Swasan – Tere ishq mein (Final episode)


Heyy guyzz I am so sorry for delaying. This is last episode. As I hope u will like it. It is the long update. Please enjoy it and please please comment……

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Episode 12

I m hugging my Shona,her eyes were wet and puffy.I don’t know what is happening inside me.My Manyu where is my son.Manyu where ever you are, please come to us.Your Maa and Pappa are waiting for you.In fact ur whole family is waiting for you…..”Eepu yeh hamhari Papa hai sach mein hamhari Papa hai”…..how he said it with his sparkling eyes.We are praying for him.
Badimaa,Mishtimaa and the whole ladies were doing pooja,is it that Talwar kidnapped my Manyu????…..

?? suddenly we heard something breaking in the kitchen.?? ohh God we didn’t noticed in kitchen. All of us immediately reached there…….

???? ohh God this little devil na…..
I don’t know what I felt at that moment rejoice☺️ or anger?….

He was there??. Eating rasgulas from the floor exactly like a kitten. Devil is seizing the far away rasgulas and throwing it into his mouth He looked around like a monkey and then creeped under the table for taking the remaining rasgulas.The voice we heard was dashing of the steel container containing rasgulas.It was kept in the fridge. I think he accidentally downed it from above… We don’t know how he entered to the kitchen within these few seconds…He is still enjoying the taste of rasgulas…..”Eepu, chote,bhaiyya come on eat this it is very tasty.”…..??? my Don son is squatting at the floor and is
saying with his mouth full of rasgulas.Each of his cheeks are bumped like a balloon.My little Hanuman….
??? Shona yeh kaisa tuphan paida kiye hai tumne”……Oh he arrived here too??? Kanhaji❗️❗️…….?? kyun beta tumhari contribution mein kuch kami reh gayi hai kya.She didn’t did anything but u did the cruelty to her???,I just hope u will understand.So this storm is up to you…..

“? Manyu”…….Shona shouted.She is fuming in anger but my little Superman is still calm and quiet….. “Maa yeh aapki raagule se zyada acha hai”……I think it heated her more.A woman will not tolerate it ,which is going to be question her cooking.She scolded him for fearing us and not keeping his manners in front of the family but my little superman is licking his hands.Saliva is falling from his mouth.She had a fear that our family will question her about her Parvarish.BM begun her lecture in front of us.She patted on her head…….”Swara what are you saying,it is him home, he can do anything what ever he wants.We are awaited for a grandchild like him.Adhu n Chote are not naughty like him. They are calm and quiet but he is exactly like our Kanha ji.You know na Kanha ji was very naughty, an excellent thief.He stole maakan from every house of Gokul.He looted the clothes belongs to Gopikas.Chor chor maakhan chor,kapade chor…”
Kanha ji: ?? me❗❗️???
?? coz of my Badimaa I achieved my goal in front of him first time in my life….

We heard my little Superman’s squeaky voice.He is itching his whole body and cried innocently.
I dragged his hands and asked him what happened.I felt something irritating my hands, something like gummy.I smelled it.I keenly observed him and learned what happened…
Ohh Superman is suffering from ants. All of us surrounded in front of him and consoled.Instead of downing the rasgula container he was already bathed in sugar syrup.Shona dragged his hands and went to bathroom.I followed them.He made the whole room and bathroom flood .He ran away from bathroom with wearing a towel and here we are alone in the bathroom.I grabbed Shona more closer to meWe have an eye lock. We don’t knew how minutes have passed.I felt Ragini’s coughing like a bomb bombarded in Cargill. She teased us…..”Jiju let’s do ur romance after marriage now we have to go to Baadi” …….Ladies are battling each other for wear Manyu his clothes.After the bath Adhu and Chotu kidnapped him for playing. He is the younger but he is the leader…..

