Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 (Episode 5)


Hii guyz here is the truth revelation, I don’t know how truthful it is. It was just a stupid idea that I have thought

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Episode 5

Swara was shocked to see Laksh there

……”Laksh are you here???? You were in Canada na??”….

Yes Laksh left to Canada after 2 months of Raglak marriage with leaving Ragini alone.

Lak: Swara please leave it. Tum voh sab chodo teri bachi hai☺️☺️☺️
He lifted Seenu from Krish and gave her to Swara.
She was in a shock.The world is revolving around her.Her child, her child. Who remained in her womb for 9 months……..Her princess….. How many times she felt this feeling. Her br*ast flounced many times when Seenu was close to Swara….Meri bachi…..she hugged Seenu with sobbing…..
Her grapes like eyes, little hands,small legs,smiling lips Swara stroked everywhere doubtfully. How soft it was……”Mom y r u crying???Please don’t cry”….Seenu wiped her tears…..Mom Mom Her daughter is calling her Mom.She hugged her once again….phir se kaho……she said, tears of happiness…. Mom?……

The scene moved to Sanskar. He was sleeping on someone’s lap.He is shaking his head,it is evident on his face that he is watching a nightmare…….

Dadi is giving divorce papers to Swara at MM…. “Yeh le sign karle”…… Maheshwaris and Gadodias are also present there. Swara was in a thorny dilemma. At last she signed it under pressure……..”Swaraaa”…….. Someone is shouting her name. It was Mythili.She was descending the steps of MM.Mythili came to Swara and ruined that documents. All were gathered around her and began to blame Mythili.
Swa: What you want damn it. Don’t you let me alive. Tell me,why are you here.???
Myth: Swara Swara Swara please calm down I will answer you for your each and every question but please come with me.I want to talk to you alone.
Swa: ??? please get lost.
Myth: Swara please come back. Sanskar will die without you…
Swa: Ooh new melodrama.Now I am accepting the fact that he had ruined my life.

Myth: Swara you are important for him.Swara ek baar meri baat suno agar voh baat sach nikali toh tumhe voh zindagi mil jayegi jaisa tum chahti thi

Dp: Eyy ladki aisa kya sach hai tum hamhe batana chahta hai.Chalo hum bhi sunte hain.

Myth: Oh Uncle you. I think you know the truth. After all you are the root of all these.Okay I will tell you. Par rishtey toot jayegi manzoor hai??

Dp: Manzoor hai.

Swara dragged her hands
Swa: Why are you talking to our bp like this. Agar Sanskar mujhse pyar karta na toh voh khud mujhe lene yahan aa jaata.Kya voh aaya hai,nahin na
Swara nodded
Myth: Swara please don’t refuse him.He will die
Swa: Why are you concerning him like this Mythili.You are loving him na?????
Myth: Yeah off course I am loving him,he is also loving me coz he is my brother damn it

All are shocked like this?????

Sujata approached Mythili with ire

Eyy chori yeh k bakwas karne jaa rahi hai tu main ne tumhe paida nahin kiya.

Mythili looked at her with a disdainful look

Aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai na aunty ki Sanskar ko bhi aap paida na kiya ho

Then some series of events. Finally Sujata commited suicide. She hanged herself.

Moooom…….. Sanskar awoke with a deep shouting.

The scene moved to airport.

??? what??? You both are siblings. The scenes with Mythili and Sanskar were passed through her mind.

(Guys please rewind each and every series of events or read that confusing events once more,I don’t how convenient it is)

Swa: He is hating Maheshwaris na???So he is refusing to come back right??????

Lak: No no Swara.He is loving our family. Usko hamesha yaad aa jaata hai hum sabka. Maa ka papa ka chacha chachi ka Uttara ka hum sab ka……but destiny is not allowing him to meet them.My heart is also beating to see my family but we can’t.We both can’t leave Dubai. Rules aren’t allowing us to do so…

Swara was tightly hugging Seenu like someone will abduct her.
Swara: Laksh please tell me about the actual situation. I can’t understand

Krish: We will tell you Swara..

