Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 2)


Hai guys I am back from now onward I will post a big episode.
SWARA:mom I am going to meet my frnds bye.saying this swara left.

Swara and her frnds were chit-chatting swara’s frnds- kavya,anjali,mishti.
SWARA(to her frnds):today morning itslef my mom started her mahabharat.
KAVYA:swara y can’t u listen to ur mom.
ANJALI:hey aunty ki bacchi.stop giving advice to my frnd she will be d way she is.kavya nods her head and says impossible.swara notice a guy proposing a girl.she smiles naughtily and moves to them.the girls accept the proposal but suddenly swara hugs d boy and says:baby I missed u y r u proposing this girl I love u baby.after hearing the girl who accepted the proposal gives a slap to d boys and goes.the boy fumes in anger and shout:shona what u did see she went in anger what d hell is this shona??

SWARA:lucky she not nice u search a cute girl like me i myself will ask d girl to accept u.
(S d boy is non other than laksh .swasan are best friends)
LAKSH:I will select a cute girl but not like u who always irritate.
SWARA(pout face): am i irritating u sorry from now onward i will irritate u.
LAKSH: stop ur drama u dramebaaz.
SWARA:lucky monkey calling me dramebaaz I will not leave u saying this swara runs back of laksh . After sometime both gets tired and hug each other.
LAKSH:shona u know I proposed her for timepass I really did not mean it ok when our college is starting?
SWARA:next week.

Guys swaragini and sanlak studying. SwaLak in same class doing MBA. sanskar is studying music.and ragini is also doing MBA but 1st year)
LAKSH: bye shona see u in college .
SWARA: bye lucky monkey.saying she she also goes to her home.
Swara came and went to her room got fresh and started talking to ragini.
RAGINI:di, now u r not doing any work and not getting up soon but what will u do after marriage?
SWARA:same never in my life I will do work.
RAGINI: di I think so u will do all d work after seeing jiju love for u.
SWARA:aacha saying this she tickle ragini and both burst into laughter.
RAGINI:(teases )let’s see
Ragini laugh.
RAGINI:di I want to ask u something.?

RAGINI:what kind of husband u want?
SWARA:he should be handsome.
a boy is getting ready in white shirt, blue jeans and black blazer.he is looking hot and dashing.
SWARA:he should do his work he should not depend on others.
BOY(shouts): ramu kaka where is my watch,shoes,and my guitar?
RAMU KAKA:beta ur watch is in d dressing table ur shoes is in d shoes rack and ur guitar is in d music room.
BOY:thank u kaka.
SWARA:he should be innocent and humble and should not tease anyone.
d boys brother came late and he forgot his wife’s birthday.
WIFE:adarsh how can u forget my birthday u always forget and give excuses but this time I am not going to forgive u I want divorce.

(S d boys brother is non other than adarsh and his wife is pari.)
ADARSH:pari darling I am sorry pls forgive me i won’t repeat next time.
BOY: bhai how xan u forget bhabhi birthday it’s not fare bhabhi did not even celebrate her birthday because of u.and not only that I reminded u about bhabhi birthday but u said that if I won’t wish also she want say anything.(boy smiles naughtily and goes to his bhabhi hugs her and says: bhabi I did not won’t to say to u yesterday because u will feel bad.i love u bhabhi.
ADARSH:u are my brother or dushman.

BOY(innocently): see bhabhi what ur husband is saying do I look like dushman.
PARI:enough adarsh stop scoring my devar he is so innocent.and don’t talk with me saying this she goes .adarsh gives a death glare to d boy and hold d his ears. ADARSH: y did u say like dat to her see she is anger on me.boy replied:yesterday I came late u said to papa na so tit for tat .saying this d boy run. ADARSH: he will never change.i don’t know which girl is going to bear him.
SWARA: he should know to cook.
LADY TO D BOY: what is this why did u make d kitchen a mess and u have burnt d vessel.
BOY: mom u left me alone in d house so I don’t know to cook so I tried it but it became a mess so I ordered pizza and ate.
LADY: what did u try to cook.

BOY: mom I tried my level best to cook noodles so I took d packet put d noodles in water added masala but it did not cook y.
LADY: did u on d stove.
BOY:oops I forgot mom .
Lady hit her forehead and goes.
SWARA:he should not have any relationship.

a girl comes and hug d boy and says: sanskar baby u r looking hot and dashing.
Sanskar: kavita even u r not less u r also hot and beautiful.saying this he hugs her.
(S d boy is non other than sanskar)

RAGINI(teases): di I think so u will get a husband opposite of ur thinking saying this she run and swara chases her saying:ragini today I r gone .seeing swaragini both skehar ans sumi bless them.
Guys that all for today I think so this is a big chapter

Credit to: Ashwini

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