Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 10)


Guyzz sorry for the delay…. Now please read the 10th part.I know I told u that it will end in below 10 episodes but please forgive me frnzz it takes 3,4 episodes more….sorry

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Episode 10
I was totally disappointed…..That Sister,she stopped her confession….???? nonsense….. Now that word is strucking in my mind……”Good……it is not a good Good “…

“???? good good good what is good” I asked myself.I was getting mad day by day……”??? bhai yeh good Kya hain yeh unki good Shepherd se hi pucho”……Lucky told me…
“?? you devil r u mocking me,in fact it’s all coz of u”….I scrabbled my head and begun to walk vainly from this side to that side.?? suddenly a bulb flashed in my mind…..”?? hey Lucky what did you said”….. He nodded his head…” What”…..he vainly asked me….”Good Shepherd”……. Yes good Shepherd. When Swara got missed b4 four years, I went to Sr Helena 4 asking about her coz she was the most favorite teacher of my Shona but at that time. She was not in Kolkata. She was working in Ooty.Yes Good Shepherd school Ooty…Now I found out that…”I am coming Shona ,coming to you. Ab main tumhe aur apne bachon ko lekar hi vaapas aaunga☺️☺️☺️☺️”My whole family is with me and her family too.Now I am realizing that what is family. She begged me many times for returning to India.Might be might be if I will did that we were together now with our children…..yes it is true our India has less improved life facilities than European countries., par kuch toh hai hamhare yeh India mein jo inn sabke bina bhi hamhe jeene deti hai.It is love and family bonding. Rishton ki mazbooti hamse zyada kaun samajh payega
???????? Where ever we are,it is not a matter but these 3 colors will give us a proud feeling…..
Proud to be an Indian??????

Chetan came to me.You know who is he,He is our Raglak’s son.He is my best companion.This 3 year old devil will mocks me,irritates me, will claw and pinch me,will play with me more over he loves me, loves me more than his Mom and Dad.I m also loving him, he is my cute little son. My Chotu is very naughty,naughty and crazy like his mom and dad…How is my children??, how are they look alike. I don’t know… “Sanky papa where are you going, I will also come with you”…..he pouts and begun to cry….”My cutu please don’t cry I will bring your bhaiya and deedi with me when I will be back.They ll play with u”….. He smiled “promise???”..
“promise☺️☺️” I replied…..I know Shona tum jahan kayi bhi hogi zaroor mujhe yaad karte hi rahti hogi

Guyzz I know u r eagerly waiting for seeing our lovely Swara…….Now the scene moves to Ooty…

So guyzz it’s Ooty/Otagamandalam/Otagamund…..The Queen of hill stations….
A train is arriving at Neelgiri station, please don’t think that Sanskar is in it,I m just telling something about Ooty.Fog is germinating the valleys of needle rock,Shooting point,Emerald lake…..Some women are coming with fresh carrots cabbages,strawberries…….in their baskets.A lady came in front of a house and knocked the door with a bunch of Crimson roses. Someone opened the door and smiled.It is only showing her smile. She recieved that and placed it in a vace.It was early morning. Two hands opened the window.There was no bangles at that hands.

She heaved a blanket.Now it is showing her face, She is our one and only Swara, she smiled…..

She wore a pink leggings and yellow long top. Her curly hair is flying with the wind. Her nose is garnished with a small white stone,she is wearing a nose-pin.Her neck was naked.

