swasan tera mera rishta (part 4)


Thnks guys for comments and support I will continue my story from now
Todays episode start with sanky holding swara dand and swara has clso her eyes due to fear and at that time sujata comes and see them and think after so many days sanskar is taking care of a girl like this after that incident hope that this girl give my smiling sanskar back and then goes in
Sujata: beta I have bring food for you
Swara open the eyes and feared seeing an strange person sanky see this
Sanky: swara don’t get scared she is my mom
Swara take a relif and then sanskar make her sit bed
Sujata: swara what a cute name and smile little
But swara is sitting like a statue no emotions
Sujata: come lets complete this soup ok beta
And sanky gives him a soup
Swara : no I don’t want to eat this

Sujata: bets you are weak this give you power
Swara: no its ok
Sanky thinks something and taste the soup

Sanky: swara think its so delicious
Swara think now I can eat it as nothing has happen to him and swara noded and sanky smiles as he understand the situation that’s why he taste soup so that swara belive can belive them and drink soup
Sujata: beta I am with her you go home and freshnup
Sanky: ok ma
Swara see him in pleding way that don’t go and sanky understand that
Sanky: its ok swara I will come fast you don’t worry
Swara nodded and sanky goes here sujata make swara drik soup and then help her in lay on bed and start caring her face and swara closes her eyes
Here scene shift to the godoown a man come in the room and give food to that person to eat but see that person faint and sprinkle water on person face but no reasponse he call someone
Men: boss there is something happen to this person
The unknown person stand and shout

Unknown: you cant care care If something happen I will not leave you
(soory guys I cant now tell u who is that person)
That unknown person goes to a docter and he take him to that godown

Docter goes in and see the person
Docter: I have told you that I bring the bullet out of her body but she is weak and you have not given her food now she is faint due to stress and pain
Unknown: I don’t know that you have to live here till she get fine understand and nothing should happen to her I cant let her die so easily
And that unknown person make all the arrangements and person put on stricter and oxygen mask is put on her
Unknown : I am telling you give all the thing that docter telling and yeah make her eat healthy food and yeah make sure give news of every min. to me is that clear
Men: ok boss
Scene shift to hospital sujata make swara sleep and sit beside her and stare her as sanky has some meeting so he go their and at evening he came to hospital and see sujata is making swara eat apple
Sanky: so you both have done frndship
Sujata: ho toh do you have any problem

Sanky: no I don’t have any but show some love to me also

Sujata: no way now I only love my daughter and put her hand on swara head
Sanky: that’s not fair mom
Swara has tear in her eyes hearing daughter name
Sujata: beta why are you crying did you feel bad I said you daughter
Swara noded in no
Sujata: now my daughter will not cry give me a smile
Swara smile little but there is no happiness in her face
Sanky: ok mom now u go home I will stay here
Sujata goes home and sanky sit with swara
Swara: why are you helping me this much what relation I have with u
Sanky see swara and smiles
Sanky: I said you frnds and I can do anything for my frnd
Swara: but you don’t know who I am and how this happen to me if I am not a good person then

Sanky: I can see a person by hie or her face that how is he or she
And thinks only once face betray me and closes eyes
Swara: what happen
Sanky: nothing so hows you felling now
Swara sadly: what I feel now I don’t feel anything my life has become hell already
Sanky: can I ask u what has happen with u
Swara : no reply

Sanky see her
Sanky: okay when you want to tell u can
Swara: u know I have not thought that you like pure hearted people are their in this world thkn u so much for my help
Sanky: wait no soory no thnk u in frndship
Swara: your philosophy is good
Sanky: well thanks for it
And they chat for long time

At evening a boy come to their ward and give tiffin to sanky
Boy: mam send food for both of you
Sanky: thnk u chotu
And boy goes from their
Sanky: now u eat or shall I first taste
Swara: soory for disbelief but now I cant trust anyone easily as I did a mistake earlier
Sanky: I am just joking don’t take it serieous
And sanky make her eat and then himself eat and then swara sleeps on bed and sanky on sofa near by

Precap: swara get panic


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