We both entered to our room.Memories were still alive there.She sat on the bed and stroked on a Teddy bear there.I know she is not here,she is in our past….”sab kuch vaisa ki vaisa hi hai”……I told it unknowingly.she stared at me doubtfully.She was stunned why I am said like that and got so emotional from learning that,I didn’t crossed gateway of MM still now.She lied on my chest.She expressed me once again….. “Sanskar Tere ishq mein mera ishq kuch hai hi nahi”…… And I replied……”Shona u gave up ur jeweleries and colorful dresses in these previous four years.This whole world thought that u did coz of the hatred towards me but I knew the truth behind it”……. She stared at me with a fear and I continued……”U r looking good only 4 me right.Tere ishq mein hi hamhara ishq hai Shona”…… She hugged me tightly with happiness…..”Shona can I ask you something??. Yeh final episode hai iss ke baad tumhe mauka nahi milega??”…….she doubtfully nodded her head……”U loved me at first sight na????I knew it coz I begun to notice u till from the next day.You were looking good more and more day by day. You were peeped at me in the class time na??? By the way Lucky told me that you got your admission in an another school first then why you came into my school??”

She stared at me like a culprit herself. I tried to hold her hands but she brushed it aside.How horrible it is??…. “Main tumse baat nahin karungi nonsense?”….. She stared at me.I pined her to the wall and came more close her.She tightly closed her eyes. My face is moving towards her face….”Shonaaa” someone called her. I don’t how she got an extra ordinary power.She pulled me back….. “Abhi aayi maa”….. Look how is she staring at me angrily.I flirted with her but she is still staring me exactly like the first time I saw her.We were descending the steps of MM……”I will not talk to you”…..she expressed her decision to me but I am observing her lip movement like before.I am desiring to kiss her.I m mesmerized in her beauty and lost in my thoughts. I didn’t noticed that the steps got an end.Deepu was sleeping in bm’s shoulder. She was fever coz of climate change…..Swaragini and Deepu moved to Baadi with their parents.Manyu my little Superman was with me.I tried to suss him thousands times about Bp…..”Beta yeh tumhara badedadhu hai”…… But he was not willing to accept that……”Nahi nahi yeh badedhadhu nahi hai,yeh ladoo headed dadoo hai”…… All of us tried to control our laugh in front of Badepapa.Manyu entered to his lap and begun to running his fingers through bp’s head.He begun to ask some innocent questions……”aapka head mein hair kyun nahi hain??aap t shirt aur three fourth kyun nahi pehanti??? Yeh head mein na tatoo karo acha lagega…….”
….Kisko acha lagega???……Bp asked with his rude voice………”Mujhe”……he replied
……..?? I felt that BP will hold this little devil through his arm pits and will throw him into the floor but bp stunned us….???. He was laughing madly?? we all joined with him….

“?? kaat diya,mera phone kaat diya??
“….. I am trying to call her but she is cuttin my name.But you know na Shona,that Sanskar Maheshwari won’t give up. I entered to the Baadi at midnight and jumped into her room via window. Someone wrapped my both legs.I looked downwards.My Deepu was there.I bended down my knees and hugged her.I checked her forehead and cheeks and asked about her fever.She is fine??? bbb bb but I underestimated my daughter. She yelled……”Nanuuu Nanuuuu jaldi aao Paapa chup chupke Maa se milne aaya hai”…..??????? ohh nooo she is over obedient. I don’t know what I had to do.I jumped from the window….. Ouch ohhh…..I had seen heaven. My back is stinging?????.I tried to stood up with inclining and holding my waste….ohhh God he is here Kanha ji??.He started his teasing……”Beta Sanky shaadi toh kar paungi naa??.Yeh khidki se khus aana,lover ko milna yeh sab mere jaise youngsters ka kaam hai ??tum donon ke jaise old men ka nahi zara usko tho dekho”…….??? youngster hai youngster nonsense.I retrospect….??? ohhh Laksh was there….”?? our daughter is over obedient hai na bhai”…..he is crying.We both consoled each other??…..
Suddenly we heard someone’s laugh.?? someone is running. Some white duppattas are flying???…….??????????? gg go go ghost.????…..We ran from there with holding our lives.Two ghosts wearing white gowns came in front of us.They were wearing masks.Each of them twirled both of us on opposite direction. I heard Lucky’s voice….. “Bhai save me??”…..I m also in a problem then how can I save him????….. she removed her mask ?? ohh God she was not a ghost she was my Greek beauty.She pined me to the wall.I was a little feared…. Sh shona yeh tum kya kar ho…..she wrapped me through my neck…..kyun sirph tum log aisa kar sakta hai we cant do this??……?? u pardoned me????…I asked her…….nahi kabhi nahi karunga voh savaal tum abhi pooch rahi ho?? Abhi tak kyun nahi poocha???.I m going to punish you……?? pp pp punishment. Now what punishment.She moved her lips to mine….?? ohh God what a sweet punishment.I m losing me.I m forgetting this world. Tq Meri bachi u gave me this.I didn’t know when she left me,I m still in that hangover…. Lucky’s song wake me up from that beautiful passionate moments….. Lip chala lip chala teri aur lip chala lip chala teri ooooaur……he is looking exactly like a dream creature.He is kicking a Pepsi can and singing …..”Bhai what happened to ur lip.Is that ghost nibbled it??”……I checked my lips,there is some lipstick there
? he knew each and every thing and he is mocking me nonsense.I found out some lipstick also from his lips and showed it to him…. Lucky kya tumhe nahi lagta tumhari ghost friend ki lipstick zyada dark hai???…..we laughed together……

