Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 8)


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Episode 8

Swara wakes up.She doesn’t find what is happening at her surroundings.She checked her forehead…..”what happened to me”….But she can’t recognizes what happened to her b4 she faints.Finally she remembered her conversation between Sanskar.She leaned to the wall and insensibly stared at the far away ceiling. A droplet of tears rolled from the corner of her eye.A call had broken her silence.She heard the voice of a foreign lady who is saying American English….”Mrs Maheshwari your air tickets to India is ready”…..mm….She nodded her head… “K tq….but now I m not mrs Maheshwari.I m Swara only Swara….”…. She said but she was lost in her thoughts.She didn’t knew that the call was already disconnected….

Swara came out from the bathroom. Her clothes was wet.Water droplets are falling from her loosen wet hair.Swara stood in front of the mirror and is clinically staring at the things there.Her bangles,earrings, deodorants, fairness creams,Sindoor etc etc….” Aaj se tumhari zindagi mein koi rang nahin hogi Swara sirph andera honge”……

Sanskar is driving the car.A smile is blossoming on his face….”Now we will live peacefully with our Teddy bears Shona.I m coming to you. Kavita got arrested by the cops.Sanskar arrived at the house…”First of all I ll make some Pasta for u,My Teddy bears apni Papa ki hathon ka kamaal dekho.”…..He went to the room with the plate.But he didn’t find her…..”Shona where are,Shonaaa.”……at last he found her letter .He begun to read that…..

“Sanskar I don’t know u will read it or not coz u r hating me right???…I m also tried to hating but I can’t.Each and every phone call and calling bell made me happy that maybe it is you but you didn’t. I am not blaming you it was my destiny,it will happen. Like rain….I hope we will not meet again and don’t be afraid Mr.Maheshwari I will not tell my children about you…You did my Gruh pravesh but I m going without my bidaai,….going beyond seven oceans…..
I am wishing you all the best and leave happily with your child and Kavita….Good bye Sanskar bye for ever…..


Sanskar is sitting in front of Ragini with that letter…. “I don’t know Ragini where will I search for her and this was her last sign”…. He looked at that letter….”It was all my mistakes”….. Ragini sat close to him and touched on his shoulder…..”Yeah Sanskar it was all your mistakes”…. He stunningly looked at her and she continued her speech…..”But your intentions are not wrong the way you selected, it was wrong.
You did this mistake b4.When our company was letting down, you invested our last savings to share market without the knowledge of Papa and us.So Papa(DP) started to hating you. You had to tell her about Kavita b4 but u didn’t. U r a good human being Sanskar but…………

Ragini is continuing but I am thinking about my Shona where is she…her condition is not well.Where will we meet again.When will it happen…. I have to find her.Shona I want to meet, I want to take care of you,please come to me…..

Then seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours then days months years I don’t know…….I don’t know how could I live life in these 4 years…..at last
I found her,The water droplets from her hair is falling to my closed eyes, it was irritating,it ruined my sleep but her fragrance it made me more pleasant. She kissed on my forehead. I wrapped her over her waste and smiled with forcefully closing my eyes….”Sanskar chodo mujhe koi dekh lega”….she told me with her childish voice….. “Toh dekhne do”….. I replied…..”Sanskar please.”…. She begged.She is wearing a red anarkali suit….” If u kiss me, I will leave you”.I demanded. She kissed on my cheek.I left her from hugging and covered my face with blanket… “Sanskar this is cheating wake up”……”I solely told you that I will leave you, I will not wake up and that kiss was not enough for me…”Sanskar wake up, Sanskar utho”…. Her voice was hollowing in my ears,I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my mobile alarm….”Wake up Sanskar please wake up and,Sanskar please utho”….. My eyes are filling.Her voice it made me cry…yes I found her only in my dreams.