The scene moved to Sanskar. He is resting his head on the shoulder of a middle aged lady and is hugging her tightly……”Amma mom will get well soon na.I want to meet her”……
Sharada: Sanskar Kanna nothing will happen to ur Mom.

You don’t worry everything will be fine soon
San: Amma my Shona,she is hating me.Am I too bad??.
Sharada: No Kanna u r d best Son and best husband in the universe. I can see ur love towards me and ur Mom. I think Sujata is more lucky than me.She had spent more time with you. She made you a good human being. You don’t worry she will get well soon.
He returned to her lap and slept like a kid.

Swalak,Mythili Krish and Seenu reached to a desert camp. Arjun and Dathu are also there. Some shakes are enjoying belly dance. The camp was surrounded with desert. Some multimillionaires are coming and going…….. Most of them are Arabs

Dathu and Seenu played together then Seenu fell asleep. Seenu is sleeping on Swara’s shoulder. She is holding her like a precious diamond. After all children are precious to their mothers na. Iguana flinging oneself at Laksh’s back ….”???? aaaahhh Dathu please leave me. I will give you ur chocolates”…..

Dathu: Lucky you promised me na that you will give me chocolates after you will return from Jebel Ali ??

Krish dragged him from Laksh……”Iguana please stop this??”…..

Dath: What?? you called me iguana…???
He let Laksh free and attacked Krish.
Krish: ???? Dathu I am ur Dad

Dath: So what no compromise in biting.???

He increased the power

Krish: aaaaaaa ??

Mythili laughed madly and gave a cup of tea to Swara……”come Swara we will walk for a while.Can I lift Seenu”………
She nodded no…..”I can understand Swara Seenu is seeming like a precious doll to you right??”….
Swara winked with a smile.
Mythili untied the mysterious story. Arjun also joined them.

The actual story started from 28 years ago. Krish’s and Mythili’s Dads were best friends. They are rich and are lived in Mumbai Krish’s Dad Narayan Murti got impressed by Mythili’s father Balakrishna Varma and he placed a marriage alliance for his sister Sharada in front of Varma. They both fell in love and Sharada shared her everything to her would-be husband. As a result of these Sharada got pregnant before marriage. At this time Mr Varma met with an accident and he was battling in the boundary of life and death. Time will not wait for anyone, Sharada was suffering from labour pain.
Sujata was also in the labour room at the same day. Her 3rd child was also a still birth.
Ram: Bhaisa I don’t know what will happen to my Sujata.Our 3rd child is also………
Dp: Calm down Ram hum koi na koi rasta doond lenge

Sharada delivered a healthy baby boy, she went unconscious. Murti was alone in the hospital… A nurse came out from the labour room.
Nurse: Mr Murti congratulations it’s a boy.

Murti heard DP’s conversation with Rp and thought : If I will give this child to them, then I can save my family from disreputation and my Sister’s dignity n they can also save that lady. If Balu will come back they will live a happy life together or if conversely Sharada will move on with an another one. And about children, they will arrive whenever we want.
Murti swapped the baby boy and still birth with the help of RP n DP
Maheshwaris returned to Kolkata with that infant.
Varma came back to life and got married with Sharda,They blessed with 2 girls they are Mythili n Mukti.

Swara: ?? and that boy was…
Arjun: Exactly Swara it was Sanskar
Mythili stared at the floor and smiled vainly

Myth: Everything was gone fine Swara. We were happy. But that day changed our lives. An unexpected visit of a guest with his expensive gift…
Swara: Who is he
Arj: Leave it Swara that scoundrel have no importance here but his gift was the foe.
Swara: Please tell me I can’t understand.

?? A bottle of Jack Daniels, JD means whiskey.

