swasan tera mera rishta (part 3)

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Todays episode start with a godown is shown as we go in we see its in very bad condition and their two mans come and open a door and peep inside
man1 : sir your work is done
man2: she is dead
suddenly we hear a laughing sound and its coming from a side where a person is sitting on chair with his back towards man his face is not seen as it is dark their
unknown: swara gadodia dead and laughs
man1: sir our money
unknown: why not u have completed my work
and put gun in thm
man2: sir what are you doing
unknown: soory boys but i dont left any evidence after crime and shoot both of them and they fall and died then the unknown person goes to a room and open it and we see someone is tied with rope and unknown person goes near as it was dark in the room we cant see faces
unknown: i have a good news for u swara gadodia is dead
person: no this cant happen i know u are telling lie i know she is alive
unknown: soory of i tell this is lie but this is truth and your lover
person: what you have done
unknown: your lover is now with your sister swara in heaven
person cries hearing this
person: then why dont u kill me
unknown: not so easily i will torture u and when you shout this will give me happiness and laughs and go closing the door and person cries inside and thr unknown person goes and tight rhe security and then go from their it is shown that the godown is in middle of a jungle

now scene shift to hospital
sujata: i will go home and bring something for u both
sanky: yeah mom u go i will stay here
sujata goes and sanky sit near the girl and suddenly hold his hand this hand marks are showing the pain which she gone through and then ser her face she is looking like sleeping beauty and then he see her eyes and whole face looks like god has made him with so much love and then see mark on head and think how can anyone be so cruel to this beauty and stares her after some time their is movement her body and she open her eyes and see a unknown person and get panic
girl: who are you i knoe he send i but please leave me i will not go
sanky try to calm her down but she jerks him
girl: stay away i know u will take me to that hawan but i wil not go please leave me it give so pain i have no strength now and closes eyes and shiver
sanky remember docter advice that she needs love sanky goes and hold her shivering hand and sit beside her the girl fell the careness the way he hold thr hand and open eyes
sanky: you please dont get feared i will not take u any where i am like your frnd
the way sanky say girl see a truth in his eyes and belive him and sit silently
sanky: by the way what is your name
girl: my swara gadodia
sanky: nice name and mine is sanskar maheswari you csn call me sanky
swara: how i come on tjis hospital
sanky: i have see u in the road lying so i taken u here
swara: thnk u
sanky: by the way who has done this state of yours
swara see him and her eyes are full of tears
sanky: ok when u want to tell u can now rest
sanky make her lie on bed and then turn to go but see swara holding his hand

he see swara her eyes is littrely pleding to stay with het so he sit their and swara seeing the wall and tear coming in her eyes and some flash back is shown
she is pleading to a unkown person to leave them but he jerks her from leg and then gun shot swara closes eyes and hold sanky hand more tightly and sanky see fear on her face and hold her shoulder indicating he is with her but thinking in mind what happen to me why i am attracting towards her


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  1. Superb but sad for swara…. but plz make a long one next time

  2. nice keep going…………………..
    ur suspense is just killing me in which chapter will u reveal it????????????????????
    feel very sad for swara and the person getting torture(guess its ragini)……

  3. awesome. …

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