Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 15)


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Swara was thinking about sanskar how he supported her.swara was smiling like a idiot thinking about there special moment.just than sumi entered d room and saw swara who was smiling like a idiot.sumi was confused.
SUMI:swara what happened to u y r u smiling.
SWARA:ma I was very scared for d marriage I don’t know what to do but sanskar supported me i am so happy to get a life partner like him.
Thank u ma.
Sumi was so happy and had tears in her eyes.
SWARA:ma y r u crying.
SUMI: actually we were scared whether you like sanskar or not but now we r not scared.
Swara blushes.
SUMI:swara 2mmorrow ur in-laws r coming
SWARA:y ma?
SUMI:to give shagun and to fix raglak engagement.
SWARA:ok ma.
SUMI:so swara 2mmorrow u r going cook.
SWARA:but ma I don’t know to cook everything.
SUMI:don’t worry I will teach u.
SWARA:kk ma good night.
SUMI:good night.

Just than swara phone rings.swara saw d caller ID and was happy.
SWARA(happy):hello sanskar.
SANSKAR:hai swara did mom say about d rituals
SWARA:s sanskar,r u coming 2mmorrow.
Sanskar taught to tease her.
SANSKAR:y can’t u stay without seeing me
SWARA(jerked):no no not like that I just asked u.
SANSKAR:it’s ok swara I was just teasing u,and s I am coming 2mmorrow.
SWARA:duffer u scared me.
SANSKAR:my name is not duffer.
SWARA:accha I taught duffer is a nice word than bander but u dint like so I will call u bander itself.
SANSKAR:if u call me bander I will call u baccha.
SWARA:sanskar I am not baby.
SANSKAR:even I am not a monkey.
SWARA: sanskar u no what 2mmorrow I am only going to cook.
SANSKAR:swara 2mmorrow I am not coming as my marriage is in 2 week I don’t won’t to be admitted in hospital.
SWARA: sanskar ur so mean go I won’t talk to u.
SANSKAAR:swara I know u can’t stop talking won’t ur mouth pain.

SANSKAR:s my name is sanskar only.
SWARA:ok say what u want to eat 2mmorrow I will do that.
SANSKAR:swara do what u like
SWARA:no sanskar say or I won’t talk to u.
SANSKAR:ok meri ma do aalo parota,dal,keer,rice,gobi parota that’s it.
SWARA:ok I will do it.
SANSKAR:no swara I was just joking do any one item don’t stain urself.
SWARA:ok ok don’t worry I won’t strain myself.
SANSKAR:that’s like a good girl.
SWARA:so let’s meet 2mmorrow bye.
SANSKAR:s let’s meet bye take care good night
SWARA:good night.
Swara kept d phone and blushed seeing sanskar care for her just than ragini came and saw swara blushing and teased her.
RAGINI:love in d air right di.
As swara was lost in sanskar taught she said
SWARA:s (than realised what ragini said)no ragini not like that we r just frnds
RAGINI:love starts from friendship all d best di.
Swara was shocked to hear ragini’s words but composed herself and slept peaceful.

Sanskar was thinking about swara and talking to himself.
SANSKAR:y I am always attracted to her who is just my frnd.y I feel sad when I see her sad, y I feel happy when she is happy, I don’t know what is happening to me when she is around me but I like d way she treat me.sanskar smiles thinking about swara and composed himself and sleep.

Swara was doing aalo parota and keer without any mistakes and she learn how to make gobi parota and also dal finally after sometime she finishes lunch as kapoor family is coming for lunch.
RAGINI:di u finished cooking so now go and get ready they will be coming.
SWARA:s ragu I have to get ready saying this swara run to swaragini room.

Ragini entered d room and saw swara who got ready in pink color half saree and had a minimum makeup.
RAGINI:di u r stunning if jiju see u than he will faint for sure
Swara blushes
RAGINI:di don’t blush more u r already looking like apple if u blush u r looking like a cherry than jiju won’t eat d lunch which u made rather than that he will eat u.
SWARA:ragini stop teasing me.
RAGINI:k now come they have arrived and jiju is waiting for you(wink at swara)
Both swaragini comes down and took blessing from d elders just than sanskar, adarsh, laksh enter after parking d car.
Sanskar saw swara and he was mesmerized to see her this much cute and stunning he was lost in her.just than swara saw sanskar she was also lost in his hot and handsome looks he was dashing in blue sherwani both were lost in each other and had a cute eyelock. There eyelock was broke by.

ADARSH:sanskar u can go inside and also see swara
Just than sanskar realized that they were standing out he came inside and took blessing from elders.the rituals started and they gave d shagun to swara and swara took blessing.engagement date was fixed on swasan’s marriage day.
SKEHAR:come dp let’s have lunch today ur daughter in law cooked.
All smile and sat in d dinning table.
Swara started serving d food all kapoor family was shocked and surprised to see d food
SUJATHA:wow swara today u have cooked sanskar favorite food.
Swara smiles.
All started having d food and praised swara.
AP:really swara d food is so good u r really cooking well.
ADARSH:ma let swara cook after d marriage because pari fooled me that her cooking is good but swara cooking is more good than pari.
PARI:adarsh from 2mmorrow onward i won’t cook for u.
ADARSH:it’s ok pari swara will cook for me.
Swara smiles.
LAKSH:swara I did not know u no to cook.
UTTARA:bhabhi foods is awesome.sanky bhai want u say her anything.
RAGINI:no uttara jiju won’t say before us he will say only in phone right jiju?
As when ragini was teasing sanskar was drinking water when she said sanskar split d water on Lucky’s face.all burst into laughter.
After lunch swara went to swaragini room to take something and sanskar followed her.

Swara was searching something in d cupboard but she did not find so she took a stool and stood in that and was searching.sanskar just than entered d room after hearing d door sound swara saw sanskar and lost her balance and was about to fall sanskar holded her in d nic time but both of them lost there balance and fell on d bed as swara on top of sanskar swara’s hairs were covering her face. Sanskar sightlyremoved her hair and tucked it swara was lost in his touch both heart beat were beating fast.s aasan had a passionate eyelock both were lost sanskar saw her shivering rosy lips and placed his rough lips on her rosy lips and kissed her slowly,swara also started reciprocating his kiss both started kissing slowly which turned into a passionate kiss both were enjoying there first kiss soon they broke d kiss because of lack of oxygen.swasan came into there sense and was breathing heavily due to d passionate kiss.swasan were feeling guilty and shy.
SANSKAR:I am really sorry swara I don’t know how I kissed I am really sorry.
SWARA:sorry sanskar saying this both swasan stood up and composed themselves and left.
SANSKAR (to himself):sanskar how can u kiss her it was ur mistake but even she reciprocated my kiss oh god sanskar even u did not kiss kavita when u were relationship but how could u kiss her now how will u face her.
SWARA(to herself):swara what happened to u how can u reciprocate his kiss I was lost in his touch oh god swara how will u face him.
From that moment swasan avoided each other this was noticed by raglak and parish.

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