Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 episode 2


Dear season 2 is not related to season 1 but some similarities are here.So let’s we begin

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Then days have passed. Sanskar didn’t arrived but Sanskar’s POP(Plaster of Paris) hand is always with his Shona.It wiped her tears.It remained her strong… It made her a brave girl.
Her childhood friend Doctor Sameer entered in her life. He wanted to marry her.
But time will never wait for anything. Her foetus was becoming ready to come outside…….
She is suffering from that biggest and greatest pain in this world. That hand is still with her.She saw him in the operation theatre……….. Nothing will happen to you and our princess Shona.I I will be there for you. You don’t worry my dear………..She nodded happily………. Look it is over……….He said.She felt a good relief and sighed.Then felt dizzy and her eyes were began to closed.

She regained her consciousness after 2 days.Swara checked two sides for her baby……Shomi approached her with crying. She asked with possessiveness….. “Maa where is my baby???It is my daughter na???
Mishti nodded yes….
Ragini is weeping…. Swara nothing left Swara your daughter is no more….
Dadi: Acha hua voh chali gayi

Swara was dare to attack Dadi
Swara: What did you said.How dare you.
I know my daughter is alive. And all of you don’t tell me that she is passed away,my daughter is still alive I know it.
She started to harm the things near her.At last fainted.
Time is leaving her with giving a lot of pains.Her br*ast was aching coz of overload of milk in it.Dadi threw the medicines over her…..”Yeh kha le aur mare ko thodi saanthi de dena bas??”…….
She was becoming more and more silent day by day.They shifted her to a mental asylum.


Sanskar was standing beside the window.He was watching the moon.Mythili came to room
Mythili : Sanskar a good news for you
San: What
He asked with staring at the moon
Myth: They shifted Swara to a mental asylum
Sanskar isn’t showing any reaction, he was still staring at moon
San: I know, toh acha hua na.
She deserves it now……..
They both showed an evil smile

Then 4 years.

Shocks,meditation,sometimes she tried to ran away from the hospital. Her veins were turned blue coz of the side effects of medicines. Lips were dried.She only used to stare far away. At last she returned to life.
Shekhar: Thank you Sameer.I regained my daughter with the help of yours.
She tried to found out a job. Her bitter past and mental conditions are the new barrier. She was fed up with her life. Swara took a hand full of sleeping pills and dare to consume it……”Swara there is a registered letter for you”……..Ragini said it from the living room.She threw the sleeping pills away in a hurry and went downstairs. Her eyes were sparkled to see that.She got a job from Dubai.
She packed her baggage. Shekhar was too emotional, he rubbed his eyes
Shekhar: Shona beta are you sure.Do u really want to go???
Swara: Baba don’t worry I am okay. I can control myself.
Sameer: Yeah Uncle it will be a change for her. New place, new job……
Shomi:Shona can we come with you???
Swara: no maa if you people will cm wid me.I can only see sympathy on ur faces.I want to be alone.
She was on the way to airport.
She noticed someone built a factory at her dream plot……

“Kyun Sanskar kyun kiya yeh sab.I don’t forget you. I don’t give up to loving you coz u r my life. You will definitely accept me na??”

She touched on her tummy and closed eyes. Tears are falling like Ganga…….

Buy I can’t give you ur princesses Sanskar.

She was still closing her eyes. A little girl muttered on her left ear……”Mom I love you so much”
A man whispered on her right ear…..”Shona we are with you. We will never ever leave you. Please wait for some more time.Then we will be together forever”……..
She smiled after years.And touched on their cheeks. How is her daughter. How she look like. Is she the xerox copy of her Sanskar???”……..She opened her eyes. But failed to find anyone near her……..”Where are they??”……..Bas voh pal yahi rukh jayen……

She said good bye to Kolkata…..


She entered into the new firm.It was Dubai’s one of the largest Hypermarket. She explored their.Swara vainly checked a shampoo bottle.
A lady wearing uniform saree,Mafta and ID card approached her with a smile……. “Good morning mam.What you want????”…….
Shampoo…..ohh no….
She vainly hitted on her forehead…..Actually I got an appointment here………The lady checked it…….oh u r our CEO’s nw PA right?? Cm I will show you his cabin…….

