Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 2)

Guyzzz I think you enjoyed the first episode now enjoy the second episode….

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Episode 2

Swasan reached America. They came to their home. Swara is going to enter the house. “Ruko Swara(stay there Swara)” He stares at her.Swara is shocked. He enters to the house and closed the door. Swara feels bad.”?how could you do this to me Sanskar”…..after sometime he opens the door.”Swara now you are the owner of this house, you are the all in all here.I want you to invite in our home”. Sanskar does the aarathy of her.She wrenched the bronze pot full of rice.She stood on the tray filled with red color. Now her foot prints are appearing on the floor…… “Princess go and become fresh”

She comes to the hall after a shower.She was in a hot yellow dress. It was dark.Suddenly a candle blows and some other candles also blowing after that. He touched her shoulders and rested his chin on her right shoulder. ”So Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari come sit here. He budges a chair for her.She opened the lid of a vessel. “?woww pasta it’s yummy Sanskar, I love you” She kissed on his cheeks. “?Princess kya tum roz mujhe aisiwali 100 kiss dogi main tumhe roz paasta khilaunga?”(Swara if give me 100 kissess everyday I will daily make pasta for you)…..she gave him a fake slap….” You are naughty my Prince”

She came to her bedroom…. The bed is decorated with crimson roses.SS is written with rosses on the bed…”Sankar it is not our honeymoon”…..”Tum jo Saath ho so har dhin honeymoon (if you are with me we will celebrate our honeymoon daily) Sanskar lifted her to bed….the lights are turning off…..

An another day….

Swara come to me I have a gift for you……what is this Sanskar I am making roti it will burn….”Princess just look at him”….whom?…..woww he is so cute Sanskar…. Swara is happy to see a white Pomeranian puppy?……..”Sanskar what is his name “….ek kaam karo tum puppy hi bula do use(do one thing call him puppy)…..They fondles him together” Ohh ohh oh ohh…come on baby I will give you milk”…….Swara takes him to the kitchen…. Sanskar is looking at her with a smile……….

Swasan is sitting in a bench of a park.Swara’s head is resting on Sanskar’s shoulder. She is playing with his fingers of his right hand………Swara gets irritates suddenly. Someone is lugging her hair. “Oohhhhh” she holds hair with anger.who is that.She turns backward. But that innocent face calm downs her anger.She smiles at her. “Hai baby come on” Swara takes the baby to her lap. She fondles her.She is kissing on her cheeks and her forehead….. She is also enjoying Swara’s company….after sometime her parents takes her away from Swara.She breaks down…… Sanskar also noticed this….

In the car…..

“Swara tumhe pata hai aaj kya hone wala hai.Hum aaj saath mein ice cream khayenge(Swara you know what would be happen today we will eat ice cream together)… (Sanskar I don’t want anything just go to our home?)……


Swara was totally silent. She rides a baby shoe over her hands emotionally…..Sanskar is looking at her at the entrance of the room.
Sanskar is remembering their past….

MM,Swasan room

Sanskar is hugging Swara from her back and placing his chin on her left shoulder and riding that baby shoes over her right hand to left…..” Sanskar hum baby ko kya naam rakhenge”……”Agar ek small Prince hui toh hum usko Abhimanyu naam rakhenge aur ek chotti si Princess hui toh hum use bulayenge Deepika…”(if it become a Small Prince his name will be Abhimanyu and if it is a small princess we will call her Deepika)….but I want a princess like you….. Swara stares at him…Sanskar kal tak tumhara princess main thi aur ab voh…..”Haan Swara tum princess thi par ab tumhari promotion ho gaya hai ab tum princess se meri queen ban gayi ho….”……she smiles at him and blushes….. “Par Swara mujhe ek Prince ko bhi chahiye.Tumhare khyal rakhne ke liye agar main kal na raha toh”…. Swara covers his mouth with her hands…….” I will kill you if you repeat this “…..I m just kidding my Queen…..They hugs…..

But an abortion takes place to her due to an accident……Swara can’t concieve a child ever.But none is aware of it except Sanskar…..


Sanskar is emotionally staring at her……

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