Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 intro


It was the the desert, I am not using literature, it was really a desert.A night in a desert.As we all know it was very cold there in the night…………

The new background of season 2

Two individuals are walking through the desert. They are not our Swasan .These 2 persons are best friends. One of them was the most important part of
season 1……..yes it was our one and only Kanha ji and the other one was our Khuda. Jesus played an awesome role in season 1 so I thought that I have to give a chance to Khuda also…. Here will be many similarities with season 1 but they are dissimilar to each other.
The first series was telling Sanskar’s struggles for rejoining his family. Then I rethought, why only Sanskar???
So the season 2 will tell us Swara’s suffering to unite her long lost love life….
Here you can see 2 children like our naughty Manyu and obedient Deepu,
A 4 year leap etc etc…..you can feel that similarities…….

They noticed an oasis and seated there…….
Sshhhh?? Let’s obeserve their conversation…….

Kanha ji is eating dates from a container.He is bobbing his legs……..”Kanha I had seen this container somewhere”…….
Kan: How couldn’t u see.It s urs na???
Khu:?? means u looted dates??
Khuda smiled vainly and nodded……
……Kanha u r so childish.Look now tell me what is ur Swasan tere ishq mein.Jesus told me about that but I don’t know the whole story ………
Kanhaji threw a date into his mouth…….

Bro this is the last episode link u can read…..


Khu: okay I am going, see you…..
Kanha ji spits the date seed outside in a hurry…
Kan: hey hey where r u going
Khu: for reading it…
Kan: Please read it after this night coz each second is important for him…..
Khu: K tell me the story…….

Kan: The story happened in this gritty land, This is Sanskar and Swara’s love story.I am also a part here…..

SWASAN- Tere ishq mein season 2

So let’s we begin…..

Credit to: Nandana

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  1. vw yaar …tere ishq mein s2….wekcome dear….i lvd d bnd btw kanhaji nd sanky….nw kanhajii nd kuda….u said dat here shona will suffrr to reunite with sanky…i hope u here u will shw us d bnd btw swara nd kuda/kanhajii…i m really badly missed ur ff nw i m happy to see u again…ur each part make us happy…todays intro part too awsm…i hav a beautiful smile in my lips frm d strt to end of d intro………

    i m desperately waitng to meet my naughty manyu…pls post 1st part asap….

    1. Thank you Angel. its Swara’s struggles but no Kanha ji Swara bond here. Only Sanky Kanha ji,Kanha ji n Khuda bond here……….No dear he is not Manyu it will be an another name

    1. Thank you Mouni please keep reading.

  2. Awesome
    Welcome back
    I m so happy that u r writing tere isq me season 2

    1. Thank you Shagun,I am also glad to seeing u back

  3. Nandooo….u r back wid s2.. Santhosham vannitt enik irikkan vayye… Pnne plz reply 4 my cmnt @ghost house epi 3…
    Actually njan innu bayankara senti adich irikkaayirunnu.. Nte best buddy de dad marichu innale nyt.. So avde aayirunnu.. Ntaayalum promo porichu… Veendum veendum chodikka..nte Nivin n Naz eppo varum?

    1. First of all my hearty condolences
      Njn reply kodtittndee,
      Nivin naz krym njn atil Raginikk itt paniyan vachirunntine edta aa nasam pidichavnmar serialil edth kalikkn pone Raginikk memory loss

      1. Ha..ha..rofl… Saarallya..avar manasil kaananekkalum munb nammal marathil kandille… But plz continue it yaar.. 4 me..

  4. Girl ,u just made my day , correction evening but seriously i am on cloud nine after knowing about season 2.
    Welcome back.

    1. Thank you Neethi I am so glad to see ur comment.

  5. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Ty…..so much for season 2………waiting eagerly for the 1st epi……

    1. Thank you Natasha please keep reading dear

  6. Ohhhh wow yaar, I m so glad to see u back

    1. I am also glad to see you here dear

  7. so u r back am solo happy welcome back!!!! dr

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