Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 14)


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Swara got up soon and got ready and came down.
SWARA☺:good morning ma,dadi,ragini.
RAGINI:di u got up so soon now it is only 5 am.
SWARA:s I got up soon.
SUMI to SWARA:beta what u want for breakfast?
SWARA:ma I will make breakfast u just instruct me.
SUMI:ok what we will make today.
SWARA: ragini’s favorite aalo parota.
RAGINI:di very good.
Sumi started instructing swara and swara started doing it and finished it.
After that swara did d pooja and they had there breakfast and left to college.

All were there ragini was speaking to uttara.
RAGINI:uttara today di made aalo parota it was awesome.
Laksh came near ragini and kept his hand on her forehead and asked
LAKSH:ragini are u feeling dizzy or feeling like vomiting or any stomach pain.
RAGINI:no laksh y r u asking.
LAKSH:because today swara cooked right.
RAGINI:laksh don’t tease my di u know yesterday di learned how to make keer because jiju like it.S swara was shocked she did not expect ragini will say this laksh saw swara and he understood before sanskar says anything he said.
LAKSH:s bhai loves keer.
Uttara saw laksh and laksh gestures her to keep quiet.
RAGINI:come uttara let’s go to class.
They left.

Sanskar gestures laksh something and laksh nods and goes.now only swasan r alone.
SWARA:sorry sanskar actually mom asked which sweet u like as I don’t know ur likes and dislikes so I had no option I said keer.
SANSKAR:swara I like keer.
SWARA: really
SWARA:ok bye I have class.
SANSKAR:swara I want to talk to u.
SWARA:say sanskar.
SANSKAR:not here let’s go out.
SWARA:but class.
SANSKAR:I said lucky he will manage.
SWARA:but I did not say to ragini.
SANSKAR:don’t worry swara lucky will take care.
SWARA:ok I will come.just than they here a voice calling swara.it is non other than KAVYANJALI.
KAVYA:swara r u not coming to class.
SWARA:no kavya.
ANJALI:swara how can I be without u who will entertain me in d boring class.
Sanskar smiles after hearing this than only KAVYANJALI notice sanskar and ask swara.
KAVYANJALI:who is this(pointing at sanskar)
ANJALI:so u got engaged with him no.
SWARA:s (towards sanskar) they both r my frnds kavya and anjali
SANSKAR:hai girls
SANSKAR:shall we go.
Swara nods and bids bye to KAVYANJALI.

Swasan came to d parking place and sanskar opened d car door for swara and he also sat both were silent after 15 mins sanskar stopped d car and both swasan headed to a park.both were silent and sanskar broke d silence between them.
SANSKAR:swara I bought u here to talk with u something important
SWARA:s sanskar u can say u no need to ask permission.
SANSKAR:swara I know that it is difficult for u to leave ur parents and I know that u accepted this marriage for ur parents sake.but swara u can meet ur parents when ever you want no one will stop u and u can stay with ur parents also few day if u want no one will say no to u and I can understand ur pain leaving parents and coming is very difficult that to so soon but u can meet them every day also if u wish.swara was happy after hearing sanskar words she just hugged sanskar tightly and sanskar was shocked but reciprocated and hugged her tightly assuring her that he is there for her.both broke d hug.
SWARA: sanskar I taught I can’t even see my parents after marriage but I am really lucky to get u I always wishes to get a husband who will not question me if I go to my parents house it’s true I got a good husband like u who understood me.thank u thank u so much.
SANSKAR:swara u r always forgetting d rules.
Swara smiles.
SANSKAR:this only suit u not tears.
SWARA:sanskar my legs r planing u r making me stand u r so bad.
SANSKAR:swara just now u said me good than again u r saying me bad u r imposible swara.
Both swasan sat on d grass.
SANSKAR:how did u guess my favorite sweet is keer.
SWARA:I did not guess
SWARA:that is my favorite sweet so I said that.
Sanskar what is ur favorite color.
SANSKAR:black,white,red is my favorite color.what is ur favorite color.
SWARA:same, u love ur family alot right?
SANSKAR:s but not more than u.
Swara look at him surprisingly.
SANSKAR:s u really love ur family alot and I am dam sure u will love even my family d same as u love ur family.

Both swasan talk more with each other and they both have a good time.
Soon swasan came to college and were waiting for raglakutt.soon all went to there respective home.
Swara was so happy today she came home and hugged her mom.
SUMI:how was d college.
SWARA:super ma.
All were surprised as swara was so happy even they were happy to see swara like this and all had a good time.
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