Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 (Episode 4)


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Episode 4

Sanskar is in a thorny dilemma. He continued to avoid Swara. She didn’t told anyone in India about Sanskar. Sameer used to call her twice in a day.Gadodias are compelling her to marry him but he was such an irritation to her.He is an innocent guy.Always comp his hair leaving a hairline on the middle of his head. Wore spectacles, walking without giving any pain to earth…….

Sanskar is only behaving rude to Swara.Sometimes he returned home at early morning. Mythili was with him at almost dayz. Sometimes Swara accidentally heard their conversation.

Mythili: Sanskar tq so much for trying ur best for my dad.
Sanskar: Mythili what are you saying. Kya tumhara Dad mera dad nahin hai??

Swara was fuming n anger…..”come to Kolkata Mr Maheshwari I will show you an another Dad who is loving you in the core of his heart and here you are helping an another man whom you don’t know not much”…..

Swara tried her best to separate Mythili and Sanskar.

One day Sanskar and Mythili are sitting in his cabin.Mythili is laughing madly.He asked her what happened……… “Sanskar ur wife is trying to separate us
She don’t know that she can’t separate us. Sanskar please tell her about our relationship.
Sanskar: I will definitely tell her about us in the right time. After all our relationship was bonded by our birth na Mythili
Myth: I love you soo much Sanskar
San: And I love you too

Swara was overhearing all these.She left the office with crying.

Sanskar always threw her away from his way.Her mental condition was becoming unstable.

She came to his room at a night with covering her whole body with a blanket……. “Sanskar can I sleep here”…… She asked
San: What happened ghar jaana hai kya.???
Swara: Nahi dar lagta hai…..hatto hatto
She brushed aside something with a disgusting look from her hands.But he noticed nothing there
San: Shona what happened come on sit here.what was that.???
He seated her on the bed
Swara: Sanskar Sanskar spiders …….. hatto hatto.
She is brushing it aside..
But it was her imagination only.
Sanskar Sanskar (she shaked him) look at the floor,spiders the floor is filled with spiders. She was kicking vainly……yeaaahhh???…..
hatto meri pyr se…..she yelled and reached her legs to the bed….
Sanskar hugged her tightly……”Shona what are you saying. No no spiders are here”…….
Swara: No no Sanskar spiders, spiders everywhere spiders.You will see, I will kill them once haan…….she was nodding her head…… I will kill all of them once I will kill them hmm hmm
Sanskar: Shona look no spiders are here (He is saying in a weeping tone). Look here can you notice any spider here……
Swara looked around and she doesn’t saw any spider there…….”Chali gayi☺️☺️☺️☺️ chali gayi”…….. She lied on his chest like a kitten…..”Sanskar please turn off the AC na.It is very cold today”…… Sanskar looked around. It was so hot can’t live without AC.Sometimes he wondered about workers without sleeping AC in these deserts.And here she is telling that it is very cold there.Finally she dozzed of on his chest.He also remained like that and fell asleep.
He awoke after some minutes with hearing her shouting……. “spiders spiders”…….It seemed like she had seen nightmare full of spiders. She ran outside with yelling and hide on a corner.She was shivering……”Spiders spiders “….. Sanskar catched her and rushed into the hospital.

“Sanskar enough is enough. Please stop this Mr X play.You are playing with her life.I told you before that you can’t continue this. Please tell her the truth”……..Mythili is scolding him.

San: Mythili she can’t tolerate that.She can’t tolerate her family’s betrayal.
Mythili: Just shut up Sanskar. Are you gonna Gautam Buddha. Stop this nonsense. That truth will be smaller than your behavior towards her.

Mukti ran to them with fizzling……”Sanskar she is too violent.We have to give her electric shock”…..
San:??? Electric shock how dare you???….

