Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 17)


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DADI:swara get ready fast we have to go kapoor house.
SWARA:s beauty getting ready.
SWARA:ragini get ready soon.
RAGINI:s di.
Both swaragini got ready and came down.
Soon garodia family left to kapoor house.

SUJATHA:sanskar still u did not get ready garodia family is coming go and take bath and come.
Just than servant said:mam GARODIA family came.
SUJATHA:oh god sanskar get ready soon.
SANSKAR:ok ma.
Sanskar leaves garodia family enters.laksh and parish took blessings and swaragini also took blessings from elders.
PARI:come swara and ragini I will show d house.
Both swaragini nods and left with pari.
Pari showed them everything just than a servant came and called pari so pari left.swara was searching for sanskar as she did not meet him till now.
RAGINI:di searching for jiju right.
SWARA:no no ragini I was just seeing.just than laksh came.
LAKSH:hai swaragini.
SWARA:hai lucky
LAKSH:swara I want to take ragini to my room.
SWARA:y r u asking my permission from me ask her.
RAGINI:but di u will be alone.
SWARA:no I will go down.
Both raglak were going but laksh stop and turn say to swara.
LAKSH:swara left side first room is sanky bhai room
Swara gave dead glare to LAKSH.and raglak went.
SWARA:let’s go and see what sanskar doing.

Swara entered d room but no one was there.swara was about to go she heared some door sound from washroom just than she saw sanskar coming out only with towel on his waist swara was mesmerized to see sanskar and was lost in his hotness.just than sanskar saw swara and swara got her sense back both saw each other and were shocked and shouted.
Swara turned back sanskar took his dress and went to washroom.raglak heared there sound and came and saw swara standing numb and sanskar running both raglak could not control their laughter and they both started laughing after seeing raglak swara also started laughing.
Sanskar came out after wearing his dress he saw swaraginilaksh laughing.
SANSKAR;what is there in thay to laugh.
All saw towards sanskar and suppress there laugh.soon raglak went
SWARA: sanskar sorry.
SANSKAR:swara I don’t know y u always forget d rules.
SWARA:than u r not angry on me.
SWARA:oh my god sanskar u scared me by shouting.
SANSKAR:how is my room?
SWARA(teases):ok not bad but my room is d best.
SWARA:I was teasing u room is nice.
SANSKAR:ok come let’s go.
Soon swasan came down and they did d pooja.
After d pooja all youngsters were in sanskar room.

RAGINI:let’s play something.
SANSKAR:good idea what we will play.
AARAV:hide and seek.
ADARSH:that game only kids will play
SWARA:no bhai it will be awesome I love hide and seek come let’s play.
SANSKAR:bhai u said kids will play na that’s y baccha is asking u.
SWARA:who is baccha.
SANSKAR:i did not say u I said d one who play hide and seek is baccha.
LAKSH:oh tom and Jerry stop fighting and let’s start playing.
AARAV:ok who will be d catcher
RAGINI:me i love to catch.
SANSKAR:ok let’s start.
All started hiding swara was searching a place to hide just than she saw terus so she taught to hide there.swara came to terus and when she was searching a place someone pats her.she turned and saw.
SWARA: sanskar what r u doing here.
SANSKAR:I came to hide here.
SWARA:but here there is no place.
SANSKAR:come I will take u.saying this swasan go inside and they can see a small room(it is not a room also its to small no one can go inside also but swasan somehow adjust there.ragini started finding everyone first she found laksh than aarav and than parish but they all could not find swasan.

Swasan r standing so close (sanskar is standing in support of wall and swara was standing on him like both there body were touching each other)swasan were lost on each other.Both could hear each other heart beat.b oth swasan were lost just than they hear a sound swara gets scared and hugged sanskar tightly and sanskar hugged her.soon they broke d hug and looked each other still sanskar hands were on swara’s waist just than raglak and parish came and saw there position.
RAGINI:we always disturb there romance.
LAKSH:we r not disturbing they r romancing in public atleast they have to close d door and romance.
Soon catering hearing some voice swasan came in there sense and they saw raglak and parish
LAKSH:bhai I don’t know u r this much romantic.
RAGINI:s di even u r so romantic.
SwasAn were embarrassed just than aarav and uttara comes.
UTTARA:bhai u both r here we where searching for u in d whole house.
AARAV:s chachu.
SANSKAR lifted aarav and they had a good family time.

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