Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 6)


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Episode 6

Sanskar is looking at her.She is going from him.Her body was so weak.She is still walking.Her feeble heart and body is forcing her to close her emaciated eyes.Sanskar can’t take his eyes from his beloved.She touched her forehead. Something is happening in it. She felt herself like Sun,this world is rotating around her.But Sanskar can’t saw her face because he was in her back.He ran to her and hugged her from back.Then he closed his eyes with wrapping her waste.Tear droplets are falling from his eyes. “Shona, Shona please don’t go I want to talk to you.”….. She feebly touched on his hands which is wrapping her waste…” Sansk…”…..she feebly tried to call him but she can’t. Her body part which was above her waste went a little forward. She was about to fall down.”aahhh…”….he was stunned to saw her reaction… “Shona what happened to you”… She holds her from back but her feet are still at the ground.She feebly looked at him and his eye balls are rolling towards her face.Sanskar lied her at the ground and took her head to his lap…Her eyes are closing….”Shona what are you doing,look at me.Nothing will happen to you. Your Sanskar is with here”….She raised her arm to touch his cheek.Sanskar held that and kissed it….she tried to smile but she failed .She slightly closed her eyes . At that moment he went silent and is doubtfully looked at her…..”? Shona”….” Shona wake please wake up.Please open your eyes my princess….”…..but she is not hearing him.She was still unconscious.He lifts her to home.The doctor arrived and checked her delicately…. “She mentioned him about her unstable mental condition and she has no complications now.She is expecting twins so she want care and love more than an ordinary pregnant lady. She advised him to keep away her from problems.The doctor left.Sanskar sat beside her at the bed.She was still unconscious. Sanskar smiled at her and kissed on her forehead and rested tilt beside her…..” Sorry Princess it all was my mistakes I have to told you this early right???”….”I am waiting for you awake.. I will clear all your misunderstandings”….he kissed on her cheek once again.Then he rested beside her for some minutes.
Sanskar is alerted by something, he got up from his bed and looked at her belly.He slightly moved her saree from there and looked upon it with resting his cheek on his arm.My teady bears are you both seeing your Papa….sorry dear Prince and princess please forgive me and please tell your mamma to forgive your Papa…he touched on her tummy…Then he placed his ears there “oh I can hear you both…. I love you too” You both didn’t slept till now… Then I will tell you a story….
There was a passionate smile on his lips. He remembered about his school days

Adarsh,Laksh and Sanskar are arrived at the main gate of their tuition class.They parked their cycles at the shed.A bald middle aged man is staring at them with his cane…”Sanskar, Laksh come on .He mr Roy,he is there…”
“Where were you people…it’s 7.35 am and the classes are started from 7.am..go get out of here”…..
“sir please sir” they begged…”okay come on raise your hands..”….he hardly beated them…
They entered into the tuition class. It is his house come tuition class.Mr Roy’s old mother is sitting there. That institution is on her name….. “? next problem” Laksh asked himself.Their honorable Principal Mr Sen is sitting in the office. They also received the gift of that old man’s cane….Adarsh is studying in 12th,Sanskar is in 10th and Laksh is in 9th…Adarsh and Sanskar went to his class.But the tutor didn’t admit Laksh to his class…The tutor gave him a mocking smile…. “Mr Last bus Maheshwari do you want to enter in my class….”…..” Mmm”….Laksh nodded his head…..”okay then please solve this problem..”….The tutor gave him a Mathematical problem…
“433×3″…..he suffered to solve that. At last he did that
” 433×3=23″
??? The pupils laughed unite…..
Tutor-?? Laksh please don’t kill me like this… No no you can’t solve this…
He called Swara…She was the new admission but she worn everyone’s heart from these 2 days…
Tutor: Swara please go take his brother Sanskar Maheshwari from 10th standard…
Swara went to call Sanskar…

“Sir Sanskar Mahashwari is want by Dev sir”….”? Sanskar Maheshwari” I stunned to hear my name and stopped making rockets.My heart was beating, I can hear that…some girl called me… I felt that I was waiting for this voice from aeons..that sweet voice ?? I looked at that direction.That lips, eyes,hair… I was lost in her beauty and unknowingly stood up…. She took me with her…”are you a new admission here”…I asked her while walking along the narrow way….”yeah” she insensibly answered…She stared at me “please,please please my cutie please don’t look at me, I will die”….. A fresh air is slightly going through her hair.My heart is beating like more than ever…….”your good name???”….”Swara Gadodia”….. She answered and closed her lips.I noticed her lip movement. How beautiful it is….
” No no that name will not suit you…Swara Gadodia…what rubbish… Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…Swasan”..yeah..it’s perfect ….”….I nodded my head with a secret smile….” I m the topper of here ,you know, if you have any doubt,you can ask me”….we arrived at the class.She stared at me and went to her seat.
Tutor : Sanskar your brother is gave up… Now it’s your chance…. Solve this….
I looked at the board…
And simply Scrabbled my head…..I did many addition,substraction,multiplication in the board like a scholar… I was telling in my mind… “Please Swara please don’t look at the board
At last me too answered
I stunningly looked at her….but I wondered to see her reaction. She was preparing notes for the next class…”what type of a girl she is .. anyway Sanskar it is for your good… If she didn’t noticed you it’s really good “….Everyone is laughing…” Sir please call their elder brother Adarsh too”…a raskel boy told him…
Tutor: No no if he will arrive here then definitely his answer will be 43….?