He ran to the shock room. Swara is running from the shock room like a mad. Her hair was loosen and damaged.She is yelling deeply.That deep yelling will melts anyone’s heart.The hospital staffs are following her.Sanskar nabbed Swara……”Sanskar please don’t give me shock. It is very painful.I am afraid, I will die. No no Sanskar”……. She hugged him with sobbing. The staffs dragged her from him like a domestic animal.She was tightly hugging him……”How dare you???”…….He hugged her tightly.Staffs retrieved their hands trembly……. “Shona none will give you shocks??”……..

Mythili: Mukti you please complete the formalities.We are leaving.

Mythili drove the car. Sanskar was sitting at back seat with hugging his Shona.She was looking around like a feared deer.She moved her head above and looked at Sanskar……”What happened??”…….
Swara: Tum chaand hoon na.
He kissed on her cheek
Sanskar: haan aur tum chaand ka tukda??
Swara: ??? I know.
Mythili was also happy with seeing Swasan happy.

They reached home.
Now Sanskar is taking care of his Shona…….”Shona so jao”…….
Swa: Neend nahi aa rahi
San: Close ur eyes.Sleep will come itself.
Swa: No no Sanskar if I will close my eyes I will see spiders
Seenu and Dathu came into the room and rushed to the bed……”Mom how is you???”…Seenu asked

I m okay……she said it in a feeble voice.
San: Iguanaa?? Shona is not well and please don’t bother her.Please get out beta

Dathu: Sans I am not ur iguana ?? call me my full name Devdath Krishnamurti okay otherwise….
He opened his mouth like a roaring lion.

Swara was stunningly looking at both of them.Sanskar learned about what is she thinking…..About Dathu’s surname
Sanskar: Shona I will tell you everything but you have to be my previous Shona.
Swara nodded yes like a kid.
Dathu: Sans read this comic book loudly. We have to hear the story….
Dathu ordered like a judge.
San: Comic book no no not now.Shona want to sleep.
Swa: ??? comic books.Sanskar Sanskar please read it na.I didn’t read a comic book since last four years.

Sanskar felt bad for her,it all happened coz of him na??
Sanskar began to read that comic book. His 3 children are resting their heads on his lap.Finally they fell asleep. Mythili took both Seenu and Dathu to her room.Swara awoke trembly many times with shouting spiders…….

He hugged her more tightly at each time…… “Shona ur Sanskar is here na. No spiders will come across our life. I will not leave you”……

Swa: Pakka na
San: pakka so jao.
Swa: mmm?? lory suna do mujhe.
She was becoming a child….Sanskar sang a lullaby for her.

Mythili knocked the door at the next morning. Sanskar opened the door…….”How is she???”…… She asked with peeping inside.
San: Nothing just slept now.Always muttering spiders spiders spiders.

Myth: hmm I think I am the spider. I am shifting to home.

Sanskar: coz of her???
Myth: No no Sanskar I am missing Amma so much. Uncle Aunty Arjun Mukti all are there na??
Here you both have to be alone.
San: And Seenu???
Myth: I am also taking her Sanskar. You can’t take the responsibilities of both Swara and Seenu and it will be a tough job for you. She will not be here without me and Dathu.Whenever you want her. I will sent her here
San: Okay do what you like but I will miss her. I forgot to tell you something. I am really forgotten it midst of Swara’s condition.
Myth: what??
San: Krish is arriving within one week.
Myth: ??? what really???
San: hmm hmm Chansi Rani is blushing
Myth: ??????? is he okay???
San: Yeah yeah he is all right

Mythili shifted to her Mansion but Swara didn’t let Seenu to go. She wanted Seenu close to her.
Myth: Sanskar I will take her with me. It will be a tough job for you.
San: I know Mythili it will be a tough job but not for me it’s for you. You can’t live without her na.Don’t worry I will give her to her caretaker then she will always be with you.
And let me take care of both of them Mythili.Pata nahi kitne dhin (Sanskar said it with staring far away)

?? Sanskar….Mythili shouted…….are you really thinking that I am a fool
San:?? yeah yeah

Myth: Stop it Sanskar I am not joking. I m serious??. I don’t know about ur secret intentions but I have a clear picture about it and you know what I will not let you do that.

