Swasan – thalli pogathey (Part 1)

Guys I am back with part 1 thank u for ur valuable comments
a lady is doing pooja and a girl is singing beside her.they finish d pooja.
LADY:rahu we finished pooja now we have to wake up your sister which is very tough work for us.
(yes d girl is non other than our ragini)
RAGINI: yes mom it is very tough to wake her up.
LADY: I don’t know what she is going to do after marriage.
RAGINI: mom she will select a boy who do all work for her .?
(The lady is non other than sumi )
SUMI: she will never change come let’s wake her up.
Just than they hear a loud music . They close there ears.

SUMI:? OMG! she got up soon?
RAGINI: yes mom even I am surprised pls pinch me am i dreaming?it’s only 10 so soon she got up.
Both went to swaragini room they saw a girl was dancing for jaaneman aah song only her back is seen soon sumi off the music system.
DANCING GIRL(ANGRILY): ma why did u off d music system??
SUMI : shona day by day you are becoming worst.
(Yes d dancing girls is non other than swara)
SWARA: ma u always scold me. I hate you?
RAGINI:di I think today u have an important work .did u forget.

SWARA:OMG rahi now u are saying y can’t u wake me soon ?
RAGINI: stop arguing and get ready fast .swara ran to d washroom .ragini smiled looking at her.
SUMI: oh my god I don’t know what she is going to do in her in laws home ?
SWARA(from washroom) : same like this I will see a husband who pamper me not like u who always scold me.
Sumi hits her forehead saying: she will never change and goes. Ragini burst into laughter.
After sometime swara get ready in pink jumpsuit with lite make-up and comes for breakfast.she hugs her dad who is reading newspaper.
SWARA: good morning pops.?

SKEHAR: good morning princess ☺
SUMI: shekhar u are pampering her so much see her how late she is getting up and she don’t know how to cook also what she will do in her in-law home u always pamper her she is not a kid she is grown up but look at her u always support her. Yesterday she came late to home as she went for her friends engagement.
SKEHAR(angry goes to swara and ask): did u come late say yes or no.
Swara nods her head as yes.
SKEHAR: when did u come?
SWARA:12 o clock
SKEHAR:dobt u have shame came at 12 o clock u could have come after d marriage.
After listening this swara hugs skehar. Sumi hits her forehead .
SKEHAR(to swara): how was my acting?
SWARA:super pops I love you☺
SUMI:went inside d kitchen skehar followed her .
SKEHAR:what happened sumi y r u shouting at her.

SUMI: Skehar u always take life simple but see her she have to learn everything we can pamper her but her in laws won’t pamper her like this I won’t her to change.
SKEHAR: sumi she is a good girl let her enjoy after her marriage she will learn everything now let her enjoy her .saying this skehar left .sumi pray to God.
That all for today pls send your valuable comments I will post daily

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