Great Maheshwaris but big zero in mathematics


Yes that was right sleep will conflict to a loving heart.I didn’t slept from that day. I went to the tuition class at early 6:30…Laksh and Adarsh bhaiya were wondered even everyone in my family were wondered to seeing me like that… Both of my brothers complained me to not to do that and they begun to following me like detectives.I never missed any classes…. Sen sir and Roy sir praised me to badepapa.it’s all because of you my love.I begun to notice her everyday…She is studying in a convent school…..”Definitely that stubborn sisters advised her to not to look a guy like that way. …don’t love a guy…jealous women..???”….

I discarded my cycle and used to go along with her in the crowded bus.In almost days I was standing in the foot board but I am just looking at her….but she didn’t gave me a lovable look.Sanskar it is also for your good beta if she will look at you definitely you will fall down from the foot board…Her smile and look are injurious to your health…. That year was gone… After a vacation the school reopened. Laksh is moving more and more closer to her younger sister Ragini who is studying in 9th and here I am ,my girl is not giving just a look at me. I am now studying in 11th…One day she didn’t arrived at the bus stop.My final exams are going on but here I am waiting for her.I am missing all the busses.”please come my love I can’t write anything in the lack of seeing your face…I will totally disappoint “…..At last I dropped my idea in going through the bus and went to take my cycle.Suddenly I saw her arriving.I smiled.I felt that she is my Angel who is going to take me to heaven…my Greek goddess”….. I noticed that a bus is also arriving…I immediately entered into it,she is running towards the moving bus.I raised my hand to her.I felt like SRK ….who am I ???…If I am Raj she is my Simran….I sang that song in my mind…”Tujhe dekha toh…..”…. She touched on my hand.Our first touch!!! It is so magical.I felt like a conductor because 120 kb current is passing through my body.I helped her to enter in the bus…..we had an eye lock.We were united in these minutes.Our eye balls did that.A sudden break made us awake…it is also for good because if we were remain like that for some more time might be I kissed her.Thank you driver mama…..I finished my exams….I preformed very well

That year was also got over but love never flourished between us…. The next year, I doesn’t know that which school will she join at that year.I took a look at the 11th class in the tution class but she was not there.I asked Ragini about her,he told me that she is going for special tutions.I was worried, now how could I meet her.I was totally disappointed.

