Swasan – Tere ishq mein season 2 episode 1

I will update that horror story friends please wait for a while.

Episode 1


It was a Friday afternoon. The work site was incomplete without workers. As we all know employees are restricted to do work at Fridays in Emirates.Two person are moving hand in hand towards the end of that building. It is showing that one of them is a guy and the other one is a girl……
They were stopped at the end.The girl is looking at him with a sorrow. He held her cheeks and wiped her tears with his thumb.He nodded…… “No Mukti please don’t cry we are gonna one within some minutes.We are forwarding this attempt coz of our family members.”…….
“Yeah Arjun cm we will go”……. Both of them closed their eyes unite.They are dare to jump
But a hand pulled them backwards. Someone slapped them.It was a girl. It is showing her face she was damn gorgeous.She clapped her hands…..”Wow Hats off Mom.You named her correctly. You know what it is apt for her.She always wants Mukti with leaving us in problems.”…….
Arjun: Mythili please let us die,our family won’t let us live.
He held Mukti’s hands more tightly.
A man came to them and slapped Arjun.Mythili held his shoulders…….”Krish no they will not understand ur slap.They are in the addiction of love.”……..
Krish: I can’t Mythili,I can’t control myself. They are very smart you know. As both of them knew that today our work site will be secluded. So they came here to commit suicide. They didn’t thought about that you are expecting.(Mythili crouched her head) You followed them na Mythili.Did you ever thought that it will harm you and our child.???
Mythili: Krish just leave it.Tell me,what about him.We want him here.Solely he can clear this knot.In fact coz of him our family were ruined. These two stupids were tried to commit suicide.Tell us about Sanskar Maheshwari.
Krish: Our sources signified us some new news.As we all knew about he registered his marriage with Swara Gadodia before 3 months. And the new information is she is expecting. None learned about it even Sanskar also but we are aware of it before him.
And the latest news is he is gonna marrying her tomorrow

Mythili and Krish both of them showed an evil smile.Krish held Arjun and Mukti’s hands.
Krish: Look Mukti we will unite you both. But promise me in the name of ur pregnant sister. Arjun and you also.You are my younger brother.So I also have the place of our Dad na?? Please promise us. In fact Krishna is always the guide of Arjuna right??
They promised that they will never do like that.
Arjun: okay then what will we do now??
Mukti: Whatever but first of all we have to go to Kolkata
Krish: K then pack your luggage Arjun
Mythili: Ok cm let’s go
Krish: hey hey where are you going. You please take rest and Mukti you.You can’t come with us. If you will cm with us.We can’t control the probz then.Our family will break like sand droplets forever.

The scene moved to Kolkata.

Swasan are gathering at a plot near the beach. Swara rested her head on his lap……”Swara you know what, l am gonna buy this plot.We will build a small house here.And here will be our bedroom.
Swara smiled she had took his hands to her tummy……..”Then what about our baby”…….Sanskar smiled his eyes were sparkled??…..
“really??.”…… He asked…. She nodded yes.
Swara: Sanskar I didn’t expect that. It will all clear so fast. Just think how much knotted it all were.We met each other. You fell for me,I fell for you. Your family denied to accept me coz my Maa is Bengali.We married legally
Then they accepted me. And at last we are going to unite forever.
They hugged each other
Sanskar: I m promising Shona that I will never ever leave your hand.Tell me what you want
Swara wiped her tears and nodded…..

” kuch nahin bas yeh pal yahin rukh jayen”
…….. Sanskar’s mobile alerted.It was Sujata…….”Sanskar come home fast.Your Shervani has been arrived. Come on and tell me you like it or not.

The call hung up and they left.Sanskar is wrapping his hands through her shoulders.

Krish and Arjun are watching them.
Arjun: Don’t be happy Sanskar first of all you have to clear our knot

Sanskar secretly entered to Swara’s room at night via window of her room. It was 8 pm. She was happily looking at her Mehndi.
He hugged her back and held her hands….. “Is it reddish Shona??”……he asked……”Yeah Sanskar tumne jo itna pyar mujhse karta hoon na??? tum yahan??”…….. He giggled and gave her a gift wrap…..”It is for you and our baby”……..When she was dare to open it he stopped her……”No no Shona not now.Open it in my absence. I will blush?????”………She gave him a fake slap…..”You are naughty”……. He fed her food…….”Sanskaaar I am not your child.please don’t do this??.I don’t want milk” …..
Sanskar: yeah but my princess is inside you. She wants milk.
Swa: Sanskar how could you know that she is our Princess. It might be a Prince too.
Sanskar: No no she is my princess. I will do something in my 2nd attempt?????
Swa: u idiot stupid okay okay….
She rested her head on his lap.He began to pat her head.
Sanskar: Shona what you want. I will give you anything.
Swa: Kuch nahi bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen
She closed her eyes and fell asleep.
Sanskar left to MM with giving her a kiss….