We Maheshwaris are arrived at her home for engagement. My eyes were searching for my Greek beauty.Deepu came to me.My small Barbie doll was wearing a small yellow lehenga….”Papa main kaisi lagti hoon.???”…..I praised her a lot but more than me ,Lucky and Mom praised her

I saw someone passing beside me…?? Manyu⁉️⁉️ he is carrying a big box full of ice cream. It was exactly like Hanuman who is lifting Marutua mountain…..”Manyu sambhalke”…..I warned.Chotu and Aadhu are also following him.
At last we exchanged our rings.Raglak also exchanged their rings.
She looked at me with her blushing eyes…..U r looking beautiful…. I whispered in her ears.

Now it was our Sangeet night……
We Sanlak preformed together in Shaam Shaandar song.

Then Swaragini performed together in Chittiyaan kalaiyan.

Then Raglak danced in Aaj phir song

Now it was our chance.Now what is the what is the song ???
We thought…
We danced in Zehanaseeb song…..
Then all of us danced in bole chudiyan…..

The mehndhi night is going on.The ladies are happy.Everyone is busy with applying mehndi on their hands.Swaragini are surrouded by girls. Uttara n Pari bhabhi are whispering somethings in their ears.She is secretly peeping at me but I acted like Mr Perfect.They are laughing loudly. But one girl was upset.None is noticing her.I felt bad.She is sitting on the sofa with pillow her chin on her hands.I sat beside her…..”My Barbie doll what happened to you??”….I asked to my daughter…..”Papa none is applying Mehndi on my hands?? what I am not gorgeous like Maa and Chachi??? Aap logon ko main sundar nahin lagti??”…..I seated her on my lap and searched on ladies’s side,if anyone’s hands are free or not.She begun to cry. I m busy with with consoling her.I stood up,she lied on my shoulder. We went to have some ice cream, but she is not willing. Suddenly someone punched on my shoulder from behind. I retrospect….?? Viren….Adv.Viren Vadera, (Karan Tacker) he is our family friend.They are also living in Kolkata……”Viren mujhe laga tha ki tum nahi aungi….n where is Jeevika(Krystle D’souza),Maanvi(Nia Sharma) n Viraat(Khushal Tandon)???”……
He told me that Virman are in Mumbai for a recording.As usual like EHMMBH Virat is a singer here….. Jeevika came to us with his son Vivaan who is one year elder than my Deepu n Manyu. I told Jeevika the exact problem which is my daughter suffering from….. Koi baat nahi main laga leti hoon chalo Deepu….
Jeevika lifted her.She became happy. Jeevika applied the mehndi on her small hands.A little spot is enough for her hands.
Manyu,Chotu and Adhu came to them and observed every hands…..”Maa,Chachi,
Badimaa y r u writing abcd on ur hands with Mehndi????”…….
They said to them that they r writing their husband’s/love interest’s name’s first letter.He begun to think about something…. Eepu whose name will u write on ur palm……he asked.Suddenly I heard a childish voice….. “Mera name likho”……Vivaan,he said it. All of us stunned then laughed….”Nahi main nahin likhungi”….she said it with a bird like voice and escaped from there. I have a doubt,is she really a brave girl or she is imitating her Maa???.So guyzz what do you think???.