That horrible day

Mr Varma came to the home with a gift wrap of JD. He hided it in a secret place coz he knew that Murti is a lotus ?? (means full time in water(alcoholic))
Murti found out that and consumed the full bottle. ???
Krish: Dad ur liver is also damaged then y r u doing this????
Murti: ??? ya ya
I am gonna die but b4 that I want to reveal the truth ?????
Varma: Narayana please calm down,you please take rest we will talk later
Murti: No no I have to unfold it now
Mukti came with a glass of curd.

Muk: Uncle have it please.

Murti: Muku my daughter I am a Papi??
varma : U r not in ur senses please take rest
Murti: No no Bala I want to say it now
Varma:Ohhhhh???then tell me damn it
Murti: Bala I swapped ur son.

First of all they are didn’t accept it. Finally he showed them some solid proofs in addiction of alcohol …..”Look look selfi with me and your son.I mean this picture”
A black and white picture.
Now the path is cleared

An epoch of silence


Arj: Our ideal family splitted like two poles.

Myth: Me and Krish got married and I was expecting.

Arj: The real problem caused Me ,Mukti and Sharada aunty.
Mukti: Mom was in a thorny dillema. Separation of our family. Thought of her son, even I was expecting she wanted to take care of me.Mukti were tried to commit suicide 2 times.Dad’s silence…. My pregnancy was also complicated. It all leaded Mom to a cardiac arrest….. Hmm then angiogram angioplasty. ….Our lives were spent in hospital to house, house to hospital. Daily happening family dramas…….
Arj: Our firm faced a huge loss, it was just a trailer. The actual picture is remaining still now.
Myth: My complicated pregnancy,the cord was wrapped around the foetus’s neck.Solely one of us will survive….
Krish was my strength.

She looked at him. Krish and Laksh’s chit chat was occurring wma little away. They are having a glass of tea.

Arj: Me and Mukti tried to commit suicide. Mythili followed us and saved. It was a huge building,she rised over the steps
Myth: It made my survival impossible……

Swa: ? so u did this right??? You abducted my Sanskar on our marriage day. Now I got the clear picture.

Myth: No no Swara u r misunderstanding us.

She was dare to go with Seenu.

Laksh and Krish rushed there in a hurry

Laksh: Swara please hear them. The things you heard was a trailer. The movie is remaining.

Swa: No Laksh I am going. She separated me from my hubby and my daughter. I don’t know what is her problem over me.

Krish: Please understand Swara please hear us…….

Mythili tightened the grip of Krish’s hand and alerted him to be silent. She wiped her tears

Myth: Hamhara irada toh bas yahi tha Swara ki hum Sanskar ko Mom Dad se milvayenge and we will clear all the probz. Phir saayad hum hi usse keh deti ki Sanskar kabhi kabhi humhe milne aa jaana bas hamhare liye bas woh hi kafi hai.Iss raaz ko ek raaz hi rehne do……

Laksh: But something unexpected was happened at that night. Krish,Murti uncle and Arjun visited our MM…..

Krish: It was a confidential meeting
We begged,cried for their Mercy but they didn’t


Dp: No u can’t prove it in front of Sanskar. You can’t prove that,that Sanskar is not Maheshwaris’s blood.

Rp: Please go Mr Murti we always saw him as our son and he is. So please???. Tomorrow is his marriage and he can’t tolerate this truth.
We bought him from you. He is not our biological son but our love for him is true.

Sanskar overheard all these truth. He came there for signing the file which was given by Adarsh

Sanskar consumed much more alcohol and walked through the road his legs are not letting him to stand steady. He weeped deeply. It will melt any heavy rocks.He stared at the sky ……”Tell me y did you do this to me.Why me God y me Mm Mom Dad bp bm they are nothing to me.
Lucky Adarsh bhaiyya they are not my brothers. Uttara is not my sister. None for me in this world.”…….

