Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 19)

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DADI:swara 2mmorrow it’s ur mehendi function.
SWARA:y so soon.
SUMI:swara after 4 days it is ur marriage did u forget.
SWARA:s mom after 4 days I am going to leave u all.i will ask sanskar also to come here after marriage so that I can be with u all.
RAGINI:don’t worry di jiju already said na u can come here when ever u want come but I know after u get married u will forget us in jiju love.
SWARA(blushes):no I won’t forget u all.
RAGINI:kk stop ur drama di.
SUMI:ragini y r u always teasing swara than I will complain to laksh if u tease her.
RAGINI blushes:ma
SWARA:ma is right u should complain to laksh.
RAGINI:than I will complain to jiju.
SWARA:ur jiju is waste he won’t do anything.
They hear a voice saying “what”.all turn and see.
SUMI:sanskar and laksh come inside just than full kapoor family entered.
Sanlak took blessings from elders same as swaragini did.
AP: actually we came here to give mehendi as 2mmorrow is mehendi function na.
SUMI:s ji.
All youngsters went to swaragini room.

ADARSH: congratulations swara u confessed my brother.
Swara blushes and see sanskar but sanskar turn his face.
PARI:oh my god swara we all r waiting for 4 days after that we all can enjoy alot even ragini come soon we can’t wait.
LAKSH:bhabhi but they did not even fix our marriage date?
SWARA:oh lucky atleast wait till our marriage I will ask them to fix.
LAKSH:swara stop teasing me.
ADARSH:call swara as bhabhi.
LAKSH:but bhai me and swara r frnds from childhood
PARI:adarsh stop teasing laksh.
ADARSH:u always support your devar not me so bad of u.
LAKSH:bhai stop ur drama
UTTARA:u all always scold adarsh bhai.
SANSKAR: ADARSH bhai ki bachchi.
SUMI:all of u come for dinner.
LAKSH:s ma.
All left when sanskar was about to go swara pulled him

SWARA:y r u angry?
SANSKAR:u said me waste I won’t talk to u(pout face)
SWARA:sanskar u r really looking cute when ur keeping ur face like this(pull his cheeks)
SANSKAR:swara I am not cute I am handsome.
SWARA:so u r my cutie pie
SANSKAR:cutie pie am i girl to keep like this name.
SWARA:no u r my cutie pie.
SANSKAR:swara don’t call me like that.
SWARA:ok I won’t call if u talk to me.
SANSKAR:ok i will talk to u.
SWARA:that like a good boy saying this swara pull sanskar cheeks.
SANSKAR:aaahhh swara it’s paining.
SWARA(concern):sorry is it paining so much.
SANSKAR:no no it’s ok.

Suddenly swara kissed his cheeks
SWARA:how it is now.
SANSKAR was first shock than he pulled swara close to him through waist and whispered:awesome if I had known this before itself I would have allowed u to pull my other cheeks also.swara blushes hard.
SWARA:sanskar someone will come leave me
SANSKAR:no I won’t leave u.
Swara blushes even more hard her cheeks were red like apple.
SANSKAR:if u blush like this I will lose all d control swara.
Swara feels shy and hides her face in his chest and both stands like that.
SWARA:u know what sanskar I want to be with u like this forever.
SANSKAR:u will and that is my promise.
SWARA:I love u.
SANSKAR:I love u infinity.
Both swasan smiles and enjoy there hug

Soon both swasan broke d hug sanskar saw swaras rosy lips and look at her swara closes her eyes giving him a positive sign.sanskar captured her rosy lips by his rough lips.swaras one hand was in his hairs and another on his neck.sanskar hand was in swara’s waist.sanskar kissed her with intense and love and swara also responded with same love both were bitting each other lips and kissing soon both broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen.soon they got sperate because they heared someone coming.all youngsters came
LAKSH:bhai u did not come down.
Just than ragini notice lipstick on sanskar lips.and signed it to parish and uttlak all saw it.
PARI:sanskar from when u started putting lipstick.sanskar rubbed his lips and saw lipstick even swara saw and both were embarrassed.

RAGINI:di never know that u r so romantic
LAKSH:pls romance by closing d door as children are there like me who gets spoiled.
Swara blushes hard close her face with hands and goes out of d room.even sanskar goes.
SWARA: sanskar I never knew that u r this much romantic.
SANSKAR:not only me even u r romantic.
Swara blushes.
SANSKAR:I can’t wait for four days also.i love u.
SWARA:I love u infinity.
SANSKAR:copy cat.
SWARA:sanskar I am not a copy cat it is only u.
Both started fighting.
LAKSH:just before 5 mins they were like love birds but now they r like tom and Jerry.
All family had a good time.

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