Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 3)

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I will give you a precap

Sanskar left MM with Swara due to some business misunderstandings between him and DP….this is a flashback that is remembering by Swara when she left Sanskar after one year…. After getting rid of MM they went to USA…They lived their life there peacefully… But none except Sanskar is aware of the truth that Swara will not be a mother ever….

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Episode 3
Swara was becoming totally silent…lack of the family,unknown place, loneliness and especially lack of a child all are making her a depressed mental patient. She is not talkative like before. Sanskar found many ways to remain her happy but it didn’t worked efficiently. At last Sanskar found a surrogate for swasan….But Swara was unaware of it because Sanskar knew that if Swara will learns about all these she will leave him so easily she will break down. He trapped her by some lies and operated her ovum.At the next day Sanskar came to meet their surrogate..
Doctor: Meet your Surrogate Mis Kavita Sen…(Here Kavita is not Sanskar’s ex girlfriend)
Sanskar: Hello Kavita
Kavita:Hii sir….they shook hands.Kavita feels something for Sanskar
Sanskar: You are a member of our family now so call me Sanskar. He smiles
Kavita: OK sir oops Sorry Sanskar….

Things went normally for 4months.In these months Kavitha was totally fallen for Sanskar .Doctors told Sanskar that there is so many complications in Kavita’s pregnancy. So Sanskar was tensed and Swara felt bad because Sanskar was avoiding her.She thought that these all problems are occurring because of lack of a child in their life…..
Swara hugged Sanskar from back
Swara:Why are you avoiding me Sanskar….are you bored with me??????????”
Sanskar holds her cheeks
“Shona what are you trying to say…bored???….yes it’s boring… Your gloomy face is so boring now smile….”
She smiles…. “Now it’s all okay”… They hugs…..” All will be all right soon Shona”….he thought…

……One day Swara gets knows that she is on the family way.She is so happy. “So finally you are coming… right??? Sanskar someone is coming, coming to us for relieving our loneliness” She cried with joy.Swara took her phone and cutted by something.She touched her tummy “No no not now I will surprise your papa.” She placed her finger on her lips “ssssshhhhhhh…”….” Don’t tell him we will surprise him”…she laughed like a kid…..

Swara prepared a gift for Sanskar…. “Sanskar I want to see your reaction when you open it………she smiles
She wrapped it with a gift paper and tied it with a ribbon clearly……At this time Kavita was shifted to hospital… So Sanskar was tensed when he returned to home…..Swara was preparing some special dishes for Sanskar…… She heared the voice of Sanskar’s car…..He opened the door and came to kitchen for drinking water… Swara was so happy and hugged him from back…. Sanskar touched her arms with a tired smile.He was Sweating… Swara came in front of him and wiped all that with the tip of her duppatta…She was wearing a green Salwar Kameez…..”Sanskar what happened are you okay????”. She asked him with wiping his sweat……..”yeah I am okay “….she smiled
” anyway I will show a beautiful gift and then I can see my prince’s fully charged face….”….
“What shona”… He looked doubtfully…”It’s is something different go, go and take a look at that I am preserving that in our room”…. She pulled him to their room……..and she went to kitchen with her gorgeous blushing face…” I know Sanskar you will hug and kiss me within a couple of minutes….”she blushes.. She touched on her belly…”Are you ready to see your papa he will come to you soon …..be ready.”..Sanskar is opening the gift wrap… Suddenly a call arrived from hospital… “Mr Maheshwari Kavita is getting serious please come fast”…. Sanskar is shocked to hear that….”?what?? I will be there in 10 minutes”… He left and threw that opened gift wrap on the bed but unfortunately it fell into the dustbin…. Swara was overexcited in Sanskar’s reaction…..but….”Swara I am leaving and I will be back in early morning.Take care….”…. Her smile was vanished… She asked him doubtfully…
” Sanskar did you opened my gift???”….”yeah yes”…he told her with knotting his hand’s second and middle finger on his back….She smiled once again.He was ready to go but she stopped. Sanskar is fuming in anger and is inconvenient because calls are arriving from the hospital at every minute…”? how do you feel now”….”? stop it Swara I don’t want your any gift…please leave me alone”…..he left….Swara was heart broken by his words…..she sobbed with hugging her tummy….at last something stopped her… She wiped her tears suddenly…” No no I won’t cry I know it will affect you too”….she looked at her tummy then said… “I think your Papa said that in a hurry…leave it you don’t know about your Papa na…. She tried to smile but she can’t


” Kavita how did you feel now are you okay”
Sanskar asked to her…”yeah Sanskar I am okay please will you sit close to me it will give a good relief to me”…….Sanskar felt inconvenient to her but at last he accepted it for his baby’s sake….”Sanskar you are far away from me now but I will clear our way soon… ” she thought

The next day

……Sanskar returned to home lately… He wanted to apologize to Swara but She was sleeping….He kissed and pats her forehead… “Sorry Princess it’s all for us….our baby will come soon na…..”

Some days later

“Sanskar will you come with me to hospital… I have a checkup”…..but he flinched from her because he have to go with Kavita to hospital….” No princess I have a meeting. Will you please go there alone??? “…..she gave him a fake smile….
” Okay Sanskar I am leaving now take care”……she left


Dr: wow mrs Maheshwari u r expecting twins
Swara:???. Wow what…..
Dr: yes mrs Maheshwari….here is your results
Swara: Thank you doctor?
Dr: Next time please come with your husband
Swara:?☺️ Sure dr

When Swara is in overexcitement she saw Sanskar in the same hospital… she went to meet him.When she was his back a doctor came in front of him with a pregnant lady .It was Kavita….”Mr Maheshwari it’s all okay now you will be the father of her child”….. Swara breaks down and she looked at Kavita’s tummy and Sanskar and ran from there with wiping her tears.Sanskar didn’t noticed her…. She lied on her bed and sobbed…..
” Why Sanskar how can you do this to me”…..She lied there for some hours….Swara opened her shelf and saved her results th
ere….her eyes and cheeks are wet with tears ..She accidentally found out some files…it showed that she will never become a mother…. She sobbed loudly….”kyun Sanskar kyun agar ek baar mujhse aakar keh deti toh main khud tumhare zindagi se chali jaati….why are you giving me more and more pain”…..Suddenly she noticed her gift in the waste bin…. “Oh you don’t want them too na????”….. She hugged her tummy and wiped her tears….”No I will not cry for a moment from now for thinking about you Mr Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari…because it will also affect our no no my children… I will not give you any right over them..My my trust is already broken now but as a wife I am loving you now too… I will find out the truth….she wiped her tears clearly with decisiveness…..

To be continued……

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    1. In special cases it will also happen Reethi….Many victims are there in the world…God can break any medical reports…..Thank you Reethi for commenting …. I will update the next part soon…I hope It will clear all your doubts……..please continue commenting dear…Where are you from…..

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