I know Shona I don’t have the right to dream you coz now you belongs to an another one.I leaned to the bed.If I will wake up early my days will also be so long and I don’t want my days without her presence… She called me b4 2 years.She told me that she is moved on and advised me to move on.Yeah Shona I am also moved on but my way it is different from you.I am enjoying my career… I started my new firm SS builders and constructions.Now I am living in Kolkata but not in MM.Firstly I thought that I will not leave US coz I hoped that u will come to meet me there.But ur that word ” beyond 7 oceans” it made me return to India….I m alone here,but I have her memories, it’s enough for me.My family members have forgave me but I will not go to MM coz I left there with my Shona.I will only enter that house with my Shona and now it will not happen. She is moved on yes she is moved on.Now I am teaching my heart this bitter truth.Why Shona why you left me, you didn’t tried to hear my words.Anyway I will not blame you may be that man is loving you more than me….

Now I am also moved on.Now I am buying day by day many properties .I like to buy problematic plots more than the normal. It is making me more and more happy,I m feeling like a winner at that signing moments.I moved on like this.I want to know about my children. Was she avoid them for her family life, no no my Shona can’t do that…..
I searched for her everywhere but I can’t… I only want to ask about her and my children… I want to express my love maybe you will be back and we will live our life Shona. I know Shona that I am selfish but I can’t live without you……
I m searching her face in every crowd.My heart is beating for hear her voice…

I parked my car at the parking area and entered to the hall.It was Mr Bharadwaj’s New year party. He is the new business tycoon of this Kolkata…he was a very pleasing host….I had zip of Vodka.
Mr.Bharadwaj came to me.We used to talk some business matters.When I was taking one other glass of vodka .A lady came into my back…..

He introduced his wife to me…. “Mr Mahaeshwari please meet my wife Mrs Swara Bharadwaj.”……
??? Swara!!!! I was shocked to hear that name.Yes she is moved on.It is a naked true Sanskar you have to accept this….Mr.Bharadwaj is a very good human being..Yes definitely she will be my Shona.Now I will ask her about my children. I don’t know whether they are 2 boys or 2 girls…. but I hope it is a boy and a girl.Then definitely their name will be Abhimanyu and Deepika..I turned backward.I m stunned to see her…I managed to hide my sorrow…….

To be continued……

I think this episode is not touching.I don’t know u ll like it or not. guyz please pardon me for grammar errors…. please please please comment my frnzz…..

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  1. u r giving heart attack year… wats this???

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      1. really nice yaar I ill wait for next update plss update next part asap….

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  2. nice episode ya…sooo heart touching episode….I feel bad for sanskars situation…hope he will soon get his swara…

    1. Tq dear he ll soon get his Swara

  3. sorry yar…i like the first part… and second part.it was shock…i want to know they will become or not….

    1. They ll unite soon Geetha,it was a surprise

  4. Nice….
    But swara moved on….
    Anyways post next part asap…..

    1. It was a surprise plsss wt

  5. Nice …

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  6. It was good. Heart touching. Pinne nandana padikuvano? Ethram classila?

    1. Yeah I m studying but school okke kaznju ippo degree 3rd yr akan povunnu…Sreeja Keralathil evdeya

  7. Awesome dear ..please update next part asap…

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  8. so swasan are seperated….

    1. It s a suspense dr plsss wt

  9. Hi nandu pls update soon and don’t seperate swasan yaar .does swara really married I can’t believe it yaar pls unite swasan

    1. Ellam aduta episodode manasilavm plss wt Neha

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  10. i thought that not sohna because she is only love sankaar

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  11. Oh!! Plz unite swasan don’t dooo this

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  14. Nandu I was awesome yr..its just that we have to cooperate with the twist..?my heart broke as swasan got separated.. BT that was needed na..??

    1. Tq Kritika can I tell one sentence in Malayalam..
      Njan njetti poi (I m shocked)……ur cmmnt made me shock????
      U r understanding me so much dear…Anyway I will meet our Swasan soon….

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        N I am also a writer I can understand u…?ingnore the bad comments..

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  16. What’s this ? Really swara had moved on. I can’t believe it.

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    plz update next part asap

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