“Good morning”…..she looked at her butterflies….”Manyu(Guyzzz will u please suggest me a child artist for Abhianyu,I thought but I didn’t get anyone within 4 years)…,Deepu(Ritwi Jain,Anjali of Sasural simar ka.I love her so much)
wake up come on wake up”….. She stoods up Manyu.He is still closing his eyes and sleeping while standing.Manyu lied on her shoulder….” Luv u Maa”….Swara slightly punches on his back and lost in her thoughts. She remembered about Sanskar, he was also used to waking like this.Deepu was already woke up and went to brush…..”u r very naughty like ur papa,now go and get ready, we have to go to Coimbatore.”
“?? Papa”….
Both of them shouts unite.Deepu came out from the bathroom…”Maa will our Papa come there”…..both asked unite.She nodded her head like yes….” Maa look I brushed myself eee”…….”? Good girl” she kissed her….”aur maa main”….Manyu asked….”you are a bad boy, never get up early, never brush, never bath.”…..She gave him a disgusting look ,he pouts and begun to cry with rubbing his eyes. Swara kissed him,….”u r Maa’s good boy,now come fast”….
Both are quarreling to see their dad…. “1st of all I will kiss him, I will hug him”…….
Swara bends down her knees and emotionally staring at that….” They don’t know Sanskar that you will not come to Coimbatore, in fact u will never ever come to meet them”…..She wiped her tears

At this time Sanskar’s flight landed at Coimbatore…. “Your Papa is coming to meet u my teddy bears”…. I asked myself……I walked along the streets for some hours.I felt that she is close to me. This air is telling me that, My Shona is here……(Swara and kids are gathering at the nearby shop) …..

Swara came to Coimbatore for an examination.It was held in a school of Coimbatore…… “Look Manyu,Deepu Maa will b back soon remain here okay”….Both of them seated at the verandah of school.Swara looked at them with her wet eyes…..”Sorry my Teddy bears coz of me you both are sitting here like orphans.You both have all relationships,Papa,
it is your misfortune that u r my children”…. She wiped her tears and goes….

She failed to find them after the exam. At last she found them in a class room. Both are sleeping on the benches.She cried a lot on seeing that. She doesn’t know that how she finished her exam. Her whole mind was with them. They woke up and asked about their dad……”Beta he will not come today”….

Swara: He will definitely come the day after tomorrow. That day is your bday na….
“But mom today is ur bday na”…..She don’t know what she want to say.
Come on we will eat ice cream together.

On the way she noticed her children’s sad faces when they saw kids of their ages with their fathers.
She took them to a nearby mall. She was in white salwar kameez with green duppatta……
“So which ice cream you both want”….
Manyu: Maa I want Baskin Robins.
Deepu: Maa I want London dairy… Deepu raised her hand….
“K sit here you both and don’t go anywhere okay”…..Manyu knotted his second and middle finger at the back??….”Okay mamma”…. She left and Manyu showed Deepu some coins and currencies….”Eepu come we will buy a gift for Mom”…. firstly she stops him and at last she conceded to go.They saw a gift shop in the mall.


“Swara do you remember today is ur birthday”….I was in a gift shop. She hugged me from back…..

Aaj phir plays.

Many many happy returns of the day my Princess. I told in her ear and kissed on her cheek

(Swara was at the ice cream shop. She felt that Sanskar is wishing her bday and kissed her. She is lost in her thoughts and smiled for some micro seconds…..”Sanskar tum bhi na”….. But didn’t find him.???)

