Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 11)


Guys as I said u I am going out of station so I can’t post from Thursday to next Tuesday.so today i am giving two updates.

Swara was thinking about there first kiss.
SWARA:swara what u have done u kissed him.no no wait actually it was a mistake and he only kissed me.wgat he will think about me oh god pls save me.just than sumi came and said.
SUMI:swara 2mmorrow we r going for shoping and ur in-laws r also coming so behave properly.
SWARA:ok mom.
Swara 2mmorrow how r u going to face sanskar.lets see 2mmorrow.saying this swara sleeps.
Sanskar was thinking about there first kiss.
Oh god sanskar how can u kiss her what she will think about u 2mmorrow I have to say her sorry.saying this sanskar Also sleeps.


GARODIA family is waiting for kapoor family.just than kapoor family came.both swasan took blessing.and both swasan were avoiding each other.and sanskar was trying to talk to swara to say her sorry but he did not get chance because always uttara and pari were with swara.they selected a pink lengha and asked swara to try d dress and all went to mens section.swara was in trial room she could not tie her dori.so
SWARA:bhabhi pls help me i can’t tie my dori.
But only sanskar was there outside waiting for swara.so sanskar had no option he came inside d trial room.swara was facing her back so she could not see sanskar.sanskar came closer and both swasan heart beated fast.sanskar tied her dori swara turned back to say thanks but was shocked to see sanskar when she was about to shout sanskar closed her mouth by his hand.
SANSKAR:swara don’t shout I came here to say sorry as yesterday by mistake I kissed u and bno one was there so I came to help u.

Swara feels shy and says.
SWARA(shy):it’s ok in friendship no sorry and no thank u.
Both smiled and sanskar came closer to swara .swara closed her eyes seeing sanskar close.
Sanskar saw her shy and nervousness he whispered in her ears.
SANSKAR:u r looking beautiful in this lengha saying this sanskar left and swara came and soon swasan became normal and pulled each other legs and they left.
Swara was thinking about sanskar and blushing just than ragini comes and see swara blushing and taught to tease her.ragini whispered in swara ears.
RAGINI:di thinking about jiju right.
As swara was still thinking about sanskar when ragini whispered she taught it as sanskar and said.
SWARA:sanskar pls.

RAGINI:di I am not sanskar jiju I am ragini GARODIA.
SWARA(came to her sense and saw ragini and asked):when did u come?
RAGINI:when u were dreaming about jiju.
Swara started beating ragini with pillows and even ragini started hitting her both swaragini were enjoying.
AP:swara is a nice girl she mingled with our family so soon.
SUJATHA:s jiji I am so happy that swara is my bahu.hey na sanskar r u happy with this marriage.
SANSKAR:mom when u all r happy than I am also happy I want my family to be happy and swara she is a nice girl.
LAKSH:only nice girl bhai(winked at sanskar).
SANSKAR:mom even ragini is a nice girl y can’t we ask ragini’s hand for laksh.
AP:this is a nice idea sanskar I will talk to dp and try to ask skehar bhai also saying this ap and SUMI left all d youngsters laughed at laksh.
LAKSH;bhai whAt is this
SANSKAR:u teased me na that’s y

I have to tell this to swara.
ADARSH:u r calling her for telling that or for romance.
LAKSH:of course adarsh bhai it is only for romance saying this laksh runs and sanskar chases.
That all for now I will write my next part in d evening .

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