Sanskar was lost in his tomorrow. He was descending the steps of MM.Adarsh took him from his dream world.
Adarsh: Sanskar where are you lost.Will you please give this files to Papa.He was in his study room.
Sanskar left with the files
Parineeta punched on Adarsh’s back.
Adarsh ji don’t you know that Papaji is in a strictly confidential meeting.None is allowed to access inside.
Adarsh: Parineeta it is important to sign that files
Parineeta: k then y don’t you??
Adarsh: I m afraid of Papa.Now Sanskar will hear his scolding??

It was morning Maheshwaris are trying to call Sanskar but he is not answering. Swara is also trying to call him but no reply.
Then morning turned to noon,afternoon at last Mahurat had arrived. Sanskar didn’t ……Swara was like a lifeless body….
Ashes were remained in the hawankund.
Dp declared that Laksh will marry Swara.Ragini was also broken. But Swara was still like that. Gadodias sighed.
Dadi: ohh God at last this burden is leaving from our heads.

Laksh denied but Ragini made him accept Swara.Swara was completing her each round like a robot.Six rounds were also completed. Suddenly she remembered Sanskar’s words……”Swara I will never ever leave ur hands”…….She stopped walking…… “Laksh stop this,I can’t marry you”…… Lucky stopped it as he also wanted this……”Maa Baba dadi my Sanskar will never leave me. He will come soon.He loves me,I love him. We love each other”
All of them compelled her for marrying Laksh but she denied. She is believing that something went wrong at that one night.

Shekhar: Beta please accept this.That cheater will not come back??.
Ragini: Please Swara do this.
Swara: Ragini please don’t be a Mahan.Please live ur life with Laksh and please don’t compell me to do this???

Mishti: Beta please marry him. It is only for your well being.

Swara: Maa I am expecting his child.

The hall was bathed in silence for a micro second. Then someone showered sympathy on her.Many of the guests blamed her.Her loved ones are sobbing. Someone are consoling them.She left to her room.Raglak got married at the same mandap at the same day

Then days have passed.

She hide herself in the room.Her belly was bumping day by day.She opened that gift wrap. There was a Barbie doll in it.She is smiling and winking her eyelids. She checked the gift wrap once again. She found out a Plaster of Paris arm in it.The fingers in that arm are crooked so an another hand can easily hold it…
She also found out a letter in it.

Shona I don’t know who is this Barbie doll, is it you?? Or my little princess??.Whatever remain smiled like this

I want to be with you. Tomorrow you will be mine forever. But Shona I am feeling that I can’t live more. I am feeling that my breath will stop soon.I don’t know why I am feeling this. If I will leave you. You have to be strong. You have to be brave coz you will be the only one for our daughter. Did you seen that hand.It was mine.I made it with plaster of Paris. Come hold my hands.

She held it with a smile.

And now wipe ur tears with my hands.

She did

Whenever u will be let down then remember me. I will be there for you. I know what are you thinking…. Bakwas ki baaten karna band karo Sanskar.Tomorrow is our marriage☺️☺️☺️ right??
I m also thrilled……
Shona can I tell you something
I m also desiring it.

Bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen
Bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen
Bas yeh pal yahi rukh jayen

She lied on the bed and sobbed like a kid.
Mishti came to her with a glass of milk
Swara hugged her tightly.
Mishti feed her some milk forcefully……
Sharmishta’s face was gloomy……”I know Maa Swara is the discussion subject outside.Dadi is blaming your parvarish right?? Isn’t it?? But don’t worry maa.My Sanskar will come soon.Then everything will be okay.They will ashame.

Shomi noticed the open window…… “Shona it is very cold outside. Then why aren’t you closing it.”
Mishti was dare to closing it

Swara: no no Maa agar ek raat mein meri Sanskar iss khidki se khus aaya toh.Please remain it like that.

Sharmishta left the room with a gloomy smile.
She held that his plaster of paris hand.She seemed that Sanskar is lying beside her .He is smiling. He disappeared in a microsecond.

Bas yeh pal yahi rukh jaye Sanskar.
She said it with wiping her tears…….


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