Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 (Episode 3)


I know u guyz are so much confused but I am wishing to tell you one thing. Try to realize each n every word in a positive attitude coz a big truth is hidden in Sanskar’s behavior

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Khuda: Oohhh no how Sanskar can do such a thing to Swara
I m going Kanha,he deserve this punishment……

Kanha: Bro please stay here,I will tell you more about that in the this episode…….

The scene moved to the previous office cabin

This world is revolving around Swara. Sanskar left her alone at that cabin. Her past incidents are mocking ar her.She was losing her consciousness. Swara faints. Arjun came into the cabin with teasing Mukti.They are still unmarried. They found her unconscious. Arjun rushed her to a house near sea.It was exactly like that house like Swasan desired before……
The Physician analyzed Swara. Sanskar was also present there…….
“Look Mr Moorthi her mental condition is not stable, please remain her happy”……..Doctor said to Arjun.Sanskar is leaning his head and furiously went outside.

She regained consciousness at next morning. Sun rays are bothering her sleep.Sanskar budged the curtains.
She felt that some small fingers are running through her eyes,forehead,lips, cheeks.She slowly opened her eyes…..”Good morning Mom”…… A cute little voice is giving humidity to her ears. A small girl was sitting near her.Swara assumed that she is 3 year old. She was wearing a white top with small purple and violet colored flowers and a short skirt.Eyes were seeming like grapes,Fair skin.Her cute smile propelled her dizziness. Swara gave her a feeble smile. She touched on Swara’s cheeks…..”Your smile is too gorgeous Mom”……. She said. Mom!!!! she always wished to hear that,she is also hearing it now but from an unknown little girl. She didn’t resisted it.It was giving her an unknown comfort…..”Who is she??Why she is calling me mom.??Which is this unknown house??”
Swara touched on her cheeks…….”Baby what is ur name??”……..
She seated on Swara’s lap and leaned to her chest.Swara’s heart is beating fast like never before. Her br*asts are desiring for something. She felt that milk is arriving from it. Swara remembered about the pain which had she suffered from in the lack of lactations.
Dida said it once,
Krishna came to meet Devaki after killing Kamsa. When she met her son after years,milk arrived from her br*asts.Is it she is her daughter???….She keenly observed her and some signs of Swasan are also visible in her face……”Mom moom”……she shouted.Swara stunningly looked at her….”wh what beta??”…..”You asked me my name na?? My name is Sowparnika Varma.You can call me Seenu”……..Swara was shocked. No no she is not her daughter. If she was her daughter then her name definitely will be Kadambari and this surname Varma???…….”Mom itna long long hair??,I also want hair like this
“Seenu why are you calling her Mom??”…..
It was the first time she noticed Sanskar there.He was ready to go to office and is managing to ligate his wrist watch.Seenu stood up on the bed and came near to Sanskar…….”Dad what are you saying??”……..
?? Dad!!!! Swara was shocked…….”Dad you told me that this Shona is ur wife.If she is ur wife then my Mom too.”…..

?? Wife he is giving me my wifey rights

“Seenu this is not ur Mom??”……..he shouted loudly. Seenu leaned her head and pouts.He eyes were began to fill.Swara felt bad for her…….”Mom mom mom”……Seenu shouted in a sad tone.Then hugged Swara……”Main aise hi bulangiiii”…….How beautiful was her innocent cute little voice.She began to cry loudly
“What happened,what happened??”…… Someone said it near the door…….”My Angel what happened???Why are you crying???”…..It was Mythili…..”Maa”….. Seenu called her midst of crying.
Next shock to Swara ??? Maa!!!!
Mythili lifted her.Seenu raised her finger towards Sanskar……”Maa this Dad is not obeying me.???”……She said it in a fury
Mythili: Don’t worry my Angel.

Maa what’s going on here??. Why is she crying???
A little boy came inside
It seemed like they are twins….. “Seenu please take a look.Your caretaker is also here.Dathu come come and console her”…….Seenu pouts and complained him about Sanskar
Seenu: Dathu this Dad taunted me.??