This night, there is one night left four our marriage. We were going for a long drive.Her mehndi was not dried,it is still wet.She was in a pink lehenga with yellow border..The fm radio is playing a romantic song…..RJ is telling something.I looked at her with a leer but she is still looking at her hands and hissing it

So guyzzz Here is our new song….Valentine’s day toh chali gayi par pyar ki mausam toh abhi bhi hai…..here Sanskar Swara ke liye ek song dedicate kar raha hai,…..Guyzz RJ Chinju is with u
so let’s enjoy song n stay tuned to Radio mirchi 98.3 FM….it’s hot

She looked at me with her glazing eyes
The song played

Tere ishq mein main tha jiya
Tere pyar mein basta gaya
Tu lout aa yun na sata
Yeh dil tujhe bhul na saka
Roya bhi tere ishq mein
Hasna bhi tere ishq mein
Ek vari mujhe tu bhi pyar kaar
Ek vari mujhe tu bhi yad kaar
Ehsas tujhe bhi mere pyar ka hoga
Intezar tujhe bhi tere yar ka hoga
Pas kabhi toh mere aoge
Sath mere bhi tum nibhaoge
Aas yahin lekar main aaj ji raha
Tere pyar ko bar bar mein khaat likh raha……..

We were lost in our thoughts…I parked my car at the road side….we are walking through the foot path.we walked, walked and walked, don’t know how much kilometers… At last we reached our previous tuition class.Our journey started from here na??…I seated her in 9th class,at exact that bench where she seated years before and I observed her from 10th class.Eyes were telling stories to each other.I used to noticed her before like this….”Sir Sanskar Maheshwari is wanted by Dev sir”…..”Great Maheshwaris but big zeros in mathematics”…..some words are running through my mind. I came to her class and sat more closer to her.I noticed her hands ohh God it was too reddish…. “Tere ishq mein isko laal hona hi tha my Mathematical idiot” …..She said then we continued our walking. We saw a moving bus.I entered to the foot board and reached my hands. That SRK like moments???,…..My Simran is running towards my bus……

Tujhe dekha toh hai
Jaana sanam…….I sang

We alighted from the bus near her women’s college.My old Duke was there…..toh madam lift doon…..she happily nodded her head. She held me through my arm pits and rested her head on my back…… We reached at that Mandir where I married her years before.
Now she is lying on my lap,she is sleeping peacefully. I m slowly patting on her head…..Kanha ji appeared in front of me….. “U???? are you here for teasing me???”
Kanha ji: Now I want to say you one thing
Me: what
Kanha ji : good bye

?? what….??? best joke in the year.I thought that he is joking but he continued his speech…
…..”Sanskar I am in you,I m in your Shona,I m in ur children even I am in Kavita too.Saayad main tumhari veham hi thi,par zara socho Sanky agar har inzan ko bhi mere sahare aisa milta rahe toh kitna acha hota.Hum barzon pehle yahan mile the judaai phi yahan hona hi behatar hoga.I loved to tease you, I loved to share ur sorrow. U r a good human being Sanskar. After all it’s all for good. Fall in love with ur life again and again and again”…..

Ohh God he is moving from my life.When ever I let down he was there for me…… “Sanskar beta itna khush mat ho, it is a temporary good bye??.I will b back after some years.”…….?? idiot yeh kabhi bhi mera peecha nahin chodega

I dropped her at baadi.I held her hand and grabbed more closer to me. She is shouting…..”Sanskar leave me, leave me please”….. She is begging. I left her hand….. Aaj raat chod rahi hoon lekin kal raat nahin chodunga?……

The baarat arrived in front of the baadi.Two grooms, two brides but something is indifferent. Everyone is angrily staring at Lucky.Skekhar uncle is shouting at him….”No no Mishti I will not leave him”……Badimaa is also shouting…. “Laksh today is ur marriage n u Ragini ke saath”….. I didn’t understood what is going on there.I m in Lucky’s side and begun to support him….”Maa what he did to Ragini. In fact he loves her”…..During Lucky was trying to convince them Uttara whispered me that truth….”Lucky I didn’t expected from you Lucky u r so ruthless”…. I told to him…..” Bhai aap bhi uske side le rehi ho”….he asked me.Shekhar uncle came to us with some Ladoos and wedged it into Lucky’s mouth.He was in a shock???…..
“I told you na I will not leave you??” …..Shekhar Uncle said.Laksh was stunned like this??……”Saale why r u stunning u r gonna a Papa once again”……??? he was like this. Very stunning and begun to cry….”?? bhai Sonan Sonam”….but Sonam Kapoor she is in Mumbai ,hai na Lucky…..
Bhai I want a daughter like Sonam Kapoor?? I will name her Sonam….
I don’t know how to laugh in low pitch??….”Lucky u r totally unlucky.We have only 50% hope, Ragini is gorgeous par tum toh???….