It was the deadline for submitting my record books. I submitted that.In the lunch break my tutor called me at the staff room.They all are means full staff room are staring at me angrily.Sanskar what is this Zoology teacher asked me.What I did to them.. I asked myself…”Family-Swara,genus- Swara,species- Swara, Kingdom- Swara….what is this”…..?oh god what was that… Till then chemistry teacher attacked me….” No no teacher look here…Salt analysis…. He want to find Swara sulphate and Ammonium Swara…”…..then physics,botany…..I don’t know what is happening there…They threw my all record books outside…. I went to took that… Then I saw 2 beautiful hands are helping me to taking that…. It was my Swara,my Greek goddess….”Swara you are here” I asked her doubtfully…”yeah I got my admission here”…..oh no God you are great.Now I can see her in the whole day???……”give it to me I will correct it”….She signaled to my record books but I refused to do it. She forcefully took that from me and went to her class.Before she enter into her class she turned backward and looked at me but she didn’t smiled….oh god what was it meant.She corrected my record books and returned it to Laksh…”Bhai here is your record books Swara gave it to me”…..He is in her class and is her best friend.I know he is only maintaining her friendship for Ragini…I took that record books and slowly stroked on it.Sanskar it is a holy book of yours..your Greek goddess touched it… It is her blessing…. look at these words which was written by her….from that it all are my holy books…I used to see my sages and angels in it…..At last I found out that special tuition classes where is she going…….I am also started to go there….it’s is also for good… This place is more comfortable than the crowded previous institute and school.It consists of below 5 pupil…Many of the pupil will not attend the classes frequently and the only who is attending the class was my Shona…Shona did you noticed that… One day I heard that Laksh is calling her like that….
“Shona….???”…. I asked him doubtfully…” Yeah bhai it is her pet name…
I crimped his neck…. “What bhai what happened to you”… He asked me….” From now don’t call her like that it is only for me”…..I didn’t asked her the permission to call her Shona and she didn’t restricted me too.It mightbe she enjoyed that….Slowly she started to talking to me. She asked me doubts, Me,Shona,Laksh and Ragini four of us are enjoyed our lives in this one year.But fate is not allowing me to remain happy.That year was also over….I decided to propose her at the venue of my farewell party… I went to propose her with her favorite crimson rosses….Then I shocked to see something???…. My classmate Savan is proposing her.He raised his bouquet to her.I was heart broken.So he asked me about her in these days….I noticed them.She smiled at him… That passionate smile that I want to see only for me. Today she is giving it to some other guy….She begun to speak something…. “Savan u r good looking, from Orthodox family and a good human…”
She told him then what about me….I am not good looking enough Shona??? I am also from a conservative Marwari family and I will only love you Shona”…please love me….I closed my eyes my moments with her are irritating me inside of my eyes too.
“But I can’t love you”…. I stunningly opened my eyes… What she said I noticed. I was not ready believe my ears….. She continued her speech…” I can’t love you Savan coz I can only love that man who make me feel love…you didn’t made me feel like that. In fact none made me feel like that…. “…..???These sisters were made her a saint like them…Sorry sisters… If your Jesus will allow it can I give you something???…please don’t misunderstand me Jesus this is my gift to them for giving me my love .Anyways
it is also for good,….Savan tq Savan you saved me from a big ashame….then I looked at my bouquet…” Can we go??? this is not the right time to giving her you roses….”…..l will make you feel that beloved…I left there….
Then years have passed… I didn’t expressed my love to her.I dropped my one year for studying with her in the same class so I can see her at every moment.But fate doesn’t allowed me that…. I tried my best to enter in her college but I can’t???
She joined in a women’s college?????????……but I never let her go from me.I waited for her after my class for picking her….Firstly she was not willing then I forcefully took her with me on my Duke.I don’t know why I am doing this but I am sure that journeys are definitely making her some feelings for me.If it rains then she will wrap through my armpits and rest on my shoulders…. If it will sunny days then she will said to me “Sanskar it is very hot,it will increase melanin in my skin and it will affect my color too can we go to an ice cream parlor……”…. That was what I want ….That journeys are consists of some micro minutes but I don’t want it to be an end….Then some years have passed. Badepapa handover me some responsibilities of his firm.She is doing PG.But I am continuing to picking her….Laksh asked me my duke but I didn’t gave him
One day I arrived to pick her at her college.She was wearing a red color saree,Necklace, earrings, Mang tikka…She was exactly like a bride…..
She was very gloomy.I raised her chin and asked her…”What happened Shona is here any dance competition”…. Tears are rolling from her eyes.I couldn’t afford that…” Sanskar will u take me to some Mandir “…..yeah off course I started my Duke…We arrived at the nearby mandir…..he hugged me.I patted on her head…what happened Shona I asked…..”Sanskar I love you” …..I am shocked to hear that.”….At that moment is also arrived…my love she expressed her love to me…..”I can’t live without you”……Shona what happened why are you crying…. “I didn’t attend my class today Sanskar”…..”For what Shona”……”I will noy be there for you Sanskar .I m going from here tomorrow”…..
I was shocked.No no she is kidding and if it is true then how can l live from tomorrow… If she will leave me I don’t know what will happen to me maybe a mental patient….” We are going to Dubai…Paps fixed our marriage (Swaragini’s marriage) with the sons of an NRI….She told me and gave me a Mangalsutra and sindoor….will you marry me at last she proposed me….??? but I thought about her family…. “No Shona your family”….. I asked her and she is looking at me with her feared eyes like a deer…..”Stop it damn it”….. Someone called me I looked around but it is not she she is holding my hands and staring at the floor…it was a male voice…. I found out him….he is world’s best thief and a Romeo who can defeat Casanova too….living with his 16008 wives … Can you identify him….yeah he is our Lord Krishna…I looked at that idol….” Sanskar beta Marry her…..you couldn’t solve 433×3…..but please solve this 143 and it’s all for good…..I inspired by him and filled his hairline with sindoor and decorated her neck with mangalsutra….she stunningly looked at me
We entered to MM.Everyone is stunned to see us.And we are also stunned to see Ragini and Laksh They are also got married… They allowed us to live in MM…..Laksh told me that Kanha ji also advised him to clear his 143

The night

Swara entered my room with a glass of milk.Oh my Greek goddess made my room a heaven.We shared that milk….I gave her a bouquet of Crimson roses….”welcome to my life Princess…”she gave me a smile.That gorgeous smile that I want to see on her lips for me only for me.She sat on the chair in front of the dressing table and attempted to remove her earrings.But I stopped her and begun to remove it…she blushed….oh kanha ji I am dying why you made her gorgeous like this…..then I removed her mang tikka….I caught her up.She is passionately looking at me with a smile… I kissed on her neck but she pulled me back???…”Shona”….I m stunned to see her reaction …”before that you have to pass my examination…”.

“Wh wh what”…. I asked
” now tell me what is 433×3
??? Shona you noticed that????but u were preparing notes na????

How couldn’t I noticed that???it was the best comedy.So it is alive after years….now tell me the answer…

33??? I answered
I will not talk to you….she told me….
But I won’t leave you….I pulled her to the bed….she is passionately looking at me and blushed….I moved her lips to her lip for kissing….her


Sanskar kissed on her belly and you both know what happened to us….your Nanu and Nani forgave us… Now please sleep my princess and princess

Then a call arrived to Sanskar… It was Rajeev he was shocked to hear something…..

To be continued…

Frnzz please comment… I don’t know it is boring or not please please please….

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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