Swasan – thalli pogathey (Intro)

Hai everyone this is d first time I am writing if there is any mistakes pls forgive me

SKEHAR GARODIA: father of swaragini well known business man loves his family a lot.
SUMI SKEHAR GARODIA: mother of swaragini loves them a lot. Kind hearted and lovely mother
RAGINI GARODIA: daughter of SKEHAR and SUMI loves her sister a lot.innocent and friendly girl.
SWARA GARODIA: elder daughter of shekhar and SUMI loves her family a lot . Very talkative naughty bubbly cute girl love her sister a lot.

DURGAPRASAD KAPOOR: father of adarsh and laksh love his family but strict.
ANNAPURNA KAPOOR: mother of adarsh and laksh loves them alot very lovely lady pamper them a lot.
RAMPRASAD KAPOOR: younger brother of durgaprasad loves his son and daughter .
SUJATHA RAMPRASAD KAPOOR: mother of sanskar and uttara loves them a lot.
ADARSH KAPOOR: son of durgaprasad and ap loves his family . He is married to pari and has a cute little boy.
PARI ADARSH KAPOOR: wife of adarsh love her family.
AARAV ADARSH KAPOOR: son of adarsh kapoor very naughty make everyone smile always.
SANSKAR KAPOOR: very naughty hot and dashing son of ramprasad kapoor loves his family flirt with girls and has relationship with kavita .loves music and music is his passion.
LAKSH KAPOOR: very cute and innocent boy loves his family so much .
UTTARA KAPOOR: daughter of ramprasad kapoor very naughty and bubbly love to irritate her brothers.

SWARA – 24
LAKSH – 24
PARI – 26

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  1. Varsha

    Nice intro, is it onl swasan r evn raglak wil shwn?, bt no prblm evn its swasan i wil read bt jus a doubt

  2. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nic …. continue soon … but what’s tge meaning of ur tittle …

    1. Thalli pogathey means door math jaa that is don’the go far away

    2. Abirsha

      Thalli pogathey means dont go away….

  3. Shana98

    Great intro

  4. Abirsha


  5. Ashwini

    Thalli pogathey means don’t go far

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