Then we shared sweets to each other…. Oh god midst of this I forgot to notice her.She was looking damn beautiful in Red lehenga with golden color border…..Kanha ji was also gone otherwise I have to hear foolish comments but I am missing him badly now,he was my only true companion. My friend when will you be back my buddy……..
We sat together in the Mandap.ohhh my Greek goddess please don’t look at me otherwise u maybe gonna a widow before marriage. I will die.Tq God for this beautiful gift. She is blushing.No words for praising it. We exchanged our garlands. She is still blushing. I garnished her neck with Mangalsutra.Applied vermilion on her hairline.Took wedding vows……
Ab vivaah sampann hua….Pandit ji declared. Raglak marriage was also done.We went to receive blessings from elders…..Then bidaai,gruh pravesh all ceremonies were automatically happened. We all are gathering in the hall for ring finding ceremony. I m not finding the ring, My arm is playing with her arm.Eyes were united…Milk n roses are hiding our hands.Others are staring at us.Ragini worn the game a hour before?.N here our hands are still moving through the milk…….”yeh lo Papa aapka ring”……Manyu found out it and gave it to me??.All of them are laughing…..?? he will definitely spoil my first night too…At night I slept him in a room. Look ,while sleeping how calm and quiet he is. A second birth of Gandhi ji and in consciousness,Hitler’s grandfather??? That room was specially made for them ?????? now none will spoil it.I reached my room.She was there.She was removing her earring in front of the dressing table. I helped her like before. I removed her Mang tika,her necklace……I was in a romantic mood. I hugged her from behind…..hmmm Shona I am too jealous….
Why??….she asked…..Lucky will get a daughter soon I also want an another daughter .Like our Manyu.Deepu is our favorite daughter our obedient daughter. I want a crazy girl like our Manyu”….
..I kissed her and showed her the milk glass……
??☺️☺️??????……oh God it was empty….. My obedient no no no no my over obedient daughter was there…..she finished the whole milk…..Shona is giggling???……
“Sanskar do you really want an another daughter??”…….
she asked me…..
?? no no I don’t want anything……”Papa come fast tell me a story”….. Deepu punched on the bed.Now I will tell her the story of a monkey who escaped from a mouse and unknowingly entered into a Lion’s den??”…….

My some more attempts were also failed.Sometimes Manyu,Sometimes Deepu,sometimes my whole family???

Now I will not give up this chance. We reached to our farm house. I opened the door with blind folding her.There was darkness, I turned on the lights.The farm house was bathing in lights.We ate her favorite pasta together. We entered to the bedroom.I gave her a gift wrap.She opened it,It was a hot blue dress with the combination of purple and olive green colors.She went to change……I m waiting eagerly waiting
???? ohhh God my Greek beauty…. She is blushing. She is damn beautiful, once again thanks a lot my God for giving me this gorgeous girl… She was closing her eyes. I held her waste and pulled more closer to me.I kissed on her forehead.

Then some years have passed. Summer changed into winter. Then it rained….we all are together.

