait I will take ice pack and come.
SANSKAR:no need swara it is not paining
SWARA went and bought ice pack.
SWARA:sit here.
Sanskar sat.
SWARA appiles ice pack and ask:is it paining
SANSKAR;no swara when u r with me there is no pain.
SWARA:don’t u have sense I asked u only to put in mehndi
SANSKAR:but swara it will get vanished soon so only I put this it will be there for life time.
Swara kisses his hand slowly.
Sanskar smiles.
SWARA:sanskar u r looking cute when u smile my cutie pie.
SANSKAR:swara am i looking like a kid u always say me cutie pie.
SWARA:ok now search ur Name in my mehendi.
Sanskar started searching but he could not find it atlast he found it was written
”SWARA SANSKAR KAPOOR”.sanskar was happy and hugged her.
SWARA:I love u sanskar never leave me.
SANSKAR:I will never leave u because u r my heart swara.both hugs each other and soon goes to there respective rooms (kapoor family r staying there itself as 2mmorrow is haldi).
A bright morning swara get up and think about sanskar and roll in d bed and pushes ragini who is sleeping peaceful.ragini fell down and saw swara still rolling in d bed.
RAGINI: diiiii what’s hell r u doing?
SWARA(came into her sense ):ragini what r u doing there.
RAGINI:di u pushed me and not even helping me and asking me what I am doing.
Swara started laughing.
RAGINI:di where u went last night for 1 hour I was searching for u.
SWARA:no I did not go anywhere I was just here only.
RAGINI:ok now let’s get ready.
Soon swaragini got ready and came down.
Sanskar saw swara but swara was hiding something.swara soon went to swaragini room.
Sanskar followed her.
SANSKAR:swara r u hiding something.
SWARA:no no sanskar
SANSKAR:than look into my eyes and say that.
SWARA:s I am hiding something.
SANSKAR:what is that.
SWARA:but pls u should not get angry.
SANSKAR:first say.
Swara removes her dupatta from her neck.
Sanskar saw her neck red and was shocked to see something.
(S I know u all fussed it even swara has put tattoo and it is written “SANSKAR U R MY LIFE”)
SANSKAR:r u mad swara how can u put this.
SWARA:sanskar I asked not to shout na see u r shouting did I shout at u (pout face)
SANSKAR:but swara it will pain.
SWARA: whenever it pains na I will think about u pain will go.
Sanskar hugs swara and says:u also proved that u love me
Guys that’s all for today because 2mmorrow I have my seminar so I am really sorry if today’s episode was boring.

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