Swara followed that lady.She raised her hand to a cabin…..”Here is it mam.Hav a nice day”……
Okay tq……Swara said.
The lady came to the food section. She approached a lady with respect……”Mythili mam the work was done.I showed her the cabin..
Mythili: hmm okay well job.
Mythili appreciated her,the lady left.
Mythili: So Swara you came here right??. It was fruit of our hard work. You have to be here,we tried our best for it.These 3 years was an intermission. Now you will complete the remaining story.
Her smile was too evil.

Swara knocked the door and peeps……”May I come in sir”
A girl was typing something in the system…..”yeah come in.”….. She smiled….R u the nw PA??.Wait a second. CEO Is in a meeting……Swara nodded with a smile…. By the way I am Mukti….

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari??.
Swara introduced herself

Mukti gave her some bond papers
Mukti: Swara please read it carefully and sign it. It is some bond papers,just a formality. You know na there is many formalities in Emirates for getting a job.
She read it roughly and signed without thinking anything.Mukti left.

Swara was alone in the cabin.
She felt something special for Sanskar……. “Sanskar why I am feeling that you are here??”….. She took That plaster of paris hand and hugged it with weeping.She closed her eyes…

Someone came inside and saw she is crying.

Agar tum saath ho plays

Are you okay??? That familiar voice!!!!……
………Sanskaar………she muttered.And opened her eyes in a shock.Yes Sanskar was there. She ran and hugged him.

Sanskar I I knew that you will not leave me.Suddenly she cutted by something…..”Sanskar our princesses???”…….She hugged him once again but he was still like a statue……”Sanskar please don’t leave me again.Sanskar I am feeling that my breath is back. If you will leave me again I will die”…….She closed her eyes with a smile.

Agar tum saath ho – Teri nazron mein tere sapne plays

Suddenly he pulled her backwards. He was fuming in anger.His that face was unknown to her…….”Zabardasti mein rishta jodne ki koshish mat karna.Jo kaam karne aayi hai voh karo…She was in a shock.His face was becoming too rude. He was checking some files. Leaving pages with anger.It is evident that his mind wasn’t at the files.

The scenes of these 4 years passed through her mind.Her broken marriage, blames, her still birth,the pain of a mother,days spent in mental asylum. Pain of shocks,rejection from the whole world. And finally he is also rejecting her. She lived only coz of him.He gave her the bravery towards life. She solely lived in the hope of him that one day he will come back and accept her.

He was about to live.
She gained some energy from her bitter past and called him.

Mr Sanskar Maheshwari

He is no more…..He replied and walked away from the cabin


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Credit to: Nandana

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  1. awesome.. but why sanskar is doing like this? is he taking revenge with swara? if s then why? why mukti and mythali wants swasan seperate.. really curious to know this is he taking revenge.. please reveal it soon………

    1. Coming episodes will tell you dear k I can tell you one thing Mythili n his gang are not trying to separate Swasan

  2. Awesome Plzz update next part soon .. . . . .

    1. Kk dear please wait

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  7. Namaskaaram.. Porichu..avasanam oru dfrnt theme vanne… I’m glad dat u r d one hu brought d change… Where is my Kanha ji? I MISS HIM..
    BA HINDI aanalle.. Hats off 4 dat..ivde manushyanu 2nd lang aayittu polum padkkan pattanilla…
    Ethu clgila padkane? Pnne onnum thonnarut..kure naalayi chodikka…nte Niv n Naz..evde? Story dfrnt alle..plz upload it..4 me..

    1. Ayyo njn ryti kond irikkua pore
      Pnne aa diseason theme entha da
      Kanha ji varum season 1 lm pathikk vachalle varane idak idak Khaudayumayula conversation und
      Pnne Hindi mm nalla pada…….ente colg atra famous alla NSS College for women Tvpm
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  8. what happene to sanskar????why he is behaving like this…..

    1. Soujanya be positive, A big truth is behind it,that will reveal soon………
      Maybe Mythili is not the villian n Sans is not revengeful to Swara

  9. Nandana.. I am happy to know that u r a malayali.. And ur story is really awesome and different from other ffs .. I loved it.. Plzzz update the next part soon.. eagerly waiting for it..

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