Swasan – thalli pogathey (part 10)

Thank you for your valuable comments.guys I am going out from Thursday to next Tuesday so I can’t post my ff.i will try my level best to post one day.so today and 2mmorrow I will post a big epi.

Parish and sanlak itt were chit-chatting and teasing sanskar.
LAKSH:adarsh bhai from now onward sanky bhai will not tease us.
LAKSH: because sanky bhai is also marrying a girl who is just like him so they both won’t having time to tease us as they will be teasing themselves.
Sanskar gave a dead glare to laksh.just than some striked in his mind
SANSKAR:don’t worry lucky when u get married to ragini then me and swara will pull ur legs.
(winks at laksh).

Laksh was shocked.
PARISH:what r u saying sanskar?
UTTARA: adarsh bhai lucky bhai loves ragini.
ADARSH:omg lucky ur really lucky.
SANSKAR:but ragini is unlucky.
All burst into laughter but laksh make faces soon all went to there room.

Sanskar took swara photo and said
SANSKAR:swara we both r enemies but I am going to marry u soon I don’t know what we will do.think about this sanskar does off.


Swara was thinking about sanskar.
SWARA:I don’t know y my life is like this I am going to get married soon and I never taught that my marriage will happen so soon.i don’t know anything what I will do there god pls help me.
BOY:dad what is happening swara is going to get married with that ram’s son I don’t know what u will do I want swara I love her a lot pls dad di something.
DAD:just have patience my son I know u love her and don’t worry swara will marry only u.
Saying this d man and his son smiles evilly.

Swaragini were waiting for uttlak.ragini was teasing swara.
RAGINI:di u r waiting for jiju right I know pls dont say u r not waiting for him.
SWARA:and ur waiting for laksh right .
Ragini was shocked.
RAGINI:di what r u saying.

SWARA:don’t act smart I know u love laksh and I even know laksh love u not only me even uttara and sanskar knows this.and sanskar was saying that u r unlucky as u r loving lucky.
RAGINI:di I am not unlucky I am lucky.
SANSKAR:oh my saali u r really have a great heart as u r saying that u r lucky to marry this lucky.(raglak blushes).
SWARA:when did u all come.
LAKSH:when ragini was teasing u.

UTTARA:than I will call ragu bhabhi and shona bhabhi
SWARA:uttara we should say our parents to make raglak marriage with our marriage.
UTTARA:super Idea bhabhi.
SANSKAR: something baccha also can think great I did not know baccha as some knowledge.
SWARA:y u always proke me.
SANSKAR:did I say swara I said baccha only na then what is ur problem.
SWARA:u said it when I gave this beautiful idea.
SANSKAR:oh god pls save me u r making me marry a mental.

SWARA:if I am mental than u r donkey.
All got irritated and shouted;stop.
Swasan closes there mouth with there hand all burst into laughter.all left leaving swasan alone.
SANSKAR:u did not give me my reply.
SWARA:wat reply?
SANSKAR: mujhse dosti karoge.
SWARA: dekhungi, sochegi.
Both swasan burst into laughter.

SWARA:I will accept u r friendship.
Both swasan shake there hands when there hands touched current passed in there body both smiled and went to there class.

swara was thinking about sanskar and sheela saw that and asked swara.
SHEELA:swara what r u thinking and smiling like a idiot.
Laksh understood that swara was thinking about sanskar.
SWARA(smiles naughty): actually laksh said me that sheela is looking hot in black Saree I wish I could see her in that saree but she always were other color sarees.so I was thinking how to say but u only asked it.
Laksh was shocked.whereas whole class burst into laughter.
SHEELA:don’t worry laksh 2mmorrow I will were black colors saree.
Saying this she went .swara ran back of her whereas laksh was following her swara went to raguttsan who were waiting for swalak.
Swara came there and said ragini

SWARA:ragini come fast pls.
RAGINI:but what happened di
LAKSH:were r u trying to run ah.saying this laksh again chases swara .both swalak were running here and there when swara was coming to her gang someone pushed swara and swara fell on sanskar.both swasan fell on d ground such as sanskar on top of swara when sanskar tried to get up but he lost his balance he fell on swara and there lips met.both swasan were shocked and soon both got up and composed each other.laksh came and holded swara ears and said everything to everyone and all burst into laughter.soon all left to there respective home.


Swaragini reached and they got fresh up and came fir dinner.
SUMI:how was d college today.
RAGINI:mom super u know we meet jiju also.
SWARA:jiju ki bachchi.m om today i met my devar also and winked at ragini.
Swaragini said everything about laksh and all burst into laughter except one.
Su:swara he is ur devar and what will sanskar beta think when u did like this to his brother swara behave properly they r ur in-laws.
SWARA:mom sanskar is just like always pulls his brother leg and sanskar supported me when I was teasing lucky.

SUMI(hits her forehead):u will never change.
All finished there dinner and went to there respective room.

all were sitting and having dinner but sanskar was thinking about swara and there first kiss
Just than dp asked sanskar.
DP:sanskar 2mmorrow we r going for shoping ofor ur engagement.
Sanskar did not reply because he was lost inthinking about swara.
Dp was surprised and shouted loudly.
Sanskar came in sense.
SANSKAR:what happened bade papa y r u shouting.
All burst into laughter after hearing sanskar .
They said to sanskar what dp said and sanskar was embarrassed.
That all for today guys pls post ur valuable comments.

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