Mythili left the house angryly.Sanskar began to live with Swara and Seenu… Swara wants Seenu for everything… She sang lullabies for her.She supposed that Seenu is her lost daughter. She will feed her food, sometimes she made her a princess. Seenu always slept with her.Sanskar was also happy to seeing them happy. He kissed them.Swara dozzed of with leaving a smile on her face…….. “I know Shona ur smile’s secret is our Seenu. Shona Seenu is our daughter. Once you will be very happy by knowing it.They slept together.

But Swara was still afraid of sleep.
Swa: Sanskar they that spiders will come across my sleep
Sanskar took something from atmosphere and clenched his fist……”om hreem abra ka dabra”….. He gave it to Swara but she found nothing.She looked at him doubtfully……”Shona this is ur fear hiss it from ur life and trust me Mythili is not ur foe.She is our well wisher.The only foe in our life is him(Sanskar was shivering in anger)
……..whom??……..she asked. I will tell you first of all hiss this fear and close ur eyes.
She did
San: Tell me what are you observing.
She smiled and said……?? Butterflies……

They lived some more days happily……

Once a call arrived for Swara.It was Ragini.Chit chats between sisters continued for a while

Swara: Ragini hw is everybody
Ragini: All are okay but Chachi ji is fever.She is only whispering Sanskar’s name.

Swara cutted the call and uttered it to Sanskar
San: ?? what
Swa: Sanskar cm we have to go. Mom is not doing well and I I am sure she will be fine in ur presence.
She dragged his hands. But didn’t moved.
Swa: Sanskar what are you thinking come with me.
San: No Shona I can’t
He nodded with staring at the floor.
Swa: Sanskar she is ur Mom. She gave birth to you.
San: Shona whatever it is I can’t come with you. Will you go back and update me??.
Swa : Sanskar are you a human or not. There ur Mom is not well and here you are denying to come with me. You know what I am hating myself that I loved you.I hate you Mr Sanskar Maheahwari.U r a man without humanity.

Sanskar held her shoulders tightly.

Shona please calm down. I will tell you everything.
She pulled him back.

Swa: Look Sanskar I don’t want to hear anything. Leave me I am going back.

She packed her luggages.Sanskar holds her hand

San: Shona please don’t go.Please hear me.

She left his hands and left with her baggage.

Swara reached the airport. When she was awaiting after confirmation someone touched on her shoulder. She smiled….”Sanskar”……
but she found some another one there.

??? mom are you leaving me……

It was Seenu.Krish is lifting her……”Papa please convince mom.Please tell her don’t go???”…….

Next shock to Swara

???? Papa

Who is this girl’s parents. Dad Mom Maa Papa

He reached his hand for a shake hand

Hai Swara I am Krishna Murti Mythili is my spouse.

Swara shocked again. I am heard that you are leaving. Swara please don’t go.

Swa: Look Mr don’t interfere in my life and please take care of ur charec…..
Swara was shocked to see Mythili there.

Myth: Why are you stopped Swara.Say it,characterless right??.
Swa: off course Mythili,Characterless.You are married and you are loving my Sanskar. If you are not liking it tell me an another apt name for you.
Krish: Swara what are you saying. Look it is not like that.
Myth: Stop it Krish,I will say.Yes Swara I am loving him.He is also loving me.We love each other.
Swara is shocked and looked at Krish’s face. But there is no reaction in his face.
Swa: ohh I got it. He is concerning you more than us.So he is denying it na???
I am leaving. Tell him that I am hating him at the core of my heart.

She heard the third announcement and attempted to leave

Mom please don’t go that innocent voice. She stopped for a while then walked with wiping her tears.

Someone hold her hand.She was in an ire……”Krish leave my hand I have to go”…….

“Swara kya tum apni bachi ko chodkar jaungi??”………

That familiar voice. She retrospect…..

??? Laksh !!!!!!!


Credit to: Nandana

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