One day We Sanlak were sitting in our study room…… “Bhai can we finalize our meeting with mr Sharma??”…..
He asked me some business matters.Swaragini came there with our tea and pakoras.
Then Manyu and chotu came to us they are studying in 10th and 9th respectively……Papa teacher flunk out us from the tuition class……Manyu said ?? what we both were fuming in anger….Papa please talk to our Principal…..Chotu is begging.At last I called their principal.My phone was in speaker mode.I asked Principal about their studies. Laksh is burning in anger….. I will show you idiot….. But Swaragini are supporting them. Obviously we can say that mothers always support their sons.The principal is talking……”Mr Maheshwari I will not admit them in my institution ever.They cannot find the answer of a simple mathematical problem.”
“Sir please, from now we will take care of it sir u know we were the toppers in maths??”….. Laksh said….? We looked at Swaragini they are like this??.At last he agreed…..”Sir what was the question”….. I asked it with drinking tea…..”433×3″…..We Sanlak both coughed amidst of drinking tea unite…..Swaragini begun to laugh???……
“Abhi answered it as 3 and Chetan as 2…..zara socho Mr Maheshwari aise umar mein aap donon kaise raha hoga.I think u both were the whole Kolkata’s toppers in mathematics.”………..???……I think Swaragini will die in these laughs…..
“???Manyu chotu hats off u saved our pride”…..
Laksh said but he was still suspecting something……” Ek baat mera samajh mein nahi aa raha hai.Tum donon wahan jane keliya itna tadapta kyun hai.Ek tuition class toh hai,school thodi na hai.???…..Manyu sat more closer to him….. “Chachu I saw a new comer girl there,Aiswarya Agarwal.She is too gorgeous”Manyu said………”No no bhaiya her younger sister Pooja ,she is gorgeous”……They r quarrelling
Swaragini: history is repeating
We all laughed together. Hey Bhagvan ek Aiswaryapooja toh karna hi padega……

Some days have passed. It was Karwa chauth night.Ladies are waiting for the moon amidst of hunger. The Vaderas are went to a marriage in Hyderabad. So Virika is celebrating their Karwa chauth with us.I heard Vivaan is shouting something……”How rubbish, how rubbish, how rubbish”….. I asked him what is rubbish
Vivaan:Uncle don’t you think, ur daughter’s name is a little rubbish…
Me: What are you saying Vivi ???Deepika it is a beautiful name na?
Vivaan: Deepika is beautiful but her surname. Deepika Maheshwari take a look how rubbish is that??
Me: ??. What
Vivaan: Uncle according to me,Deepika Vadera is great??……Vivika yeah it’s perfect. Zara dekho Uncle hamhara names bhi mera parents se milti julti hai”……..???…..
saayad this is new generation. At those days I just thought about changing Shona’s surname but now he is directly telling me that how rubbish is my surname…….. He saw Deepu n Sonu r coming against us.I hided there coz I wanted to know about my daughter’s mind

“Mere liye vrut rakhti hoon na”….. He asked to Deepu.She is blushing .Vivi nd me both of us are eagerly awaiting for her reply. Suddenly Sonu saw me there…..”Deepu deedhi chalo na Badepapa is there”….. Sonu grabbed her hand and both escaped from there.He angrily stared at me….”??? Uncle aap bhi na,aaj voh kehne hi wali thi?? pata nahi kab kahogi 5 saalon se try kar rahi hoon??”……?? ohhh God he is not fearing me,after all I am her dad na. I think it is his infatuation. Suddenly someone punched on my shoulder from back. It was our one and only Kanha ji.Yes he is back. I hugged him……”? Beta Sanky can I ask u a small question”…… I nodded yes……”You fell in love with Swara exactly at his age right??. Are you really thinking it was ur infatuation. Here he begun to love Deepu before 5 years”……. Yes he was right, now I am telling it with full guarantee that “he is sincere”….after all Kanha ji is our God na.He showed me good ways ever.Now our matchmaker Kanha had a new intention,….intention of uniting Manyu n Aishu.And I am hundred percentage sure that he will succeed in it…….”Sanky take a look at ur foolish son.He don’t know how to propose a girl,??? abhi bataati hoon iss stupid ko”……… He went to taunt Manyu……

Ohhh no I am suffering from hunger. Everyone knows about women’s suffering in Karwa chauth then what about us who loves them more than anything…..”?? chaaaand jaldi aao??” Lucky and Viren shouted…..

Suddenly I noticed that. Our Tutor Kanha ji is teaching Manyu n Chotu……”So guyzz these roses are old fashion in the way of proposing. So go,go n get some special flowers like gladiolas, Carnations,gerbera….
aisa kuch flowers lekar aao jo kisi ko uske baare mein soch bhi na sake and remember one thing,bring only red flowers coz red is the color of love…….
After sometime they returned with some flowers. They are hiding it behind.He asked them to show it. At last they showed him the flowers ??????? the shoe flowers???…….
“Shoe flowers lekar aaya tha stupids. Ur fathers are Einsteins when comparing with you both???.If u will propose them with this shoe flowers they both will definitely kick you both by their shoes??”