An unexpected force pulled him forward. A man hits on his head with an iron rod.It was Sameer. Blood emerged from Sanskar’s head, he fainted…….”You have to die Sanskar coz Shona belongs to me.She is mine”……..

Shona!!! That word waved on his ears….


Swara smiled she had took his hands on her belly…….”Then what about our baby”…..


I m promising Shona that I will never ever leave ur hand. Tell me what u want

Swara wiped her tears and nodded kuch nahi bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen……

He remembered how he fed her,hw she rested on his lap.

Fb ends

He tried to resist but he can’t. Sanskar declared dead.They buried his body in the sea depth…

Arjun and Krish found out his body. By God’s grace he was alive,but fell in coma. They didn’t addressed anything to Maheshwaris. They suspected that his life is in danger
His coma lasted for 8 months.
Maybe Swara’s tears bring his senses back.
He woke up with shouting Shona. The Varmas convinced him the actual situation and Sanskar pardoned them. He accepted them as his parents.

The misunderstandings got cleared and the families united. Sanskar was madly desired to see Swara and his baby n also his beloved Maheshwaris. He reached Kolkata from Dubai. Fortunately it was Swara’s delivery day. Swara’s guessing was right it was Sanskar who held her hands at the labour room…..Swara was becoming unconscious.He kissed Swara…….”Forgive me Shona for all my doings. It all were unexpected. I will take you and my daughter far away from here. We have to fight against him. Shona please open ur eyes and look our daughter. She is eagerly awaiting for ur touch,please call her that name. Our Kadambari…….Swara our daughter.”………A smiled flashed on that small girl’s lips for a microsecond. How beautiful it was. She slightly moved her head for a while. Her hand was close to the face.It was touching her cheek. Sanskar kissed his daughter first time. She started crying…….”Look Shona she is crying, she is hungry. Please feed her”………..Suddenly Mukti dragged his hands……”Sanskar come on someone is coming”……. They heard someone’s foot steps. Sanskar bed the infant near Swara. He left the grip of their hands with a lots of pain. She was still unconscious…….

They are that morose Dadi and cruel Sameer.They are going to do some inaccessible thing.Sameer was talking to Dadi…….”Don’t worry Dadi I will take care of it. I will ruin this disrepute signature of ur family.”
Dadi lifted the infant and gave her to Sameer

Dadi: le ja isse.

Sam: Dadi don’t forget ur promise. I want Swara. I want to marry her okay.

Dadi: mm leja isse

Sameer left with the child.
When Sanskar was dare to kill Sameer and Dadi Mukti forbid him…..

Muk: Sanskar don’t be a fool. We have to save ur child.
San: Come we will follow him

Sameer discarded the child at railway track and left but Sanskar saved his child in a second difference…..
They went to hospital for also taking Swara with them.
But something unexpected was happened. They both have to return Dubai.

An accusation of Murders, Dubai government charged case against Arjun and Krish . Mukti and Sanskar returned to Dubai with the child. The master brain behind that murder was Sameer. He robbed a huge amount from Varma office and eloped with killing 2 security guards.

A fake call leaded Krish and Arjun to the office.
Police suspected Krish and Arjun. They got arrested. But Sanskar unknowingly reached India before that.The cops arrested suspiciously Sanskar also. He remained in jail for 2 months. They flogged him in each weekend. He really reached hell in these 2 months. Mythili proved Sanskar is innocent coz he was in India at that day. But he was still in the suspecting shade.Remaining 2 was still in jail
Sameer was still believing that Sanskar is passed away.

The happenings was still unexpected…..

Mr Varma took all the blame on his head.Now he is the main culprit. The remaining 4( 1 of them was Lucky) are in the suspecting shade.So they can’t leave Emirates. The prosecution was failing to prove blames over their head. So the case is still lasting.