I choose a ring for her…..”toh madam yeh wali chalegi??”….. She happily nodded yes and disappeared….I smiled vainly,I know I can’t give dis ring to her.Suddenly someone poked on my thigh.I looked there. A small cute boy is looking at the ring on my hand.I bendend down my knees and smiled at him. I don’t know what is happening in me,I just want to hugg him tightly….His eyes are sparkling to see the ring???.I m seeing my reflection on his face….”Anyu look at this”…..I looked at that direction where I heard that childish voice.I saw a small girl running towards me…..”Anyu look this mom will like this”…..She showed him a small bouquet…. “Nahi nahi mujhe yeh wali chahiye”….. He nodded his head when looking at the ring…..”Hamhe dho”….. He raised his small hands to me.I saw it full of coins and currencies of 10 and 5 rs.It was just like a hand full of rain water……”Anyu he bought that na,he will not give us”….. He begun to cry.He was rubbing his eyes…..”Anyu come on mom will be afraid”….. She dragged his hand.I think they are on the same age but she is more obedient than him.She is cute and gorgeous, she once again memorized me my Shona.I don’t know why I am affectionate to them,it may be my children are at the same age. I wiped his tears.My one palm is enough to hold his face, it was too small.I hugged him and kissed….”So what is special today”….I asked. They told me that that day is their mom’s bday.How idiot was me ??? right????…..I lifted my Deepu without knowing that she is my daughter.I kissed on her cheek.Yes fathers are more affectionate to their daughters.I learned from them that they are sinked from their mom for buying a gift for her.We walked through the mall.I m holding the hands of both.They are jumping walking running.I felt for sometime that I am their Dad.We arrived at that place where their Mom seated them…but she was not there.Manyu peeped to the ice cream shop.She was buying the ice cream. I feed them some chocolates…..”Anyu u don’t know how to eat chocolates”…..Deepu taunted him.Manyu’s lips were surrounded with chocolate
I looked at Deepu,her face was also decorated with chocolate.l laughed and wiped it with my handkerchief. I enjoyed their company for some more time…..”ok my cutus I have to go”….I attempted to go and stood up.They unwillingly nodded their heads.I looked at them from a little far away and attempts to go….”Uncle”….They called me. I retrospect. They ran to me.I bended down my knees.They hugged me from both sides and kissed me unite.I don’t know what I have to say,I am just feeling that I am waited for this moment from epochs.I gave them that ring,it is expensive but I don’t care,if it makes them happy then I will b also happy.I don’t know I will see them again or not.My goodness, I haven’t clicked a selfie…..

Ooty welcomed me with it’s climate of acerbity.This cold will give me my life back.I suffered my best in the hearth of my sorrows. Now I want to enjoy this coolest weather of my life.I arrived at that school and went to meet the Principal mr Francis Kuruvila.He was a middle aged man.During I arrived at his cabin.I saw a lady slapped a man and exits from the cabin.Fr Kuruvila is consoling him.He is trying to unite his family. I heard that he is a counsellor too.
I observed their conversation….

Man: ????
Fr : Sunny Sunny calm down,Tell me what happened between u and Alice
Sunny: If I will tell you, you will slap me??…..
Fr: No no my little lamb
tell me, I will clear all this..
Sunny: Father yesterday night
Fr: ???? yesterday night!!!!!
Sunny: Yesterday night.
Fr: mm
Sunny: mm
Sunny: mm
Fr: ?? tell me stupid…
Sunny: Yesterday she told me to upload her photo in Facebook but mistakenly I uploaded it in OLX ??

(??????? OLX Bech de)

Father slapped him badly???….

???…….Father said me that Swara is teaching in 2nd standard.I went to meet my Shona.My mind was mesmerized…but destiny was not allowing us to reunite, it was an another lady

(Actually Deepu was fever.Swara came to meet them in kindergarten.)

I was totally let down.I m lying on a hill. Fog is emerging from the valleys.There are many of plants with yellow flowers around me.I found a small idol of Kanha ji there…..”Aaj kyun chup ho bolna,agar bolne ke liye kuch nahin ho toh kaise bolunga right????”…….Suddenly I heard something fizzling. I retrospects and I saw white Pomeranian dog.He entered to my lap and begun to lick me with fizzling….Kanha ji appeared “What happened beta,are u stunning. I stopped my theory, so I stopped talking. be practical.Now take a look at him.I m giving you clue.Now climb by this clue???.It’s all for good”…….I noticed that dog keenly.I felt that I saw him before.?? that ribbon. That ribbon with a heart shaped symbol. Something is wrote in it…”♥️ 4 ever”…..I recognized him…” Hhh hhh Pp Puppy kitna bada hogaya tu.”……I lifted them he lied on my shoulder.Yes now he will help me to find my Shona.I slowly stood up……

To be continued……..

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Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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