Deepu applied Mehndi on her hands…Vivaan seated close to her…..”Deepu our relationship started with a mehndi ceremony.U didn’t wrote my name at that day. if u love me then please allow me to write my name in ur arm.He took a mehndi cone and dare to write his name in her hands. She hided her hands and told……”Vivi please don’t do this meri mehndi kharab ho jayegi”……. It made him angry. He was fuming anger…….”Yahan mera pura zindagi kharab hone wala hai aur tumhe mehndi ki padi hai??”…….He threw the cone aside and attempted to go but she came in front of him…..” Agar meri mehndi kharab ho jayegi toh teri naam bhi kharab ho jayegi na”…….she showed him her hands with blushing.He is delighted to see his name on her hands….??? Vivaan…..ohh no she is blushing. I know what is happening in his mind coz I had went through this feelings many times……pehle kyun nahi kaha……he asked
Deepu: coz
Vivi: coz
Deepu: coz
Vivi: ??? tell me damn r u playing with me
Deepu: coz I want to see this angry young man’s anger???.She giggled……and I luv

Vivi: n u luv… please tell me Deepu

Deepu: I luv….

…..Dekho dekho chaand nikal aaya…… hai…….Some ladies shouted.Deepu attempted to ran from there but Vivaan grabbed her duppatta.They have an eye lock……

All of us gathered for the ritual.The sky is showing full moon.Raglak,Virika, Adarsh bhaiyya and Pari bhabhi…….all are gathered here.She is close to me and is raising the sieve in front of me. She closed her eyes.I begun to watch what is happening in my surroundings……. Deepu is seeing Vivaan through her net duppatta.Manyu and Chotu are running with holding their lives afraid of Kanha ji,n he is following them with his flute.He will definitely beat them with his flute until it breaks.I had experienced it before n I know it’s pain very well. My daughter is blushing n Vivaan is holding her hands. I just hope they both will together for ever like this.I will discuss it with Shona n my whole family and talk to Viren n Jeevika in the right time.I m sure they will definitely accept my daughter as their daughter in law. I am so happy about Manyu n Chotu.Kanha ji will take care of them.The Ladies are begun to open their eyes one by one.Raglak,Virika,Momn Dad, Bm n Bp,Mishti maa n Shekhar Uncle, Pari bhabhi n Adarsh bhaiyya……
At last she,My Shona opened her eyes. We smiled each other. We are celebrating Karwa Chauth every year together and we will. Not only Karwa Chauth but also other festivals…..now my tutor’s words are hollowing in my ears.

“Great Maheshwaris but big zeros in mathematics”………Sir it is not 0 it is o which is decorated with L in left side and garnished with V n E in right side. It is LOVE ❤️.Which made me a good human being. It was my turning point. There is a turning point in every person’s life. After all life is a mathematical issue. It wants hardwork to find the right answer. Those who knows the equation they will pass easily. Someone adopts short cuts for reaching the right answer, if they will pass one day they will definitely regret. Hard work and truth remain our life happy. Make a good attitude towards life,it will b ur signature….. So friends remain always happy.Don’t care about what ever happening in our life.It all will lasts for solely that moments And after all it’s all for good…

I think u are also bored with my speech….
ohh ?? no She is angrily staring at me. I think she is too hungry.?? n I too…..

Ok friends good luck? n good bye?
Fall in love with life again again and again………

The end……..

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1)Did u liked Manyu’s missing??.
2)Who s more rocking in the story??
4)Did u liked Manyu’s chemistry with dp and Manyu and Chotu’s foolishness like Sanky n Lucky??

N my dear frnzz this is the climax. Those who read this including silent readers,please comment.U can also comment,if u do not liked it…..Thanks a lot for supporting me n thanks once again for liking my story.Please pardon me my dear friends if I did any mistakes or if I hurt u. Please please please comment my friends do you liked it or not……..

Gud bye for a while…..

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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    di i think u should also learn maths again…kabhi 2 ke baad 4 dekha hai?? check the ques. no…
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        Manichitrathazhile ella scene um enikishta..aa movie ishtamillatha malayali undo!!
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