Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 18)

Thank u guys for your valuable comments sorry guys I could not post yesterday as I was watching siima awards.so here is my next epi.

SWARA:y I always feel secured when I am with sanskar y I like his touch y I always love his closeness y I am attracted to him when I am only his frnd.
SWARA’s HEART:because u love him.
SWARA’s MIND:no no it can’t be love.
SWARA’s HEART:no swara u really love sanskar that’s y u love his closeness .
SWARA’s MIND:no swara it is just crush nothing else between u and sanskar.
SWARA:s my mind is right it must be crush only nothing else.saying this she slept peaceful.
Sanskar was thinking about today’s incident and smiling.

Just than adarsh and laksh entered.
ADARSH:what happened sanskar laughing like a idiot.
SANSKAR:bhai I don’t know y when swara is close to me i feel happy when she is sad even I feel sad I love her closeness I like her pranks I don’t know y I miss her if she is not there.i can’t understand anything.
LAKSH:bhai u love her
SANSKAR:no no it can’t be love.
ADARSH:no sanskar u really love her.just keep ur hand in ur heart and close ur eyes u can feel it.
Sanskar closed his eyes and kept his hand on his heart.when he closed his eyes he could see only swara.her happiness her bubbly cute face,her pout face,there closeness and there first kiss.
SANSKAR(opened his eyes and shouted):bhaiiiiiiiiiii I am in love oh my god I am really in love with swara.
LAKSH:thank God atlast u have realized ur love.
SANSKAR:than u people know before itself
ADARSH:s sanskaar
SANSKAR:but how
LAKSH:bhai we can clearly see love in ur eyes.
SANSKAR:but what about swara.
LAKSH:bhai even she love u but not realized it.
SANSKAR:I will make her realize our love.
Trio hugs.
SANSKAR:swara from 2mmorrow onwards I will make u realize our love.so from 2mmorrow onwards OUR LOVE STORY STARTS.

SWARA: Lucky where is sanskar.
UTTARA:bhabhi bhai has gone for his frnds marriage so he won’t come for 2 days.
After hearing this swara became sad because she can’t see sanskar for 2 days.
ANJALI:swara what happened y r u sad again thinking about marriage.
SWARA:no anjali actually sanskar won’t come for 2 days so I was thinking about him.
KAVYA:swara do u love him.
SWARA:no no kavya we r just frnds but I miss him alot I don’t know y even I did not miss ragini or my parents this much.sanskar didn’t even call me from yesterday.
Just than laksh comes seeing swara’s sadness.
LAKSH:hai girls swara y r u sad.
ANJALI:because of ur brother how can he leave swara alone and he didn’t even call her.
LAKSH:swara y r u reacting as if u r his lover just two days.
KAVYA:laksh but she did not even miss raginior her parents this much she is missing sanskar alot.
LAKSH:only if u love someone u will miss them like a hell but swara does not love sanskar bhai na so no problem.saying this he smirk seeing swara and goes.swara was confused.after d class she went home.
DIDA:shona how was ur college.
SWARA:like hell.
DIDA:shona what happened ok how is sanskar.
SWARA:he is happy in attending his frnds marriage and I am in hell.ragini is suppressing her laugh.after swara went they asked ragini.
SUMI:ragini what happens to swara.
RAGINI;ma ur daughter is in love with sanskar jiju but she is not realizing it.
Ragini says everything to sumi.both sumi and ragini burst into laughter.
SUMI:I am so happy ragini that swara like sanskar.
RAGINI:s mom and she will realize it soon.
It has been 2 days since swara saw sanskar
swara came soon and was desperately waiting for sanskar.just than sanskar came.
SWARA:hai sanskar.
SANSKAR:hai swara
LAKSH:bhai swara was so happy for 2 days.
SWARA:no no sanskar laksh is telling lies I really missed u so much I never missed ragini nor my parents this much but I missed u like a hell.
Sanskar smiles and look at swara lovingly.

Soon uttraglak left swasan alone.
SANSKAR:so madam u missed me alot.
SWARA(pout face);s sanskar atleast u could have called me na go I won’t talk to u
SANSKAR(smiles and pull swara close by her waist and whispered in her hears):y u missed me we r just frnds na.
Swara was loving his touch and she was craving for this touch.swara hands were on his collar catching it tightly . sanskar smiles seeing her response in his touch.
SWARA:I don’t know y I missed u but pls don’t leave me again I can’t be without u for a single second also.
Sanskar smiled hearing her answer and kissed her forehead.
SANSKAR:y swara y can’t u leave without me
SWARA:I don’t know sanskar.
SANSKAR:u r in love swara u r in love with me.
Swara was shocked and looked at sanskar before she could say anything sanskar said.
SANSKAR:swara close ur eyes and keep ur hand in heart and feel it.
Swara does as sanskar says swara can see only sanskar,his care,his smile which always attracted her,his love and his understanding.
Swara opened her eyes and hugged sanskar tightly.
SWARA:I love u sanskar.oh my god I never realized my love for u.
SANSKAR:I love u to.swara blushes and sanskar notice it.
SANSKAR:swara u r looking cute when u blush.
After hearing this swara blushes hard.
SWARA:u duffer from next time don’t leave me alone
SANSKAR:never ever.
Both hugs each other.just than they hear a voice.itsnon other than uttraglak.
LAKSH:atlast u both confessed each other.
Both swasan smiles looking at each other.

Thank u guys that’s all for today pls post ur comments and I am going to finish this ff soon.

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