.Dathu burned in anger. He breathed fastly??. Then climbed on Sanskar’s back within one jump.And held him like an iguana. Then began to bite on his shoulder……”Sans y did you scolded my Seenu??”…….
Sanskar was suffering from pain……”Aaaahhh???? Dathu please stop this ????
Mythili Please take him”…….
Mythili was also trying to drag him but we know na an iguana can’t give up his holding…….”Aaaahh ??? you devil Dracula”…….. The power of stinging is also increased……”I m not Dracula”…… He said it in a microsecond and went back for biting and this time the power increased 2 times more……”????aaaaaaahhh”……..
Swara felt bad for Sanskar. But laugh is also arriving. He deserves it na???.Swara came to them. He was still biting Sanskar.Dathu noticed Swara there…..”?? hiii Shona”…… Sanskar sighed…..”Ohhh”……
…..”??? aaaaahh”…….Dathu attacked him once again with more energy. Sharpness of a kid’s teeth omg, it is more painful than an ordinary man’s.
Swara was also shocked how do these kids know her nick name.Swara smiled and patted on his head….. “? Dathu,I m here for playing with you. Don’t you show me your home???”…….
He left Sanskar from biting.Then smiled at Swara and stared at Sanskar…….”Shona is saying. So I am leaving you.??? and don’t taunt my Seenu otherwise hmmm”…… He opened his mouth like a dinosaur. Mythili scolded Dathu……”Dathu I told you to console Seenu ???”………
Dathu: Mom I m solely did that,Seenu r u consoled.
Seenu happily nodded yes☺️☺️☺️.
Mythili introduced herself to Swara…..”Hiii Swara I am Mythili Moorthi”…….??? shocks out of shocks.
Seenu is calling her Mom but her surname is Moorthi,how horrible it is. They shook hands.
Mythili hugged Sanskar and left.Swara felt jealous. Dathu and Seenu went for hide and seek play. Sanskar was suffering from pain.He was attempted to leave then said……”You are not well na?? Join office after 1 week”……. She held his hands and removed his coat then began to untie his buttons of the shirt……” Heey hey what are you doing?? Leave me”……he brushed aside her hands…… “Hmm tum aise nahin manega”…… She pulled him towards her then kissed on his chin

He remained like a statue.She removed his shirt. Then seated him at the bed…….”Aaahh”…. She applied medicine on his wound. The wound was not at all deep. He wore shirt and coat like before ns……”Shon..Swara stop ur melodrama”……
Swara: Sanskar are you really thinking that I m melodramatic???
He stood up. Swara pined him to the wall….”Aur vaise bhi aaram ki zaroorat mujhse zyada tumhe hai.Kya hua kuch samajh mein nahin aa raha hai na?? Main yaad dila hoon”……

The scene moved to previous night.

Swara coughed and woke up from her sleep. She was thirsty and gulped some water. Swara was in a strange place and afraid also. Suddenly she heard some foot steps.Swara pretended to be dozz of. It was our one and only Sanskar. He was seen so happy. He kissed on her forehead and lied beside her……..”Shona I am so sorry. I know I am not deserving your forgiveness. You suffered a lot coz of me. (He checked the veins of her hands and wiped his tears.It was blue and signs of injections in it).Shona I know you had tolerated many pains but I am stunning by your unexpected behavior. I expected ur slap.I thought that u will blame me for my betrayal. I betrayed you na??? But trust me Shona.I did all these unknowingly.Destiny didn’t allowed us to be unite and our daughter she she is ( a call arrived he cutted that call,Swara was eagerly awaited for knowing about her daughter.Then he returned to Swara).

Shona you know what, I am the most fortunate hubby in the world. My wife is trusting me, she is loving me.

Shona I am feeling so happy. Finally you are with me. I will never leave you.
(Sanskar lied more close to her and hugged)
Shona man karta hai ki tumhe aise hi dekta rah jaun. Voh tum hamesha kehti thi na bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen. Did you seen this house. It is exactly like we desired. Destiny will give us everything like we desired maybe it’s version will be change.It was a house still now,you have to make it a home. We will share a happy life soon but before that I have to ruin that Satan who have made our life none other than a hell??..I have to complete my vengeance. It’s all happened coz of him. Shona my behavior towards you will be rude.It will be very painful to you. You tolerated many many things. Our broken marriage, blames of society, loss of our child,days in mental asylum etc etc. Agar mujhse ho pata na Shona main tumhe inn sab mein guzarne nahin deta,majbur tha main. My behavior towards you will be rude but please forgive me Shona.The happenings will be mysterious but please believe me like this ……Lakhon koshishon ke baad tumhe yahan mere paas mila hai.Kabhi jaane nahi doonga.
Mann karta hai ki iss raat ko yahi rokhna chahiye.Jaisa tumne kaha tha na,bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen.

Sanskar held on her waste more tightly. Then looked at her with a smile.


Sanskar stared at Swara like a culprit…..
“I can see dizziness in your eyes.Come on dozz of Sanskar”……..She dragged his hands
Sanskar: Ohh you are showing me ur wifey rights??
He brushed aside her hands.
Look Swara I think you had seen a dream. You had to be remain at that mental asylum.