Laksh ends up the story…..
Swara: but I can’t understand something… Laksh y r u
Laksh smiled…
Laksh: Swara we don’t know what is destiny saving for us……

Unexpectedly Me and Ragini got married. Sanskar’s absence was leading our company to a huge loss. Overload of work, pressure from the family and I was not ready to engaged in a relationship. And u know na I don’t like this business
At last I decided to forward my editing job in Bollywood. I asked Sameer’s help.He introduced me with a fake production controller,they demanded me a huge amount. I was willing then I sold Ragini’s ornaments, my ancestral properties which was in my name.

Ragini is 1 month pregnant, going to start my new job. I was in a dream world. I reached 7th sky

???? but that scoundrel ruined my wonderland. He eloped to Dubai with my dreams, the whole cash was with him. I followed him and reached Dubai. He also trapped me with them at that office cabin….

Lak:We don’t know Swara
what is gonna happen.

Mythili: I am so soorr……
Swara didn’t allowed Mythili to be completed. She held the tips of her ears…….”sorry”……..
Swara said like a child,they hugged each other with weeping……….New friendships

Swalak walked together in the desert at night…… “Swara Laksh don’t go far away”…… Krish shouted

……”Laksh nw I can understand that y u r behaving rudely to my Ragini.I am also cursed you unknowingly 1000 times”………
Laksh giggled loudly like a mentally challenged man…… …..Curse curse.Is she also cursing me Swara??”………

He laughed loudly once again,Swara stared at the ground with willingness……..”Hmm that was what I wanted. It was the exact reason that Sanskar behaved rude to you. But he failed in front of Laksh Maheshwari in acting.Heyy wait wait I will show you something”………..

Laksh called Ragini with a secret smile.The phone was in a speaker mode……”Hello Mrs Maheshwari hw r u???”

Rag: ohh u Mr Maheshwari. How dare u to call me. ????

Lak: Hw dare you means??? U r gonna my ex . You know what, you ruined my life.You are not a woman damn it. You don’t how to remain a man happy….??….
mentally and physically…

Ragini’s tone was more emotional and Swara too……..”Laksh wife is not an entertainment material of a man.
Patni toh pati ka zindagi phar ka saath hoti hai. Laksh please if you loved me for a second then please don’t dare to call me. again,Maybe I will loss my temper. I want to give my son a bright future.

Ragini cutted the call and lied on the bed. She was sobbing deeply……

Laksh rubbed his eyes…… “Zindagi phar ka saath,wohi toh chahti hoon Ragini par kismat maan hi nahi rahi”……

Swara touched on his shoulders……”Apnon ko dard dene se dard kam nahi hogi Laksh it will solely burn us. Your brother also did like this to me. Then you know na what happened. Can we take Ragini and Shlok here???”

Lak: ???? no no he fizzled.Suddenly
he remembered something

Swara u know what, I am gonna end this relationship now. Can I show you…….

He showed his mobile gallery

Swara: ???? Laksh what is this you are sharing ur bed with an old lady, molesting a 3 year old girl…….
????? omg gay…….and you are taking s*x with a 10 year old boy…… Shame on you Laksh.
She nodded, how disgusting………

Once again that loud laugh…….”Swara you have to congratulate me. Hw is my editing, after all I graduated from Pune film institute na……I am sending all of these to My sweet wife, then Mrs Maheshwari flat and will go back to Mis Gadodia. My job my passion my profession…. Meri sapnon ko aasman tak chu nahi paya par voh sapnon mera pyar ko zaroor bacha sakta hoon”………..his voice gone to a falling tone

He laughed once again.
Swara: ?? Laksh stop this it is not a joke. It’s a question of ur life…….

Lak: Shut up Swara,I m a husband and a father. So I am wishing their well-being. You don’t know Swara I am the 2nd culprit….. A capital punishment or a life time sentence. I can’t expect lower than 2 of these……..
He furiously walked back fastly to the desert camp…..Swara was staring at him emotionally

To be continued…….

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Credit to: Nandana

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