Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 13)


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Swara was thinking about her life how it changed.
ANJALI:swara nowadays what happened to u ur looking so dull u r not talking properly.
SWARA:nothing like that.
KAVYA:no swara anjali is right u r not talking properly and u r lost in ur own dream.
SWARA:I am going to get married.

SWARA:s I am going to get married in 2 weeks
KAVYANJALI:don’t joke swara.
SWARA:if u don’t belive me ask lucky.because I am going to marry his brother.
KAVYANJALI:but y so soon.
SWARA:don’t know my parents forced me.and even I got engaged sorry I couldn’t call u for my engagement.
KAVYA:what is ur fiancé name?
SWARA: sanskar.
ANJALI:nice name but y r u sad
SWARA: because I don’t won’t to marry soon.
KAVYA:u can say ur parents right
SWARA:I said them but they did not agree.
ANJALI:u can talk with sanskar and say na

SWARA:I said sanskar but he is also helpless.
KAVYA:y can’t u accept sanskar?
SWARA:it’s not like accepting but I want to study I want be with my family.i will miss them and I am scared whether sanskar won’t allow me to meet my parents.i don’t know how to cook,how to talk,how to be I don’t know what I will do.
KAVYA:don’t worry swara every girl feel like this before marriage,after marriage all become alright.
SWARA:hope so.

Laksh sees swara sad but he can’t understand y she is sad.swara left d class as she was not in d mood to attend and laksh followed her.swara was sitting in d park laksh came and sat beside her.
LAKSH:what happened shona y r u sad.
SWARA:nothing laksh.
LAKSH:I taught u r my best frnd and u won’t hide anything from me but I was wrong.
SWARA:no lucky just thinking about marriage.
LAKSH:don’t u like sanky bhai shona?
SWARA:sanskar is my good frnd laksh but I don’t know anything after marriage I don’t know what I will do.

LAKSH:swara my family won’t say anything if u don’t know anything.they will teach u really trust me.my mom and chachi r good they won’t say u anything and even pari bhabhi is there na so don’t worry and coming to sanky bhai I know u both don’t love each other and u both r just frnds.but swara trust me sanky bhai is so good and he is very loving person he will always fulfill your wish he will always support u don’t worry no one will say anything they r very kind people.
SWARA:but laksh I don’t know y I am getting scared.
LAKSH:swara all girls will get scared but after u get settled u will feel better.
Swara feel somewhat better now.
SWARA:thank u.
LAKSH:I think so u forgot d rules.
SWARA:u r just like sanskar.
LAKSH:do u like sanky bhai?
SWARA:what u mean by like.

LAKSH:not love only like.
SWARA:s he is a good frnd and he is a good person.but I don’t know whether sanskar like me or not?
LAKSH:sanky bhai always want his family to be happy and that’s y he said ok for u.
SWARA:I never made ur family happy than how?
LAKSH:swara sanky bhai saw ur love for ragini and ur family.so he taught that how much u love ur family u will love our family also that y he said s for d marriage.
Swara smiles.
Just than raguttsan came.
UTTARA:y both came so soon.
LAKSH:no we cut d class.

UTTARA:u could have called me also no I called ragini bhabhi but she said she won’t come.
SWARA:s ragini is sincere she will never cut d classes right ragini.
RAGINI:jiju see her she always tease me.
SANSKAR:swara don’t underestimate her if laksh ask her to cut d class she will cut right ragini.
RAGINI:jiju even u r teasing me.
All burst into laughter.
And all went to there respective home.


Swara entered d house and she went to her room and came down after she got freshen.


sumi and dadi were cooking swara came there.

DADI:swara I kept d snack in d dinning table for u
SWARA:dadi I did not come for that
SUMI:then y u came beta any problem?
SWARA:no I came here to learn how to cook.

Both dadi and sumi were shocked and happy.
Sumi came near swara and said to dadi
SUMI:see ma ur granddaughter has grown up and she is going to get married in 2 week (to swara) i am so happy that u r becoming responsible.
DADI:ok now come I will teach u how to cook.
Swara nods her head and ragini smiles.

SUMI:swara first learn how to make sweets ok.
SWARA:ok ma
DADI:ok say what sweet sanskar likes so that after ur marriage u can do that.
Swara don’t know what sweet sanskar likes but she can’t say her family than they will be upset so swara says.

SWARA:he likes keer.
DADI:ok now let’s start making.
Dadi and sumi instruct swara and swara does whatever they say after sometime they finish it.


skehar,dada,dida,dadi were sitting when sumi and ragini were about to serve them swara stop them.
SWARA:ma I will serve u both sit saying this swara started serving and all had tears in there eyes as swara is going to leave them soon.all completed there dinner and left to there respective rooms.


SUMI:see skehar swara has become responsible now I am so happy.
SKEHAR:s sumi I am going to miss my princess.
SUMI:I always used to scold swara for irresponsible buy today she is so responsible but I don’t know how I will be without my daughter.sumi cries skehar consoles her.
Swara was seeing her family pics from childhood to now and was crying just than ragini entered and saw swara crying.

SWARA:I will miss u all ragini only 2 week than I will go.
RAGINI:di y r u sad if u miss us than u can come here or we will come there what is there in this
SWARA:no ragini there is difference now I can come because I am swara GARODIA once I get married I will become swara sanskar kapoor I can’t always be with u all like now.
RAGINI:di don’t worry nothing will happen like that now smile and by the by keer was nice if jiju would have had that he wouldn’t have given us.
SWARA:thank u now sleep.

RAGINI:k food night saying this ragini sleeps.
SWARA:sorry ma and papa I lied to u I don’t know sanskar likes and dislikes so sorry.
Saying this she sleeps beside ragini and caress ragini hairs.
Swaragini plays……..



Sanskar was thinking about his life which is going to be changed after 2 week just than laksh and adarsh enter and see sanskar lost in taught.
ADARSH:sanskar what r u thinking.
SANSKAR:nothing bhai just thinking about my life which is going to change after 2 weeks.
ADARSH:what is going to change for u nothing is going to change now u r single and after 2 week swara will be with u.

SANSKAR:s bhai nothing will change but swara will she able to adjust with me i know she will keep our family happy but I don’t know whether i will keep her happy and she will miss her family because she loves them alot I don’t know whether i will fulfill her wish like her family does.
I want swara to be happy bhai but she won’t be happy because she will miss her family bhai.
ADARSH:who said she won’t be happy if she is with u did swara say?
SANSKAR:no swara did not say but I van understand her bhai.
ADARSH:sanskar all girls will be like that only before marriage ,u have to only love her as her family loved her.
SANSKAR:but we r just frnds bhai.

ADARSH:I know sanskar u both don’t love each other and it takes time but u can love her as a frnd talk with her,share ur sorrow with her,trust her,and even she will become normal when u start becoming normal.sanskar relationship is made by trust so both trust each other and start ur life.
SANSKAR:thank u bhai
Adarsh and laksh left d room.
SANSKAR:now onward let me start talking to swara and make her feel free with my family so that she won’t feel lonely after marriage.saying this sanskar Also sleeps.

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