That words was very painful to Swara. She wiped her tears……”Yeah Sanskar but I can differentiate reality and illusion. Okay I am agreeing it was my nightmare.Then who was that Sanskar??? Who held my hands in labour room?? I was mad but I didn’t supposed to see you at that time. You are a man and you don’t know how painful is a travail. None of the women can’t imagine anything when she is suffering from labour pain.But you came to me,held my hands, made me brave,decreased my pain.Remember one thing Sanskar I was not mad before my delivery.
Sanskar: I am leaving.
He attempted to leave.

Swara: Nazren churane se sach nahin badlega Sanskar.
(She showed him that POP hands)
Sanskar it made me alive in these 3 years. You are with me na??.I can feel ur pains and sorrows.You missed me so much in these 4 years. I can feel ur each sorrows. Your hands are with me for wiping my tears(She looked at that hand.,stroked it.Then smiled vainly).But I was’nt close to you.
( Sanskar closed his eyes. Tears are rolling from it )…..Whenever you wants me, I will be there for you

. Sanskar captured that hand
“This the main barrier against my peace??.Ab tumhe iski koi zaroorat nahi”.
He broke it. The pieces were dissipated onto the floor.Swara was shocked by his reaction. She gleaned that pieces then told to that pieces.Her voice was too sad…..”Sorry but I will not loss you.You made me brave na?? I will preserve you forever”……
Then she returned to Sanskar. He was standing like a winner. She wiped her tears and approached him with a smile…..”You broke this na.Chalo koi baat nahi iska matlab yeh hui na ki tum mere haat kabhi nahi chodunga.??.If you are with me then what is the use of this POP hands.You expected this right??.???
Sanskar turned backward and smiled secretly.
Swara: Look I don’t want your favour. I m also coming with you.
Sanskar: but
Swara showed him her arm and alerted him to be silent.
Swara: If you are inconvenient then tell me. I will go back.
She pulled him to the bed.She also lied beside him. Her hands ran through his chest.Her lips moved towards his lips.Their lips quarrelled for each other. At last she separated her lips from him.He was still in a shock. He is insensibly looking at her.She gave him a fake slap. It roused him from that shock…….”Aur voh bond papers hai na apna paas hi rakho.Are you really thinking that I am a stupid. I read it carefully. If I will leave this job without authority’s permission. I will be jailed right??. I have no commitments. I can solely see above sky and below earth. I decided it yesterday that I will leave this job today. So I can remain my life in Dubai jail.

He pulled her backward.

Swara what are you saying. Dubai jail!!! it is very horrible. They will flog you in each week.omg it is very painful.
Swara: How do you know. Did you ever stayed in Dubai jail.
Sanskar is tensed.Sweat droplets are falling from his forehead.
Swara shaked his shoulders……. “Sanskar u r sweating tell me the truth”……..
Mythili accessed into the room in a hurry…..

Sanskar what you want for breakfast. I will make it. When Sanskar was dare to talk something she covered his mouth with her hand.

Swara: Don’t worry Mythili.I will prepare breakfast today and I know he is also wishing something made by me. Am I right Sanskar??

Sanskar unknowingly nodded
Swara left

Mythili: Today I saved you otherwise ohh no.
Sanskar it is not a reality show,if u will give up our lives also will be spoiled. Continue this play if you can otherwise please stop this.?????.
It is not the time to play your silly romance. And if you will fail, I am assuring you, you both will be suffocate more. Tell her the truth??
Sanskar: Mythili It is my life and I can’t give up my love.You knew about her condition na??
She showed her hand and alerted him to be silent

Sanskar: Sanskar don’t forget I am also a part of ur life.
If you can continue this play otherwise….. I think I don’t need to tell you the remaining words.

Tears are also falling from her eyes.

Sanskar hugged her.

Mythili: Sanskar if something will happen to you. I can’t tolerate it. I lost u once n I can’t let it happen again and again Sanskar punched on her back……….

Hey Mythili leave it. Nothing will happen to me even anybody. Everything will be fine soon.
Swara overheard all these. She covered her mouth with her hand and ran into the kitchen with sobbing.

She splashed water on her face. So it can vanish her tears easily but her eyes were remained puffy.She was lost in her thoughts. The milk ebullienced and a little fell onto the burner. The fire was extinguished.Someone punched on her shoulder from back. It was Mythili.
………”Swara what are you doing.Look at the burner??”……..She roused from the thoughts and cleared the problem…… “Swara if you will live in ur dream world. Then how can you find ur success. I am advising you please go back”….
Swara stared at her with disdainful smile…..”Don’t worry haan what is ur name?? Yeah Mythili I know how to succeed in my life and in the case of my return,

Khaali mang se aaya hai aur ab apni sindoor ko lekar hi vaapas jaunga???”

Mythili: Hmm I am impressed. All the best???

Mythili punched on Swara’s shoulder


R u confused????

Credit to: Nandana

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