Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 16)

Hai guys I am back so today i am going to give 2 updates.and thank u for your valuable comments it really mean me.

Swasan were avoiding each other.and it was seen by raglakutt and parish.
ADARSH:till now swasan were talking to each other now what happened to them?
RAGINI:even I don’t understand anything.
LAKSH:wait let’s ask them itself.
Parish and raglakutt came to swasan.
RAGINI:di come let’s go to room and play something.
Swara was not interested because she can’t face sanskar but she had no option so she came.
All youngsters came to swaragini room.all saw swasan were not seeing each other also.
ADARSH(looking at swasan):did u both fight.
SANSKAR;no bhai not like that.
PARI:then y u both r not talking.
SWARA:no bhabhi we r talking.
LAKSH:s we saw how u both r talking.

Both swasan don’t know what to do and they can’t say d reason also.
ADARSH:u both no need to say us but pls try to solve ur problem.saying this all left leaving swasan alone in d room.
SANSKAR: swara I am really sorry for what I did
SWARA:it’s ok sanskar mistake was even mine pls let’s forget it.and let’s be frnds again.
SANSKAR:thank u.
SWARA: someone is forgot d rules.
SANSKAR:ok I won’t say.
SWARA:u did not say about today’s food.how it was?did u like it?
SANSKAR(teases her):swara now I can’t say anything if I am not admitted in hospital till 2mmorrow than it was nice if I am admitted than u know.
Swara got anger and started beating sanskar
SWARA:how dare u say I did not cook properly
SANSKAR:swara stop beating me it’s paining.
SWARA:I will give u more pain.
Sanskar hold her both hand and pull her.swasan were so close to each other.both looked into each other and had a eyelock both were lost just than parish and raglakutt entered d room and saw swasan position and there eyelock.
All smiles.

ADARSH:ahem ahem.
Both swasan could not hear anything because they were in there own dream land.
ADARSH:they both can’t hear my voice also.
LAKSH:let me try.
Laksh went near sanskar and shouted in his ears.
LAKSH(shouted in sanskar ears):sanky bhaiii
Both swasan came into there sense and were embarrassed.
PARI: sanskar if ur romance is over we can go home?
SANSKAR:s bhabhi let’s go.
RAGINI:jiju I think u forgot to say something.
RAGINI:how did di cook?
SANSKAR:ask swara itself(he winked at swara)
SWARA:sanskar I wont leave u
LAKSH:don’t worry swara after 2 weeks sanky bhai is all urs that time don’t leave him (winked at swasan)
Both swasan were embarrassed and swara blushes.
Soon kapoor family left.

SUJATHA:jiji today i am very happy,swara is really a good bahu today she cooked sanskar favorite food how sweet jiji.
AP:s sujata sumi said me that swara don’t know to cook now only she started cooking,and she started doing all d work.i am really happy sanskar is really lucky to get swara.
Sanskar blushes after hearing this.
LAKSH:bhai don’t blush boy won’t blush.
SANSKAR:s I saw someone blushing when they saw ragini.
RAGINI:di I wanted to ask u something.
SWARA:s ragu
RAGINI:di I know u and jiju r just frnds.but do u like this marriage or shall I speak to mom?
SWARA:ragu first I did not like this marriage but when sanskar supported me i liked it.ragu we r just frnds for some days to understand each other that’s all after that we will start our life.
RAGINI:di I am really happy for u jiju is very understanding and good and he loves u alot as a frnd.both swaragini were talking and spending there time.
BOY;dad what is ur plan how we r going to stop d marriage.
DAD:don’t worry karan I have a plan just do what I say.
(D boy karan role is playing by karan takkar)
They both discuss about d plan.

SUMI:swara today we r going for shopping as from next week ur marriage rituals will start.
SWARA:ok ma.
Swaragini got ready and they left for buying d dress.
Kapoor family was also present there.swara was selecting d dresses and showing sanskar but sanskar rejects all d dress.
SWARA:sanskar u r rejecting everything atleast u come and select.
SANSKAR:swara u r not selecting a good one what can I do.
SWARA:how mean ur sanskar.
Swara select a red lengha and shows sanskar.
Swara blushes
SANSKAR (teases):arrey swara how much time to select a dress.
SWARA:just now I showed and u said beautiful.
SANSKAR:(teases):I did not say u I said to that girl.(points a girl back of swara)
SWARA(to d girl):y r u asking my fiance ask ur fiancé it is nice or not.(to sanskar)if u see any girl rather than me i will kill u.
SANSKAR:y r u feeling jealous.
SWARA;I am not jealous.ok say me how is d dress.
SANSKAR:I said u na it is beautiful.
SWARA:but u said it to her na
SANSKAR:no I said it to u I was just teasing u.
SWARA:sanskar u r always irritating me.
SANSKAR;ok come and select sherwani for me.
SWARA:go I will come.

Here raglak side:
RAGINI:laksh select a dress for me.
Laksh gave all d dress to her.
RAGINI:laksh I asked u to select only one dress.
LAKSH;s but what to do u r looking cute in every dress.
RAGINI blushes:laksh.
LAKSH:don’t blush I can’t control my self.
Ragini blushes hard.
SWARA:laksh see because of u my ragini is like cherry y r u making her blush.
LAKSH:I did not do anything.
SANSKAR:hey don’t tease ragini more she is already looking like cherry if u tease her than she will become more red.
RAGINI:jiju even ur teasing me.
ADARSH:hey u people don’t tease ragini I will always support her.
UTTARA: s even I support adarsh bhai.
All look towards pari and ask:who’s side u r.
PARI:I will support swara both pari and swara hugs.all family smiles seeing the youngsters.than a voice came
AARAV:than iam who’s team.
SANSKAR:of course my champ u r my team.
Both aarav and sanskar hi fi each other.
SWARA:aarav when did u come.
AARAV juned from sanskar to swara and said:just now only chachi dadi only dropped me here.
Both aarav and swara had a good time and sanskar saw how swara was making his family happy.

swara was slecting dress for sanskar.
SANSKAR:thank u swara.
SWARA:for what.
SANSKAR:my family is so happy because of u I was so scared that how will u mingle with my family after marriage but u r already mingled well.
SWARA:so sanskar they r so good and I am lucky to get a good family and good husband.
Sanskar smiles.swara select a red sherwani to sanskar.
SANSKAR:swara from 2mmorrow onwards our marriage rituals starts so 2mmorrow u should come home.
SWARA:ok now come let’s go all r waiting for us.
Soon GARODIA and KAPOOR left to there respective home.
Thats all guys evening I will give one more updates.pls post ur valuable comments.

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